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Det. Mike Baylor Involved In ’08 Citizen Complaint

Detective Mike Baylor, the D.C. Police Department cop involved in the snowball incident, had been the recipient of one citizen complaint in 2008. According to the complaint, in mid-June 2008, Baylor had allegedly made a deal with a citizen: if he turned himself in, the detective promised that the citizen would get to go before a judge promptly.

The citizen says this did not happen. Instead, once he turned himself in, he stated that he was "denied food and water for ten consecutive hours."

He goes on to write:

"Detective Mike Baylor's conduct and omissions were humiliating and demeaning. It appears that Detective Mike Baylor appointed himself as both Judge and Jury when deciding that despite his oral agreement....I was incarcerated overnight downtown. In total I was incarcerated for 36 consecutive hours."

The Office of Police Complaints ruled that the incident did not fall within its jurisdiction. It referred the matter to the D.C. Police Department. Earlier today, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier condemned Baylor's actions during the snowball fight.

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  • downtown rez

    How many years in MPD does he have?

  • sedcdude

    Dumbass lap dog!

  • rich aznar

    hummer driving city cowboy thinks he is in kandahar? what is this country coming to. pulling guns at a snowball? where does he think he is, south central? he should be freaking crusified.

  • will

    I was completely on the snowball fighters' side until I watched the video. What a bunch of punks. The detective overreacted, but so did the crowd.

    Nobody comes out looking good in this. Seriously, a dude gets out of a truck with a gun, and some moron decides to hit him in the head with another snowball? Really smart. Way to defuse the situation.

  • general

    he should have just shot into the crowd to control the stupid rude pot heads.

  • taxpayer26

    How irresponsible of Chief Lanier not to inform the participants of the snowball fight that their actions were in violation of the DC Code. Also, how offensive of her to assign Peter Newsham to head the Investigative Services Division. Because of his poor decision-making ability, district tax payers are forced to pay millions of dollars to satisfy a lawsuit. He should have been demoted pending prosecution. I guess when Chief Lanier said no one is above the law she was not referring to Newsham or herself since she blatantly ignores court rulings and arbitration decisions when she doesn't agree with them. Newsham has no business sitting in judgement of anyone, which says a lot about the chief's decision-making ability or is the fact that he wasn't demoted a quid pro quo. As far as the actions of the detective are concerned any law enforcement officer would be obligated to stop if they observed a mob of approximately 200 people hurling dangerous objects at each other and into the street at passing motorist. There is no way to tell just by looking that this was supposed to be a "friendly" snowball fight since it is against the law to throw missiles in the District. Keep in mind that we are talking about a crime being committed in the detectives presence. He had no way of knowing if anyone had been hurt or if property had been damaged. Granted, the video gave the impression that he was angry because his car was hit, but he may have simply been disgusted at seeing a mob of adults engaging in illegal activity and being outnumbered 200 to 1 he needed to get their attention real quick in order to restore order without getting hurt. The department needs to investigate why the Third District allowed this illegal activity to occur. We can't allow the citizens to adopt Chief Lanier's attitude of ignoring the law because you don't like it and then blaming others because they make you comply. Had the detective ignored the illegal activity and someone got seriously hurt you better believe Chief Lanier would be singing a different tune. The detective clearly did not point his gun at anyone, although he was clearly hit more than once with a snowball, which can be a deadly weapon. Police managers are supposed to maintain a clear head and evaluate the facts of each situation and not be guided by the hysterical reactions of citizens. Do your job Chief Lanier, explain to the community that the actions of the mob were illegal and encourage those that participated, especially those responsible for assaulting the detective, to come forward and face their punishment.

  • Nonplussed

    Thanks for digging out the complaint, Jason, but it's a non-story as far as such complaints go. If that's all you got against Baylor, that's good news for him.

    Doesn't mean he didn't terribly over-react. Doesn't mean he wasn't a jerk on Saturday. Just means maybe his record is pretty good -- or at least clean. Up until now.

    I imagine there will a several dozen complaints against him from Saturday's incident.

  • William G.

    So the Officer holstered his weapon, I saw another UNIFORMED officer un holster his weapon too,yet because he was of a different color people say his actions were appropriate.

    You can't have it both ways in the same incident , it appears both Police officers un holstered their weapons and re-holstered them in the same incident. The videos that are available of the incident shows what appears to be a riot of 200 people. How do we know those snowballs weren't filled with ice or rocks? We don't know.
    Therefore the people doing the activity share much of the responsibility for doing this at a public intersection and in the street, blocking traffic and
    hitting vehicles as well as people. Why wasn't this activity down in a park? Why didn't you go down to the WH & do this or down to the monument? Afraids the Secret Service might arrest you?
    Who Twittered & what website was advertising this? Better hope the DA doesn't subpoena the phone records to find out who arranged all this..

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    William- You're a fucking race-baiting idiot. The first noticeable officer, the white guy, who pulled his weapon, did so because he heard someone had a gun in the crowd. When he realized that it was that idiot Baylor, a plain clothes, off-duty officer, he put in back into his holster. Why should anyone be upset with him for this? It has nothing to do with race.

    The scene was far from a riot. The only time we felt threatened was when Baylor, a random guy for all we knew, pulled a guy and approached the crowd in a pretty aggressive manner.

    The snowball fight could have happened in a less trafficked area but other than that, it was a fucking snowball fight, no need to draw a gun. When was there ever a perceived threat on his part? Getting hit in the ear by a patch of frozen water?

  • williamG

    Adrien Benthead

    What I saw with people running all over the street, the curb, the bus lane, running out in the cetner traffic lanes with 50 or more people at a time looked like the riots. Perhaps you have never been to a riot to know what it looks like...
    You dummies need to go the park when you need to act like children!
    Who says there is no need to draw a gun? If I got hit with one of your snowballs in my ride I coming out with a Tire Iron I know how to Kick so but in a riot & win..

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    That's why you shouldn't be a police and neither should Baylor. You're too stupid and hotheaded to differentiate a real threat from a fucking snowball fight you ass clown. Baylor gotted popped in the head after he drew out his gun by some idiot. I guess you approve of the mass arrest at Pershing Park as well. If these guys didn't have the badge to hide behind, they would get their asses kicked all the time. You're pathethic attempts to rationalize his actions proves what a complete idiot you are.

  • Truth Hurts

    What Adrian B-M said.


    Det. Baylor is a good cop and you people fail to see the big picture. You sit behind your computer and make these assumptions because some of you have nothing in your life, to include a job, to concentrate on. How about making next years snowball fight in Barry Farms, Clay Terrance or in Trninidad? You know why you won't because you're scared what would happen to you thats why.

    As for Jason's article.... how about doing a little research before writing something. So you must be sitting around wondering if your article will hit national news. Well, a detective or officer from any jurisdiction can tell a wanted subject what they have to to get that person to turn themselves in. Hell, remember when people were called that were wanted and told that they won Redskins tickets. Dozens of people came in and found out they were getting arrested. It was great. Now Det. Baylor has no control of how early this person would see the judge before getting released. It was a safe assumption that the wanted person was going to see the judge in a timely fashion because it normaly is. But maybe police officers had made alot or arrests and the system ws backed up.

    As for the person that filed a complaint. Give me a damn break. That was the only thing you could think of to try to get out of your arrest? Good job Detective Baylor and thank you for doing your job when you convinced that person to turn themselves in.

    Detective Baylor will not get fired and it's a shame that his account of the events were not heard by the administration before statements were made.

    Have fun everybody and thank you Detective Baylor for your years of service to our community!!!

  • sedcdude

    too many POSSIBILITIES, WHAT IFS and MAYBES in your rant.....but here's a fact, a friendly snowball fight at the WIDE OPEN intersection of 14th and U during our 1st REAL snowfall in over a year or 2 and this clown pulls out a gun on excited pedestrians.....from the looks of his coat, that's what the hustlaz of the 80s and 90s used to wear when they would jump out their pathfinders and broncos to exact 'street justice', REMEMBER THAT?

  • Rick Mangus

    B F D!

  • downtown rez

    I don't get why the gun was drawn either. I can only think of three reasons (to secure it, to protect his own life, to protect another's life) and none of them obviously apply.
    But, damn, a few major citizen assholes made that snowball fight stupid. I mean, targeting cars and antagonizing/assaulting either a) an armed hothead or b) an armed officer or c) all of the above?
    Honestly, that is some major dangerous reckless endangerment stupid.