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Watch: War Of Words Between D.C. Cop And Snowballers

"That's fucking DeOnte Rawlings shit!" a man screamed at the police. Not really. The off-duty cop jumped out of his Hummer, waved a gun around and didn't identify himself immediately. Later, police officials appeared to blatantly misinform the public on what the D.C. detective actually did. But the similarities end there. No one was shot and killed yesterday at 14th and U over a snowball fight.

What's amazing is that the off-duty detective did what he did in front of so many cameras. And later, that he tried to arrest random kids. Here is the confusing aftermath filmed and posted uncut by Robin Bell:

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  • mark

    The first police officer who attended was being completely reasonable, the public were being completely over the top with the situation, it seems like typical american behavior. 5 stars to the officer for remaining calm and reasonable.

  • Mr Bigglesworth

    A little common sense is needed here. Did the detective behave appropriately? Absolutely not, and the video and photo evidence blatantly contradicts claims by MPD.

    However, there is another important issue which has been altogether ignored: throwing snowballs at cars. Anyone whose windshield has ever been hit with a snowball while a car in conditions like the ones this weekend can attest that this can be terrifying. Driving in treacherous conditions puts most people on pins and needles, and they don't need the added shock and distraction of snowballs interrupting their already limited vision. The images and videos and written accounts indicate that several cars were pelted by snowballs, which is absolutely not okay. Each year, several fatal accidents occur in this way. Which raises another key question: with so many great locations like Meridian Hill Park nearby, why did the snowball fight have to take place across an important intersection -- no less one of the few drivable areas at the time.

    Finally, the snarky comments and tone of the snowballers in the ABC7 piece is gross. These individuals represent a growing culture here of self-centered, Imsocoolandsmart twenty-something brats who are just as irritating as the holier-than-thou conservative fundamentalists we just ran out of town. You organized a snowball fight in the middle of a busy thoroughfare, and your participants pelted moving vehicles with snowballs. I wouldn't tolerate that kind of crap from a ten-year-old kid.

    But these snarksters did do one thing right: they identified themselves as "Washingtonians." That's exactly what they are, because no life-long D.C. native thinks of them with so much esteem.

  • downtown rez

    What a bunch of self entitled juviniles- as if the world is their personal consequence-free playground.

  • DR

    Bottom line- the cops a dumbass but these faggot kids deserve an ass kicking

  • DR

    oh and one more thing- what a bunch of miserable losers- the whole lot of them.

  • Chris

    "faggot kids"? For God's sakes, grow up.

  • Mosby

    You see how they react whenever anyone shows one hint of defiance? This is ingrained, and it comes from the very top down of command structure crowned by the privileged few. Defy "Authority" and you will face coercion and forced compliance.

    Think this is stupid? Wait till they lose control of the currency or some other real deal crisis hits. You're gonna get gov't rifles jammed up your a** at the drop of a hat (probably by "Contractors" no less). You are subjects...or consumers, depending on who you talk to...not citizens.

    And all governments do this, sooner or later. Things will get shaky, elites and their hired guns will shut you down by any and all means to preserve themselves. That is the course of history.

    This is only a small portend of things to come that bubbles to the top now and again.

    See now why 2nd Amendment is #2? It is the only right capable of backing up the others when these clowns go totally over the is their habit.

    You will find out about government just like we did in Balkans. "Here to help." Yea, right. Go talk to Sarajevo and see how much government helped them out.


  • Ward One Resident

    Oh good lord...was totally on the side of the snowballers last night and still agree that the first cop (Det. Baylor) was way out of line, but now after watching this, what a bunch of trustifarian douchebags most of the snowballers seemed to be....

  • Mosby

    Good point regarding the children as well. Most of them probably work for gov't or gov't contractors. Perfect set-up for stupidity the minute a real crisis hits. Dumb gunmen being given orders by panicking children with college degrees and little else.


  • Tricia

    What Ward One said.

  • Dave

    Salvatore Rivieri move over, this guy is the new Dumb Cop of the Year.

    They need to report this as soon as possible, lest the statute of limitations be applied here as it was with Riveri, who got off on beating the hell out of a 14 year old on that technicality...

  • It’sNikkiBITCH

    Hmm...sounds like a bunch of ignorant cops responding with comments on here. I have watched a couple videos of what occurred and OBVIOUSLY, PEOPLE, the detective was completely out of line. If he felt threatened by having his big ass hummer hit by a little snowball, he should have called backup before proceeding to get out in normal clothing and wave a gun around. These people have EVERY RIGHT to be upset!! Especially because the detective continued to act like an idiotic asshole, even trying to arrest people for throwing snowballs. Personally, these videos make me want to move to DC!! Good job snowballers for standing up to injustice at it's finest.

  • G

    Wow, I was already disgusted by this situation and this video only made it worse.

    How is it that these bunch of adults think it is ok to throw snowballs and unsuspecting cars? How is it that these adults think it is ok to call an officer "a fucking pig" to his face and talk to him the way they did? How is it that even after multiple officers told them to stand on the curb, they proceeded to throw snow and make a scene?

    Then, to complicate matters even more, why is it that of all the people hoisting snow who are Caucasian, Asian, and Indian, that the two white cops happen to pull three of the only African-Americans shown on camera aside to tell them to stop.

    What the hell is going on here?

  • bow tie mofo no. 999


    1. cop was wrong, but i'm on his side, even if he is driving a giant hummer probably paid for by ridiculous overtime.

    2. a snowball fight at a major crosstown intersection.....great idea. ever heard of a park? or is it too far from your condos, rental or otherwise, or the beer taps and pizza joint?

    3. what a bunch of whiny brats. hope they all file a formal complaint, with their names, so it can go.......on their permanent record.

    bueller, bueller, bueller?

    how do you spell baylor? jeez, the education system has really hit a low point.

    mosby, you so crazy. those kids would the first ones holding the guns.

    all i saw was a white brat rousted, but maybe i am snowblind.


  • bow tie mofo no. 999

    sorry for being snarky, can't we all just get along?

    was it really a white kid in a mask that said "that's deonte rawlings shit"
    in a street patois? are we on mars yet?

  • Mosby

    >>mosby, you so crazy. those kids would the first ones holding the guns.

    No, they're the little gov't employee cubicle types who will panic and send out idiots like Baylor the minute a real crisis upsets their rabbit hutch.

    The rest of the country will be holding guns if they push their power too far. Actually, maybe only 7% but that's enough.

    And I wouldn't be cracking on the education system in this country until you can write a complete sentence yourself.


  • Anonymous

    Good one, Mosby! That was hilarious. Made my day.

  • Jerohn Teary

    This is a BLATANT abuse of police powers; that Detective exiting his vehicle with his pistol unholstered is in direct VIOLATION of police protocal. He was not in eminate danger. He could have handled this situation in a bunch of different, more calming ways. He should have been sighted for insighting a riot or loud and bosterous behavior. Then for him to single out one man when a bunch of people were throwing snowballs is ridiculous. But what was GLARING to me was the two white officers singleing out the three black males and telling them to stop throwing snow ball when there were several people involved in this incident, how do you single out only the black guys?

    This city is a powerder keg ready to explode. An overemphasis and exploitation of police powers are runnign rampant in this city and the Chief and Mayor Fenty needs to do something about it. And now we are seeing a reimmergence of racial disparity in all things DC and that is visualized by this video when the officers only take three black males aside to warn.

  • Jakester

    The detective showed an inapropiate show of force. The patrol officers should of gotten him out of there fast. Instead they tried to turn it around to save face.And as far as throwing snowballs in traffic- baloney ! what traffic you can't go faster than 10 mph in that snow and if that terrifies people they shouldn't leave the house. The real results will be that defense attornies of people that detective has arrested will show the videos of his actions and get charges reduced or dismissed, and if a question of brutality comes up he will loose on the question of his judgements because he has shown irrational behavior. What a joke telling people to get out of the street when everbody was in the street for blocks.The detective has an attitude problem flaking out because somebody threw snowballs at his Hummer.At the very least he should be suspended!He shouldn't have a gun!

  • Truth Hurts

    What would happen if police got 911 call that motorist had stopped in street and drawn gun in response to snowball? Police would race to scene, shoot and/or arrest gunman, bring charges, and hothead would be convicted. Why not here?

  • Jill

    If these white kids or adults had all been black, everyone of them would have been in jailed. The white cop, took three black adults aside, and said nothing to the ingored white man that was cursing at him for half an hour. Racist, Racist, Racist. White people can get away with that behavior,the f##%%% police apologizes to the white kids for the black cops behavior.

  • Woody

    Next time, I'm sure someone in the crowd will have a gun and when some unidentified assclown pulls out a piece from his pimp-ass hummer on the street, he's gonna get shot.

    If it was so necessary for him to threaten the lives of everyone out there, he should be prepared to be threatened. If he had been shot down first, there would be none of this after the fact talking - the officers mistake of pulling out a gun without identification would have been lesson learned for the cops. People should be able to walk around armed on the street until the police get it that they're here to serve US.

  • upset the setup

    homey in the ski mask, all zapatista style gets points for knowing his rights and shit - but the whole thing seemed hella dramatic. like he aint never confronted the cops before, all performative. "that's some deonte rawlings shit" please, they hyperbole is a bit much. but look, at least the next time you see the cops do some ill shit, he can act like he knows what's up.

  • Kathleen

    I thought I was the only one who caught the fact that the officers pulled what seemed like the only black kids on the block out of the crowd and said "I saw you throw snowballs up the street" as they were cursed at and completely disrespected by the other people who were obviously throwing snowballs as well. I'm not one of those "race card" types...but anyone who looks at this and doesn't see the BLATANT difference between the way these folks were treated for no apparent reason...other than the apparent reason, is maybe looking through rose colored glasses. Sad state of affairs... Just shows that metro police live up to the stereotype. Luckily the black kids didn't walk away in handcuffs... and that detective is lucky he didn't get shot... idiot!

  • bow tie mofo no. 999

    here's a complete sentence:

    pack up your dumbass paranoid gun toting second amendment apple pie bullshit and head on back to the sticks, moron.

    complete sentences are not called for here. read your own, idiot.

    by the way, get the 999?

    i feel much better now.

    graham, graham, graham?

  • Off the Record

    That out-of-control cop is the face of law enforcement today. They are just looking for something to go ballistic over and pull a gun and smoke somebody's ass.

  • Kevin Davitt

    Idiot kids meet idiot cop.

  • Keith Jarrell

    The real sad part of this story now is Kristopher Bauman's comments regarding his belief that the Detective not getting a fair investigation due to the chief's comments. This shows Bauman's lack of experience and knowledge in just how fairly these types of investigations actually are conducted in the District.

    In addition it speaks volumes to the general thought that Bauman simply lacks the ability to fully and properly represent the membership of the MPD through their union. He is simple, and often speaks out against policy within the MPD that are well credited with lowering crime, and serving the citizens of the District in a good way. He will say or do anything for a vote from within the union supporting his re-election. This is sad in many ways because things like this incident with the Detective and the snow ballers often give Kristopher Bauman a stage to then be able to throw negative, inexperienced, uneducated remarks at the Chief of Police. He is just not experienced enough with anything within the MPD to really be questioning the Chief's extensive experience and esteem ability to protect our city, and treat every police officer fairly and reasonably. I am so in hopes that the rank and file of the MPD will re-think their representation soon.

    Kristopher Bauman, needs to do his homework that clearly proves that this Chief a former member of the union does everything to protect her troops and is a respectful and caring Chief who realizes that her troops and their abilities are the best resource the city has.

    Get with the program, Mr. Bauman. It's time to wakeup and realize you are lacking support with your self centered and arrogant method of always slamming our Chief and her devotion to our beloved officers of the MPD.

    Keith Jarrell