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Video: D.C. Cop Draws Weapon During Snowball Fight

We reported earlier today about the incident involving the D.C. Police detective drawing a gun during a snowball fight at 14th and U. D.C. Police have denied that the detective brandished his weapon. We posted photos of the detective with his gun out, and a video of the cop admitting that he had. Here's video that shows the cop holding his gun in one hand and his walkie talkie in another:

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  • David from San Diego

    Just Joe wrote:

    "The officer notified everyone that he was in charge by displaying his weapon."

    Really? In the United States, we have the right to keep and bear arms. The U.S. Supreme Court just held that you guys in D.C. have that right, too.

    If a police officer in the U.S. States of Texas or California (where I have homes) were to draw a weapon under such circumstances, he or she would be UNEMPLOYED and waiting in line at the welfare office.

    this officer needs to be FIRED, FIRED, FIRED.

    Good riddance!

  • gurukalehuru

    What a maroon.

  • gurukalehuru

    Apparently, JustJoe has never participated in a snowball fight. What a sad life.

  • DR

    yea yeah yeah cops are anyone pissed about these losers who sat around berating a cop for trying to do his job?

  • Floridiot

    How much does a Hummer go for these days? Glad to see that MPD salaries can cover it.

    Wishing I were there! Think this was the first decent snow storm since I moved to FL from DC in 2004.

  • Monique

    Baylor is just another DC cop on the take.

  • Andy

    What I don't get is why the police would stand and argue with them...pretty unprofessional. Either arrest their asses for breach of the peace (which is totally fair enough) or let them throw their snowballs.

  • Mosby

    You see how they react whenever anyone shows one hint of defiance? This is ingrained, and it comes from the very top down of command structure crowned by the privileged few. Defy "Authority" and you will face coercion and forced compliance.

    Think this is stupid? Wait till they lose control of the currency or some other real deal crisis hits. You're gonna get gov't rifles jammed up your a** at the drop of a hat (probably by "Contractors" no less). You are subjects...or consumers, depending on who you talk to...not citizens.

    And all governments do this, sooner or later. Things will get shaky, elites and their hired guns will shut you down by any and all means to preserve themselves. That is the course of history.

    This is only a small portend of things to come that bubbles to the top now and again.

    See now why 2nd Amendment is #2? It is the only right capable of backing up the others when these clowns go totally over the is their habit.

    You will find out about government just like we did in Balkans. "Here to help." Yea, right. Go talk to Sarajevo and see how much government helped them out.


  • P.E.Rich

    Big SUV

    Big Gun

    Very small penis and brain

  • theSNOWman

    What good is a gun in a snowball fight? Baylor should have pulled a flamer thrower, or at least a portable heater.

    BTW -- he should not be allowed to carry a guy. And since that's requirement for his job, he should be fired.

  • Jon Quate

    Wake up, keep pretending shock and amazement. You all really know that NOTHING, repeat NOTHING will happen to this officer. Police in this country have way more "rights" than you or I do. Absolutely nothing will happen to this cop. If the police can kill you and not have any repercussions why on earth would anyone think anything would happen over this?

  • Mosby

    In defense of the first officer who arrived after...he had his sidearm out as well. He was rolling into a situation with very little information and that which was fed to him by higher was coming from the detective who himself was blowing things out of proportion. So officer 2 is coming in on what was probably called out as a disorderly crowd/riot.

    A call like that is a great way to get shot. One nut in there can step out and bang. Happened to a friend of mine a year ago on a domestic.

    The moment he ascertained what was in play, he re-holstered his weapon and proceeded to talk to people in a reasonable manner. Good cop.

    What I would have liked to have seen is him at some point leaning over to Baylor and whisper something to the effect of "We got this, kindly leave please." which would have then diffused the whole thing right there.


  • Matt

    Why didn't any of the officers arrest the supposed detective?

    You can't just stop you car in the street, block traffic and walk around. No badge, no proof, just some crazy guy with a gun.

    If you ever go crazy just say you are a detective and the police will let you run around with a gun.

    The rest of the cops seemed pretty calm. I think they should have stopped the detective. Is there no protocol for one of your own going nuts?

  • Jason Cherkis

    Matt: good point. What I don't get is why the detective wasn't removed from the scene and interrogated by the police. Instead, the detective is allowed to remain on the scene and get into it with the crowd, eventually grabbing a kid, etc. He was off-duty. With a gun.

  • JB

    Looking at all the videos -- the second officer on scene was extremely professional, and I doubt any reasonable person would have an issue with his response. Once he realized what was going on, he holstered, controlled, and did his best to calm things down. If I remember right, there's a substation right down the street from 14th and U, which is presumably where the local blue-and-whites would have been dispatched from. It would seem that the second officer understood his local constituents a tad bit better than Detective Baylor, who was clearly out of his element.

    If Det. Baylor did attempt to identify himself (no indication one way or the other from what I've seen), he did so poorly and instantly lost control of the situation. As anyone who has received training as a peace officer knows, the number one thing you are trained to do is control the situation. Quickly, strongly, calmly -- however you do it, you are always in control, and the easiest way to do that is to get the respect of everyone involved. Det. Baylor lost control, and respect, by first reacting too strongly, and secondly, by introducing an escalation factor -- himself, unannounced, with sidearm drawn.

    That said -- standing there calling an officer of the law a "f-ing pig" is, really, the dumbest thing you can do. Yes, even dumber than pelting cars with snowballs. It really, really doesn't help your cause, either at the time, or in the global forum of YouTube. I applaud the officers who calmly stood their ground while having those epithets hurled their way.

  • Rhonda

    This is totally messed up. I've had kids throw snowballs at my car and I just laughed it off. What's this man's problem? He pulls his police issued handgun out to confront them? This man is bad bad news.

  • Ben

    JB - very well said.

    The second cop was very professional. And to all the posters puffed up with self righteousness about the dangers posed to public safety by a snowball fight, watch the video again - this uniformed policeman can be heard saying "go back to your snowball fight". Apparently he didn't see it as a major menace.

  • mayanprince

    Stupid Yuppies have no respect for the law! These police officers sacrifice their lives on a daily basis to keep them safe. I wish all these yuppies would go back to where they come from. This neighborhood used to be mixed with Latino and African Americans and now these yuppies think they rule DC. Freaking liberals.

  • Truth Hurts

    Anybody who would stop his vehicle and pull out a gun because somebody hits his vehicle with a snowball is unfit to carry a gun. Period.

  • jayme

    @mayanprince I don't think class or race has anything to do with an off duty police officer using excessive force. If you were there you would have witnessed all the snowball fighters helping stuck cars get around even the stuck cop cars. The whole event was fun, respectful and engaging with everybody around; yuppie, latino, arab, african american, old, young, educated, uneducated, african, chinese, aka americans. It just went sour when a man decided to threaten a crowd with a gun. We should all just be happy he wasn't hot tempered enough and he had some value for human life that he didn't shoot anybody.

  • Annuitcoeptis

    0:43 LOL!!! Hits pig with snowball.

  • CrazyClive

    Thank god the police in the UK do not all carry guns, (yes even we know about this in the UK). This Det. Baylor, should be ashamed of himself. Maybe the public should not have been throwing snowballs near cars, but hay even other cops could see it as a bit of fun, until this idiot came along.

    Det. Baylor do your fellow officers and City, a good deed, save their embarrassment, hand in your badge

  • Mary Ann

    I live in Philadelphia. A few days before Thanksgiving, there was a minor squirmish outside an off duty police officer's home, across the street from a local playground. The off duty officer came out of his house waving a gun, failed to identify himself as an officer. One young man, whose friends were drawn into the fight, where, I must add, no one had a weapon or even a baseball bat, approached the man and said, "What are you going to do, shoot me?" A smart mouth remark probably. And the off duty cop pointed the gun at the young man's chest and said, "Yes" and pulled the trigger. That 21 year old young man died minutes later. The man is dead, an entire community is grieving, and the off duty policeman? He's working, collecting a salary, behind a desk. He had other incidents where he was called down by the department. It took a few weeks for the DA's office to hand the case over to the grand jury. No word yet on anything. Perhaps they think this community will forget about it. I can assure them it won't.

  • Mary Ann

    Unfortunately, no one recorded the incident of the Philly off duty cop on tape or cell phones.

  • Michael

    I take it none of you cop-haters have ever been hit in the face with a frozen snowabll? How about a snow/ice ball with a rock in the middle? I've seen people in the ER with missing teeth, broken noses, gashes, lacerations, and concussions after being hit with snowballs in the face. Not to mention, throwing objects a moving vehicle is a felony in most states.

    A snowball fight is not just "innocent fun" when chunks of frozen snow and ice are being hurled into passing traffic. At that points it becomes dangerous. And Illegal. The crowd is lucky no one swerved or lost control of their vehicle and ended up running one of these "innocent fun-loving reveler" over with a 2500 lb vehicle.

    I seriously doubt any of you would have handled the situation any better, had you been the lone officer facing an ugly mob of 300 angry protesters who were chanting insults, cursing at you, and pelting you with ice and snow.

    Those protesters are fortunate no one was arrested and charged. Maybe next time they will think twice about throwing snowballs at the police. Morons.

  • daryl

    It's plain to see (at 38 seconds into the video) what drove the cop over the edge. He took one (snowball) directly in his
    right ear.
    The black guy shown plainly on the video throwing the snowball is shown (along with his friend) leaving as soon as the cop was hit.

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    daryl- "drove the cop over the edge"

    He pulled a fucking gun out on a crowd because of it. That's abuse of power, however you want to swing it. I've been hit by a snowball, I can yell and scream, even attempt to confront my "attacker", but pulling a fucking gun. Where do live?

  • PJ

    I hope the officials track down Chuck that posted personal information in post #1 and arrest his dumb @##

  • Ogre

    None of us or the snowball idiots know what Det. Baylor was thinking or perceiving as this event unfolded. Guaranteed that Det. Baylor has been in hundreds of other incidents where he could have/should have pulled his gun but did not. It is too bad that modern day United States culture coddles and rewards those that whine/whimper/complain rather than apply themselves in a positive and constructive manner. As Jon Stewart once said (yes the same Jon Stewart those crybabies on the corner probably watch every night) said, its easy to yell "Fuck the Police! Fuck the Police!", but as soon as they walk around the corner and get mugged they will be yelling "Where the Fuck are the Police?!" Bad judgement by Det. Baylor? Maynbe/probably. Now get over it.

  • Ogre

    re post 31 Please know that Maynbe=Maybe Thx! :)


    Excuse me, it was rude for the young adults to use profanity on this officers in the first place. Totally disrespectful! Furthermore, a Harvard's officer was arrested in his home after quetioning some officers intent and now you tell me it's acceptable for this young group of disrespectful white adults talk to an elder black man like this? He was hit my a snowball, they should have been arrested for their conduct. Welcome to RACISM! This is yet another example of double standards. They should apologize for their behavior.

  • http://citydesk fave

    It's RACISM allright but twe all know, that with this Officer being Black, he will receive NO diciplinarian action from his boss.

  • Lee

    fave, you're a dumb ass, and your post proved it.

  • Frank

    Would he stop in the middle of the street, get
    out and pull his gun if it was a cop car he
    was driving.. hell no... His stupid getto hummer
    was the cause of his rage... He thinks he's GOD...

    Is this detective Michael Baylor?
    3471 23rd St SE
    Washington D.C. 20020
    (202) 889-6358

  • Newguy

    That's a clear case of black on black crime. I bet his ear was ringing

  • Freedom of Sppech Again

    Why is this Lacey Macauley blogging that she and some of her friends were responsible for organizing the Snowball fight?

  • peter

    Are some of your posters that dumb to bring up every Michael Baylor in the phone book? You identified his car as having FOP on the tags and the picture shows the tag as being black and white.. duh its a Maryland Plate. There are some real brainiacs around here.. LOL

  • Roger Ramjet

    If some bulls knackers chucked snowballs at my motor when I was driving past them, I'd stop and batter every last one of them.

  • Fed Up

    There are a few issues here:

    COPS: This Detective did make a few mistakes as I didn't see him show his badge during the video footage. In my opinion if he showed his badge first so that these idiots could see his role of authority then I see nothing wrong with him showing his gun to shut these idiots up and stop the madness. But since he didn't do that, he should be reprimanded by not following proper protocol but he shouldn't be fired.

    ARROGANT OBNOXIOUS YUPPIES: Okay, these were not a bunch of innocent teens throwing snowballs. these were a bunch of grown ass U street, obnoxious yuppies who decided to conduct a randon idiotic snowball fight in the middle of a busy intersection. Then, after the cop pulled out the gun, these fools had the audacity to still heckle him... maybe they should learn a lesson... DON'T THROW SNOWBALLS AT RANDOM PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW... some of these yuppies need a cap in their azz.

  • flycessna

    You know at first when reading the headlines and seeing the cop with his gun I too thought..oh boy..this cop screwed up... but after listening to the belligerent crowd using profanity, yelling, insulting, and taunting the police officer I now question the validity of the supposed witness's...

    I didn't see anything other then the det. "displaying" his weapon.....who know’s what he saw or what made him concerned enough to display it... there were dozens of people there and maybe there was something that he saw that no one else witnessed or maybe he took his gun out for another reason..(??)....either way no one know’s what went through his mind when this incident took place...

    As a police office myself I know that the general public really has no idea or understanding of how we do our job or why we do the things the way we do it... walk in our shoes for a month...walk in our shoes for 15 years... you too might be a different person then when you started..

    It's a shame that the same people who EXPECT to be protected, served, and catered to by the police and government in general are the first to 2nd guess, badger, and purposefully try and bring down the police like they enjoyed humiliating this guy.

    Officer Baylor probably wished he never ever even stopped his vehicle that day and maybe he shouldn't have...but he doesnt deserve to be smeared and have a life time of service thrown out.... if thats the case???

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