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Mainstream Media Thinks Snowball Fight Posed Anarchist Threat


So the snowball incident has made it to CNN which links to WJLA's scare story hatchet job. DCist notes that the coverage was a wee bit on the paranoid side:

"As if the negative coverage doesn’t threaten to be embarrassing enough for the District, the story — headlined 'Snowball Fight Takes a Turn for the Worse' — paints a misguided picture of the day to say the least. According to WJLA and thus CNN, there was a “snowball fight-turned-unruly protest’ with 'anti-war protesters dressed in anarchist garb' crashing the fight in their all black clothes, masks, and anti-war signs."

Before the off-duty detective whipped out his gun, these "anti-war protesters dressed in anarchist garb" helped a cop get his car out of the snow. Talk about anarchy!

*photo courtesy of Matthew Bradley.

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  • KCinDC

    Damn, this is headed in the direction of the Boston Aqua Teen Hunger Force terrorism panic of '07.

  • Begla

    Wasn't just CNN and WJLA, fyi.

    Fox News, no surprise, got in on the act and made it even more of an "anti-war" thing.

  • Dave

    Not surprising; the police are probably helping spin the story in that light to gain the sympathy of the sort of people that tend to slavishly excuse authority of all its excesses.

  • Tom

    Cherkis, you dont seem very unbiased in this story. When I first started reading about the incident it appeared as if the officer was just wacko. However, after watching a longer video I see that he was hit in the face with a snowball... I know many people will say "it's just snow" but that's assualt. If they had hit a senior in the face with that much force and velocity would it still be no big deal?

    In the end both parties were wrong and both need to be punished. To turn this into a story about a "rogue" cop and a police department covering it up is just silly.

  • Jamie

    Tom: The police department initially denied, and still has responded with only the most wishy washy admission of any kind of inappropriate action.

    Had there been no pictures of the incident, there is no reason to believe that the police would have admitted that this happened, at all, since they initially denied it until the pictures came out.

    Isn't the definition of a cover-up, denying or lying about something illegal that the government?

    It is pretty clear to me that this is the most important part of this story. Thousands of people were likely hit by snowballs in the last couple days, yet this is the only time someone (a cop, in fact) responded by pulling a gun. How come you don't care about all those "unreported assaults?"

    The pulling of the gun and consequent denial is the only thing that sets this apart from every other snowball throwing.

  • Tom

    Jamie, I am not defending anyone. I said both sides should be punished. Assualting citizens of the District of Columbia should not be tolerated in any form. The cop was 100% wrong and should be suspended. The PD should not issue a statement until they have reviewed all the facts. And we should not make martyr's out of deviants!

  • Jamie

    I guess my point is that this is not a story about assault, it's a story about a disproportionate response to a normal wintertime activity.

    It saddens me that anyone would think of people throwing snowballs as deviants or felons committing assault who should be prosecuted. What a joyless world that must be.

  • Sara

    Tom- if he hadn't gotten out of his car (with his gun or without) he wouldn't have been hit in the face.

  • Jamie

    But Sara, he had to make sure that his tank wasn't damaged by a snowball!!

  • Mark

    It's just young punks acting like animals.. then getting outraged when the police try and arrest them. Same ole song and dance. The cop should have returned fire with yellow snow.

  • Truth Hurts

    MSNBC did a lenthy peice about this on the Keith Olberman show last night. As usual, they got it right. But then they probably are considered "mainstream media" only by reasonable people with brains.

  • DCNative

    How is it a DC cop can afford to drive a Scummer...? He was being a prick from the second he got out of the vehicle. He is the only one deserving of punishment. Nothing wrong with a little fun until some a$$hole brings out a gun.

  • John Q. Public

    Doesn't matter what the cop was driving. It was a Snow Emergency on 14th street that day, evening. The Officials were on the radio advising people not to drive and the fools with the snowballs are having a Riot in the middle of the street.

    What if your snowballs blinded a vehicle who then ran up into the curb and ran over people? You dummies aren't thinking. 200 people running into the middle of the street throwing objects at each other in a busy metropolitan street is NOT a good Idea. It is NOT good fun and if someone would have been hurt, run over or injured; you same people would be blaming the cops for not doing something about it !

    The snowballers were breaking the laws of the community and I hope they are found and PROSECUTED>

  • http://washingtoncitypaper Brad

    To all you nutjob leftist who think that this was a bunch of kids getting together for a normal wintertime activity I say fuck you. First of all the average age of the individual in the mob was around 23. Not a kid in my book but a responsible adult. Second of all this was no normal wintertime activity. A normal snowball fight does not included throwing snowballs at cars, particularly SUV's (radical environmentalist wackos) and innocent bystanders. I love how the media fixates on the cop's actions but fails to address the hooliganism that this mob perpetrated.

  • http://washingtoncitypaper Brad

    Hey DCnative,

    FUCK you fuckwad

  • J C Rum

    Hmmm...interesting arguments/points from both sides I see. Well my take is...I am a recently retired 20 year U.S. Navy Chief (6 years with Joint Special Operations Command/J.S.O.C. with more Middle Eastern deployments/operations, and many other deplorable shit holes that the world has to offer unfortunately), and my take is that the "Veteran Detective" in my opinion displayed absolute piss poor weapon discipline in his decision to draw it when there was NO CLEAR CASE of being in a situation that required the appropriate use of force needed in order to neutralize a "threat". Now IF he is such a "Veteran Detective" then WHY would he make such a PISS POOR judgment call? Also he should have immediately identified himself before DOING ANYTHING, but I still do not condone the use of a weapon from what I saw. Merry Xmas all!