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Tommy Wells on the Blizzard of 2009

This evening, LL interrupted Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells's dinner of fried okra to get his perspectives on the weekend's massive snow event:

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  • spirit equality

    I don't think Wells should be so jovial about this considering how many Ward 6 side streets are totally impossible to navigate due to lack of plowing. It's easy to say "Hey, this gets people out of their cars" when the city government for which you're responsible for overseeing fails so miserably to plow any side streets in large sections of your ward, but I think a more practical response is needed. Put the scotch down and get on the phone to coordinate DPW and whatever other agencies need to work together to get these streets cleaned...the stores he wants seniors to shop in stock goods based on trucking, so it's fine to focus first on the main roads, but after that you have to deal with the rest of our streets...

  • Nichole

    The streets are especially walkable since they haven't been plowed. I live on Constitution Ave and have yet to see a plow - which would be less annoying if it weren't a snow emergency route and we didn't have to move our cars - ostensibly to keep it clear. And, they definitely have not gone down any of the side streets.

  • good grief people

    I guess no one can have any fun, or get a joke, over here at City Desk...

  • Sally

    I (heart) Tommy Wells. He's one of the few good-natured Councilmembers. Which doesn't mean he doesn't come up with lots of dumbass ideas, like allowing farm animals in people's backyards and chargin a nickel for every plastic bag.

  • I live on the Hill

    I thought Mr. Wells would have a great opportunity to put some substance in his "livable walkable" campaign hype with this snow. I park in an alley that is never plowed, so I wind up walking everywhere after a snow. The sidewalks are generally useable, but the crosswalks where the plows leave the snow are impassible and wind up being 2-3 feet of slush ankle deep in most places. Thanks Council Member Wells for dealing with this long standing problem, as usual you are totally out of touch with what's really going on!!

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