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Fenty to Sign Gay Marriage Bill Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty will sign the gay marriage bill passed Tuesday by the D.C. Council.

A signing ceremony is set for 10:30 a.m. 10:45 a.m. tomorrow at All Souls Church, at 16th Street and Harvard Street NW, LL has learned. The bill will then be transmitted to Congress for 30 legislative days of review—a period expected to expire sometime in March.

Big political question: Are all the councilmembers who passed the bill—including Chairman Vincent C. Gray—invited? Will they show up? Will they speak/shake hand/slap backs with the mayor? Will they all say nice things about each other?

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  • Gene

    As a gay man who married his partner of 17 yrs in Massachusetts, I am thrilled and proud of this legislation and of our Mayor and (most of) our City Council.


    Signing this legislation at a church is a bad idea. This legislation is about extending the equal right to a CIVIL marriage and signing it at a church blurs the line symbolically. It should be signed at courthouse -or maybe the Lincoln or Jefferson monument.