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Vince Gray and Don Peebles Break Bread

Spotted this morning power breakfasting at the Metro Center Marriott: D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray and megadeveloper R. Donahue Peebles—both pondering challenges to Mayor Adrian M. Fenty.

LL was sent these photos this morning—12 days after Peebles said he'd announce a decision on entering the race in seven to 10 days.

Pic of the pair at the buffet after the jump.

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  • Wassup

    So Like these two, feeding at a public trough!

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    Change-is-ah-coming... it's about damn time.

  • Ward 4 Resident/Voter

    I wouldn't vote for either of these assholes. I am not voting for King Fenty either. Where the hell is Leo Alexander? Do this man exist?

  • noodlez



  • Typical DC BS

    Neither Gray or Peebles (good God) are any improvement over Fenty. All it means is going back to good old Marion Barry style government.

    All these two are doing is seeing how much Peebles would be willing to cough up to have Gray run for mayor. Peebles is too smart to run for election. He's much better at being a puppet master.

  • Samantha

    Where is the picture of Fenty- Nickles -Evans- Hartsock- Rhee at their secret breakfast hosted by Donotelli, Kline,Santos, Skinner and Bloomberg ? I heard that Karim and Albert were the servers and busboys .The WaPo picked up the tab with ATR's Armey .Cheney and Rove are ex-oficio .

  • Bobby

    Peebles started his company with a $600 investment!! And is willing to be our Mayor without being paid.. What an opportunity. Or would you rather keep our current Dictator...

  • Marciela

    I say let's roll with Peebles. How could ANYONE do a worse job than Fenty?

  • iLL Bill

    the future success of local government relies on the ability of the government to operate as an efficiently run business. a mayor that can be botton line focused and not be swayed by kickbacks from the major retailers and mega developers that have quote unquote "invested" in the city would be refreshing. building retail establishments that provide minimum wage jobs do not qualify as investment in the city. With an unemployment rate in the double digits ( and thats on the books mind you) we need an administration that will create jobs for our residents, and be more economically minded as to how to address this financial divide that exits in washington and seems to be more prevalent by the day. Peebles is local, with the exception of the last ten years and I believe that with all his local investments he wasn't "gone" during that period. If he can start a biz and develop it into what his empire has become.. He seems like a more than viable candidate to oppose fenty. he is a businessman that cares about the city (i hope), has local ties, and can't be bought.

  • Rick Mangus

    I've would of love to be a fly at that table!

  • Truth Hurts

    It was just a coincidence. Hey they gotta eat, just bumped into one another at the buffet. Both have said their decisions re launching mayoral campaigns won't be affected by whether the other guy decides to run. So they couldn't possibly have discussed politics at breakfast. Just a coincidence, yeah, that's it.

  • bow tie mofo no. 9

    peebles (let's call him "peebs") can't be bought, oh ho ho ho.

    this town deserves him. we're pathetic.

  • bow tie mofo no. 8

    megadeveloper, my ass.

  • bow tie mofo no. 7

    the pair at the buffet. oh, that's priceless. i wonder how much ham they piled on.

  • Stephon

    Stop "hating" bow tie mofo no 7. Whats wrong, you unhappy with what you see when you look into the mirror? Don't worry you're not alone.

  • Sally

    So our options are really a super-wealthy developer who got his start doing shady things for Barry cronies and has spent decades in Florida or an old guy with scary hair and eyebrows who has been an ineffective Council chairman and when he ran a city agency, ran it right into the ground?

    Seriously? These are our only two options (I won't include either of the Browns since neither has a lick of common sense).

    Where's Anthony Williams these days?

  • Truth Hurts

    @ Sally: You pretty much nailed it; at least someone has a memory. And btmn7, you appear get it too. Sally,Anthony Williams already said he's not interested. Drez mentioned Spagnoletti as an option a couple of weeks ago. Anybody know if he's viable/interested?

  • illBill

    so mofo#9. who do you think should run??? and you are right... anybody can be bought...maybe not bought cheap at the expense of the voters would have been more appropriate.

  • hymesb

    Ahh. King of the Back room deals caught in living color. I guess Gray isn't the only one that can have people followed. Conversation went like this.

    Gray to Peebles "you know that I am under investigation now, I don't quit know if this is the right time. Maybe you should go ahead and run after all."

    Peebles: "after I spent all that time and money getting those biased polls out and hiring people to follow Fenty around on his bike?"

    Gray: "I'm sorry. But I didn't think they would fight back. You know I have that 100 grand in my freezer still if you want it back."

    Peebles: "Keep it for now. You are probably under survalence. Next time just leave Moten alone. You threatened him...he threatened to expose you as the biggest pimp in the room...and look what happened."

  • noodlez


  • Truth Hurts

    hymesb, great dialogue. The end of the conversation went like this. Peebles: "Just remember, dude. What happens at the buffet stays at the buffet. We ain't said nothin bout that mayor thing". Gray: "I hear you man, ain't got to worry bout me".

  • Ward4

    Peebles and Gray had a great talk about how Fenty has steered millions of DC Tax dollars to his dumb ass frat brothers. They talked about how Fenty swims , jogs, and runs all day instead of managing the DC Government. I bet the topic was about how Fenty gave exconvict RON MOTEN $ 10 million to ride around in his SUV and make babies.
    I will Vote for Peebles or Gray if they run for Mayor.

    ANYBODY BUT FENTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rob3

    I dislike Mayor Fenty because he is an arrogant man. He might have brought some changes, but there's a lot that he hasn't done.

    I don't know much about Peebles, but I'm willing to hear him out. I wouldn't want Gray to run with his ethical issues and councilman background.

  • hymesb

    Well, guess we know what the conversation was now.

    Peebles: Skip this crap. I got the press coverage that I wanted. Now, I am keeping the money and going home to my hoes in Florida. I'm rich, screw all this drama. Good luck! Holler at ya.

    Gray: But there isn't any money left in DC. All the big donors have given to fenty.

    Peebles: Not my problem. And, I want my 100 grand back by March 1st. Or, you are going to have more than ethics to worry about. One question, why didn't you pay for the damn fence? We had him you greedy asshole!!!