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Our Morning Roundup: Joe Lieberman Makes Me Want To Move To Canada


Dear Joe Lieberman:

I know what you're thinking: Where are the links to teachers bitching about Michelle Rhee, random crime stats in that made-up neighborhood, and some important, breaking burrito news in a slowly gentrifying renaissance zone? Well you sir, make me sad, sad enough that I'm skipping all that to write you a letter. You sir are an asshole.

Last night, I came home to the news that you alone are messing around with healthcare reform. Because of you, there will be no public option, not even a weak public option. You have decided that it's OK for Americans to die because they don't have health insurance.

I'm sure you don't believe that last line. I'm sure you wish that all Americans didn't die needlessly. But actions speak louder than words. And your actions are telling me that you don't care if Americans die because they don't have healthcare. In 2000, you were for a Medicare buy-in program. You endorsed the Medicare buy-in three months ago in a by-now widely circulated video interview. And now, before the Medicare buy-in gets vetted by the CBO, you come out against it. You promise to filibuster it. Like I said, you're an asshole.

You are a selfish little man. What exactly are your principles other than pissing liberals off? Is this your legacy? Do you really want your legacy to be that you gutted healthcare reform? Did you read this study that pointed out that 137,000 Americans died from 2000 through 2006 because they lacked health insurance?

I work. I have health insurance. And yet this year, I ended up paying a few thousand dollars to be poked and probed over an as-yet-unknown stomach ailment. Each bill was a huge stress. I can only imagine what it's like for someone with serious medical problems without the pathetic safety net that I have.

What do you stand for besides interjecting yourself into the reform process and grabbing headlines? How would you fix this mess? [You can't repeat any Republican talking points especially on the bogus subject of tort reform]. You have provided me with zero proof that you have any real thoughts on the subject other than rejecting the reforms that the majority of your former party support.

Now it's up to all of us to make sure you never win elected office again.


Jason Cherkis

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  • Isn’t it Obvious?

    Jason: You took the word right out of my mouth! You are the MAN!

  • Jindc

    poli sci lesson of the day, in 3 lines:


    his Dem donations dried up.

    insurance companies are his new teat.

    class dismissed.

  • Isn’t it Obvious?

    Jindc: You may be correct on the poli sci lesson. That still does not take away the fact that Slow Joe is an Asshole! Listening to him talk is like watching paint dry.

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    I don't get this guy at all. The Reps will never ever trust him and the Dems are too gutless to check his ass. If they would have put him in his place last year, he wouldn't be causing this much problems this year. The Reps love it because he's accomplishing more for them than their entire party can do. It's fucking sickening. I just dont't get this guy. He's beyond an asshole. Karma should catch up with his disloyal ass soon.

  • Nacim

    If people that are against certain health care reforms want Americans to die, does this mean that people against the Patriot Act want terrorists to win?

  • augydoggy

    Thanks Joe Lieberman, because of you I will now suffer in tremendous physical pain until I die prematurely. I have a pre-existing health condition and am denied insurance coverage because of it. I just turned 55, and buying into Medicare early was my last chance to save my life and now you just took that away from me you fucking piece of shit slime. I will be cursing your name as I go to the grave you fucking asshole. After I am gone my wife and kids will continue to curse you until your finally die and make this planet a better place with your absence. If there's a hell I hope you burn in it forever.

  • Former Staffer

    Joe Lieberman makes me wish for early elections, a parliamentary system, third, fourth and fifth political parties, and for an ability to recall elected officials for malfeasance.

  • Another Reader

    Joe has strayed off the plantation and now you guys want to nail him to the cross.

    You question our very democratic (small "d") process because you are not happy with the outcome.

    Seeing you all hyperventilate is worth the admission and the $6 box of popcorn. Be careful with your breath, though. If you pass out, you will have to pay your own doctor bill.

  • The Advoc8te

    Amen! Joe Lieberman needs to go and everyone who has sold themselves out to the big insurance companies I hope you lose your insurance and develop a long painful illness!

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    Nacim- You are a fucking retard. How does anyone who wants to protect themselves from government intrusion and the sidestepping of our constitutional rights equate to "wanting terrorist to win". You're the reason this country has gone to the shits. Your twisted logic is the reason why terrorist might win.

  • Randall Carter

    Wah! Wah! Wah!

  • Randall Carter

    Adrian Bent-Me- No, Nacim was just applying the same logic as the health insurance reform dudes to demonstrate its weakness.

    BTW, Retard is now a forbidden word in liberal circles. Unless you hate developmentally disabled people then you are fine. So, I guess you hate disabled kids. You are mean.

  • Another Reader

    Adrian Bent-Me:

    You give retards a bad name, since they can't help missing the point.

    Nacim seems to be against all government intrusion, including Patriot Act and healthcare takeover. He is only pointing out the liberal hypocrisy (which, frankly, is shooting fish in the barrel).

    It's call libertarianism. Maybe if you got your talking points from someone else besides OxyRush Limbaugh you would be aware of it.

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    Randall- I do hate retards, yourself included.

    It's not an apples to apples comparison. People who oppose the Patriot Act do so because of a legitimate concern about their rights and the Government's ability to take them away. By deducing that those who are against it are for terrorism is not at all the same logic as someone against this option is for death of the uninsured.

    The death from being uninsured is a fact. The support of terrorism is just stupid.

    How is this the same logic?

    It's ok Randall, I understand that your are developmentally disabled, so I understand why you don't see it. Also, I'm mean, you fucking retard.

  • Mike

    I'll say this till the day I die. I didn't vote for Gore in 2000, and I'm glad I didn't. If Gore was relected in 2004, there would have been a pretty good chance that Lieberman would be president if he ran in 2008.

  • Chaika

    Lieberman's tactics may be offensive, especially to those that are on the other side of this issue.

    But, really, how does the existence of a public option in this reform have any effect on how many people have insurance, let alone how many people die? The burden is on YOU to explain this, and not just rant with unsupported claims.

    Do you actually understand that under the reform WITHOUT a public option, private insurers would be required to sell insurance to all comers, without regard to their health or conditions? In light of this, please explain your claim that no public option will lead to more uninsured and more deaths.

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  • Tracey

    Thank you, Jason!!!

  • stella

    As the mom of a child with special needs I'd like to think that not only liberals are not using the word retard. It's a demeaning word that hurts kids with special needs whether their parents are Democrats or Republicans. Maybe we can all agree on this one issue?

  • Nacim

    Chaika, what you're asking for is completely unnecessary. It's easier to just assume that people that disagree with you are not only factually wrong, but also morally bankrupt.

    Please stop trying to ruin Jason's world viewpoint. He is already struggling with the rotator cuff injury he got yesterday from patting himself in the back so much.

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    Joe is enabled by pussy liberals. He's just showing us what cunts Obama, Reid, & the other Demmes are.

    Thanks, Joe. Maybe some of the wimpy liberals will finally grow some balls & become communists.

  • YourClue

    Do you actually understand that without a public option, the insurance companies have no true competitor to moderate prices? It's a free ride for Insurance companies. People are mandated to purchase insurance while the insurance companies have no restrictions on what they can charge. Have you seen anything that says that the insurance companies can't still just arbitrarily deny claims even though you have purchased their insurance?

    Go get yourself a clue and take Nacim with you. You two can go bury your heads in the sand and pretend that half of the country is just imagining that there is a problem. I can only hope that you someday fall onto the short side of the equation and get to experience first hand how things can work when your out of the bubble. You'll sing a different tune.

  • Nacim

    Right, just assume that if anyone disagrees with your proposed fixed, it's only because they've never suffered or have any qualms about the healthcare status quo. Who's in the bubble again?

  • Nacim

    Notice that I never even stated what healthcare policies I even supported! Just by pointing the ridiculous ad hominem attacks and acrobatic leaps of logic going on here, my views are apparently immediately transparent. Interesting.