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Morning Roundup: The “George Stephanopoulos Is a Little Prick Moron” Edition

Good morning, City Desk readers. It's cold!

Did you go to Washington City Paper's first-ever Tweetup last night? I didn't. But I hear it was the #besttweetupever. It had to be because @MikeRiggs, formerly of "Freedom Friday" roundup fame, was there, and he was giving out hugs. Did you get one?

abc_gma_3_091210_mnA couple of newsworthy things going on: Barack Obama has accepted the Nobel Peace Prize for waging a good war, Harry Reid has likened opponents of the Democrats' health care reform bill to supporters of slavery, and—now for the big one— GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS HAS BECOME THE NEW DIANE SAWYER! He's going to be whipping up souffles as the new co-anchor of Good Morning America! Good morning, America, indeed!

Now, I'm really excited about this (not true), even though I don't watch Good Morning America (true) or the show he's leaving, This Week (also true). But frankly, I'm a little concerned for George (very, very true). Yes, he's served as top political strategist to a president of the United States and, yes, he's interviewed secretaries of state and foreign dignitaries. But can he handle sitting on the couch with a mystery man who donated sperm three times while he was dating the future mother of octuplets who might secretly be those octuplets' father?

Good Morning America viewers seem to think not. The story on GMA's Web site about Stephanopoulos' appointment prompted some 477 comments as of this morning, 476 of which said some version of the following:

-Has the management of ABC lost their minds. G.S. is a liberal prick moron and brings nothing to the show. What a termible mix and burden to place on Robin Roberts. Anyone looking for a reason to change channels just got it

-BIG MISTAKE TO NAME STEPHANO to this position. He snitched on Clinton and he just doesn't cut it. If they wanted more toughness, they should have named anyone other than him.

-George- really???? You're just kidding right????!!!! Ugghhhhhh......

-I have watched GMA since the days of Charlie Gibson, there have been alot of ups and downs with the anchors over the past 20 + I will stop watching because of GS.......didn't like him in the White House and I certainly don't want him in my home every morning.

-Any way to get Joan Lunden back?

-Hey, they should have had Tiger with kate and 8....!!!!

-Please Please leave George in DC.

My prediction: Once he puts on that apron, everyone's gonna love him!

A final note on this chilly morning: Did you know the average American consumes 34 GB of data, via some 100,000 words, a day (only slightly less than the number of calories the average American consumes a day)? This roundup counts toward that total, even if you didn't read all the way to the end.

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  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    I used to see George once a week or so, walking along M Street, to & from Georgetown & our offices - I'm at Farragut Square, & he used to work at the ABC offices on the little street north of the Mayflower (DeSalles?). He seems like a nice enough guy, but I've heard his wife is a tyrant.

    He'll be fine on GMA. The tea-baggers watch Fox anyway, so what's the frequency, Kenneth?

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    & George is a little guy, maybe 5'6" max, but man, that hair - it's real, it's thick, & it's long-lasting. Even John "Breck Girl" Edwards has nothing compared to George.

    As for George being a liberal, ha ha. I guess you've grown up in a time when GHW Bush was considered a liberal, even Alan Greenspan's "favorite Republican president" Bill Clinton was considered a liberal.

    There are only three liberals left in DC since Teddy K died: me, Bernie Sanders, & Ralph Nader.

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    oh & the only "little prick moron" in town is Obama. Read Matt Tabibi's account & see if you have any respect left for that lying little prick moron Obama.

    "Obama's Big Sell Out", see

    Yesterday in Oslo the Little Prick Moron Obama spoke of "evil" & "just war", channeling GW Bush, no doubt. What a lying phony little prick moron - he knows there's no "evil" in the world, there's just a lot of ignorance, & little prick morons like Obama & Palin just exploit the ignorance & apathy of the masses.

  • Korrupt

    Comrade Al - I don't have any respect for Obama. The entire Nobel Peace prize event was almost surreal. The irony! The Orwellian doublespeak! Scary.

  • Wassup

    Word from Cleveland has always been that George has more, lots more, experience with the means and methods of men donating sperm then he likes to let on. The wife is frightening, a no talent two bagger with no taste. Wasn't she Nancy Reagan's ladies maid or something like that? Doesn't matter, she is a beard.