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Our Morning Roundup: Do You Appreciate Your Local Record Shop?

The Washington Teacher thinks Rhee might be done:

"From the looks of the online comments on The WaPo website, it seems like Rhee has lost favor with many of her former supporters. I remember when Rhee first came to DC to reign as Chancellor of our public schools over two years ago. At that time Rhee's support base consisted of many willing to give her the benefit of the doubt despite her obvious lack of credentials and experience in public education . Fast forward to 2009 and take a look at the latest newsworthy event about Rhee's de-throning of another favored DC principal, Patrick Pope who has been principal at Hardy middle school for over a decade."

Barry Farm (Re)Mixed reports on their own real estate issues: "My property is 'underwater' or for those of you who don't know...I owe more than my house is worth (negative equity).  I just did the math off of a recent sale in my association of a foreclosure, and I can't even bring myself to say out loud, just how underwater I am.  But I can afford my monthly payments, so being in negative equity should have no material impact on my life.  My house is my home, and since I need a roof over my head, I should be ok...right?"

Southwest...The Little Quadrant That Could reports that the Market Inn has been demolished.

And Now, Anacostia reports that a historic building has been saved from the wrecking ball.

The Vinyl District wants you to know that there are four awesome D.C. record stores within a 15-20 minute walk. Blogger is offering cash to anyone who writes in the sweetest appreciation.

The Georgetown Metropolitan has the complete rundown of the Hardy PTA meeting with Rhee over the principal change:

"Rhee began her remarks by stating that Hardy’s arts integration program is a model both for the city and the nation. She further stated that not withstanding any personnel changes at Hardy, the arts program will remain. She then segued into announcing that a new performing arts magnet school would be created and that Patrick Pope was offered the position to design, plan, implement and lead the new school. He will remain principal through this school year. Next year Dana Nerenberg would take over the principal function of Hardy on top of her responsibilities at Hyde-Addison. Patrick Pope would then take a year to create the new school. While implied, it was not 100% clear that he will actually be the principal of the new school when it opens in 2012."

The 42 covers the recent art sale that supported an area nonprofit.

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  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    Rhee's "reign" will end within six months - voluntarily. She's never stayed at a job for long.

    She'll be headed to California before long. Leaving now lets her claim some phony improvements in "test scores" that have been garnered by teaching to the test, cutting large numbers of poor performing students, & outright fraud.

    In a few years Michelle Rhee will be doing porn in the San Fernando Valley (LA area). As with all of her other jobs, she'll leave porn behind in a couple years.

    Michelle is a cursed name. Michelle Fenty wife is a thief who steals from the DC government. If there were a fair, impartial investigation of her involvement in the developers' schemes, she'd be doing five years in Allentown.

    Michelle Obama is mostly offensive for flaunting her fat flabby arms everywhere she goes. It's fucking winter, Michelle - leave the sleeveless shit for summer. Other than that, she's OK. I wish we'd elected her instead of her lying, phony, Wall-Street-ass-kissing husband. Her husband is douche bag of the year 2009.