City Desk

District Limerick: X2 vs. Smart Car

The shuttle on H is in flux
Once gone, but now back with big bucks
With choices galore
Want maximum gore?
Then ride the X2 with us schmucks

If bus shootings make you distraught
Consider a ludicrous thought:
This condo is far
But comes with a car
Stop renting! It's time that you bought

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  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    The wonderful day of Festivus,
    A holiday for the rest of us,
    A stripper’s bright silver pole,
    Each person assuming a role,
    To see who is the best of us.

    The Airing of Grievances is fraught
    With tension over what may be sought,
    The Feats of Strength,
    Performed at length,
    Will teach us what needs to be taught.

    For the meaning of Festivus is simple,
    It’s really quite like a mushrooming pimple,
    It comes ‘round now & then,
    It gets under your skin,
    When you learn fun comes from a nun in a wimple.

  • Dave

    Stick to your day job, Al.

  • Mikey P

    Because if you're not building your own equity, you're building somebody else's.

  • Acne Cystic

    This is some advantage recommendation.