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  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    That lying pig Obama is a war criminal just like Bush - guilty of killing innocent people in his missile strikes. Once the Europeans get over their infatuation with the lying pig Obama, look for an erosion of support for his criminal policies, & look for indictments of Americans in European courts.

    It took a Spanish court to end the freedom of the mass murderer Pinochet. It will take European courts to punish & imprison American war criminals, from Bush & Obama to Clinton, Rumsfeld, McCrystal [another lying sack of shit, see John Krakauer's writings], et al.

    Americans are so fucking stupid they don't even know where the Pashtun live. Americans are so fucking arrogant they think they can kill innocent people anywhere in the world. Americans have a lot of extremely painful lessons to learn in the next few years.

  • Typical DC BS

    Comrade Al,

    Maybe we could learn the lessons of Chairman Mao and Josef Stalin and just exterminate the Pashtun once and for all? That would definitely solve our problem in Afghanistan (and let's just vaporize the Pashtun lands in Pakistan while we're at it, just to make sure we get all of them).

    As far as the European courts, who cares what they think. We'll just tell them we'll pack up our troops and throw their economies into recession once they have to pay 100% of their own defense costs (or, more likely, they'll just wind up kowtowing to the Russians once they cut off their natural gas supplies in the winter again).

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    Comrade Typ, you're right on one point, Stalin was a pig, but Mao - his children will rule over the decadent USA in this generation. Trotsky was right; Stalin was wrong. Mao was right - & his children & grandchildren are now overlords over Roosevelt's children & grandchildren.

    As for the Europeans, they'd be delighted if the criminal, often rapist American soldiers left. The Ugly American is loathed throughout the world. The only people hated more than Americans are the British pigs.

    Face it - America is dead. 30 years of Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama economic policies - i.e., unbridled capitalism - have killed the golden goose. Long live the new king of the world, the Chinese Maoist Communists!