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The Friday Limerick Review

Despite all our adamant pleading
The zoo just announced it's conceding
This day was postponed
But Butterstick's loaned
And wanted in China for breeding

Once swine flu has been diagnosed
With Tamiflu, you will be dosed
Now places not distant
Have cases resistant
Here's hoping you won't be a ghost

Enough of such sadness and gloom
This week brought good news for the groom
The motion has carried
So go on, get married
The question's not if, but to whom?

The season is here for bright lights
With gifts of big trees and new rights
Amidst the warm fuzzies
Watch out for those scuzzies
Who try to start carjacking fights

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  • Mikey P

    Fun fact: the Chinese government stopped "giving" pandas to foriegn countries in the 80's and now only leases them for periods of about 10 to 20 yrs. Since it's so difficult to get pandas to reproduce in captivity, this means the Chinese have a veritable panda monopoly, owning almost all the pandas in all the zoos around the world. The lease also stipulates that the Chinese own whatever offspring those pandas produce and can recall them almost at will, so I guess the lesson here is don't get too attached.

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    Why do people love these communist pandas? Why is China getting stronger than the US - is communism getting stronger than capitalism?

    Yes, these pandas are excellent agents of the Chinese Communist Government. Enjoy the pandas, Americans, while your children get brainwashed.

  • Charlie

    This is good news for brides as well. I may have to sic The Sexist on you.

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    The verdict for Amanda is imminent,
    I hope she is found to be innocent.
    She didn’t kill that chick
    It’s not her fault, dick –
    Justice in Italy is preeminent.

    “La Knox” is no femme fatale,
    Nor is Foxy Koxy ever banal,
    She’s just a wee girl
    Who deserves her own world,
    And don’t tell me she’s in a cabal.

    Amanda is a babe ‘tis true,
    She likes to smoke weed, too,
    She gives her love freely
    But is never touchy feely,
    She’s just a cool chick - whew.