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Photos: Panda Watch, Tai Shan is Leaving



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  • Rick Mangus

    I will not shed a tear for this animial, they may be cute but that's about it. These are not the brightest creatures on the face of the earth. They would rather lay around all day eating bambo and are not even interested in mating to continue their species. If it wasn't for their cuteness they would be extinct, maybe we should stop paying MILLIONS to China and let them go extinct, we have human beings here who need that money more.

  • Just Jule

    An animal has to be "smart" to be beloved? I've met plenty of dumb humans who's mamas still love them. Don't listen Dirty Butt...erstick! We still adore you and are sad to see you go.

  • Just Jule

    Egads. Whose, now who's.

  • annys

    all you lovers of newspapers should cry when this fluffball leaves. cute panda pics = pageviews. as for butterstick haters: you have dark hearts

  • Mike Licht

    Butterstick will be shipped to China by FedEx. If no one's home, leave him with the neighbors in Mongolia.