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Don Peebles Starts Sounding Like a Mayoral Candidate

R. Donahue Peebles is starting to sound more and more like a man who's running for mayor.

On the same morning that Washington Times reporter David C. Lipscomb revealed that several Peebles-related Internet domains have been quietly snapped up, the megadeveloper appeared on WTOP's Politics Program this morning to address the mayoral scuttlebutt.

Under questioning from host Mark Plotkin, Peebles said he was "giving some serious consideration" to announcing a mayoral run, and that he'd have a decision in seven to 10 days.

If there's any doubt in Peebles' mind, he certainly did not express it. He also committed on the air to spending as much as $5 million out of pocket to finance his bid.

Peebles tried out some campaign rhetoric and answered some of the tough questions he'll be hearing often over the next 10 months.

Asked why he left the District for Florida in 1998, Peebles said that he "needed some consistency" for his young son, who was starting his schooling at the time. He then deployed this line to defuse any claims of carpetbaggery: "I never left D.C. I continued to do business here, creating jobs and economic opportunity for D.C. residents....Washington, D.C., is my home; I believe in Washington, D.C.; I love Washington, D.C."

Expect to hear that line a lot, and this one, too, which hearkens back to his roots as a local developer and close 1980s ally and appointee of Marion Barry: "I want to serve. I owe the city a great debt. It gave me a tremendous opportunity to build an exciting company and I'd like to pay it back."

Peebles' top issue: Jobs. WTOP reporter Mark Segraves tried a bit of a gotcha exercise, getting Peebles to admit that he did not know the District minimum wage. But when he asked whether he knew the unemployment rate, Peebles was prepared with the facts and embarked on a long spiel on getting D.C. residents ready for employment and getting local employers to hire them.

The WTOPsters pressed hard to get Peebles to slam Fenty, and the billionaire indeed obliged. He pointed out that he was at yesterday's jobs summit hosted by President Barack Obama. "I was there discussing the District's interests," he says, in a not-so-subtle jab at Hizzoner

"I chose to attend the jobs forum. I made it an emphasis of the types of activity I want to be involved in," Peebles said, contrasting that with Fenty's attendance at last month's White House state dinner, where he was "actually photograhed with" the party-crashing Salahis. (Under Plotkin's questioning, Peebles admitted he wasn't actually invited to the dinner.)

Peebles went on to claim that he is in fact an erstwhile Fenty supporter who has been "very disappointed in the way he's run this city and the lack of attention to our neighborhoods," then embarking on an extended "two cities" riff.

The hosts tried to pin Peebles down on Fenty's signature issue—education. The candidate-in-waiting proceeded to attempt an outflanking maneuver: "I don't think school reform is been moving efficiently, and I don't think there's been enough education reform." He added that he's "heartbroken" about Fenty's treatment of the University of the District of Columbia.

Asked whether he'd keep Michelle Rhee as schools chancellor, Peebles said, "We can't have education reform if you're fighting the teachers, the unions, the council, and the parents....She should be given the opportunity to run this school system on her own with the direction of being told that the has to work with these stakeholders."

Later, he said, that "she would not be consistent with the style I'd have running for mayor so I would not ask her to stay under those circumstances."

A caller solicited his view on gay marriage, and Peebles attempted to thread a needle, saying he believes that "marriage is between a man and woman." But, as a matter of "basic freedom, to have a choice to do what you want," he supports the council's vote in favor of it.

Behind the scenes, Peebles has been in the process of assembling a campaign team.

LL hears rumors that veteran political consultant Marshall Brown is among the likely team members. Such a development augurs a split in the coalition of business and union types that supported Linda Cropp against Fenty in 2006. Brown, father of At-Large Councilmember Kwame Brown, also said to be mulling his mayoral prospects, was Cropp's field operation chief.

Brown denies he's on board, because Peebles "hasn't decided."

"I certainly think that if he did declare that he would be a formidable candidate," says Brown, who has known Peebles since his years as a political hand to Barry. "If he decided to do it, I would take it under consideration."

Kendall Pryles, a spokesperson for Peebles, declined to name any campaign hires.

"There are a lot of people excited at the prospect of Don running," she said without naming names, except to say that her boss has met with "community activists, elected officials, CEOs—it's really across the board."

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  1. Comrade Al Gonzales

    I hope somebody beats Fenty. I never added "Fenty" to my spell check - neither has CP apparently - & even though we are suing the District in a couple of cases & even though I have to click through ignore a few times, I prefer not to contaminate my 'puter by adding "Fenty" to my spell check list of approved words.

    So please, Mr. Peebles, either run yourself & win or put someone up who will win. Please - do it for my spell check.

    If you knock off Fenty, we'll let you keep your money after the revolution comes. It'll be: "Up against the wall, Bloomberg!" "Oh, Mr. Peebles, how are ya today?"

  2. #2

    run Don run

  3. #3

    Anybody but Gray.

  4. #4

    Anybody but Fenty, Gray, Peebles, Brown, Brown, Graham, Cheh, Bowser, Catania, Evans, Mendelson, Cropp, Williams, Nickles, Wells, Barry, Alexander, or Palin.

  5. #5

    Oh, you have to know I thought really, really hard about registering:

    Which is available according to

    By not registering it, he can't be accused of hubris.

    That's a plus

    Other names available.

    And millions more for imaginative boys and girls! Hurry on up. Create your own domain for $10 and rulz!

  6. #6

    After the interview with Don Peebles on WTOP I went to the weather channel to see if hell froze over. This guy is good, smart and not a typical politican. If he runs it would restore faith and order to this cities government, which it has never had.

  7. #7

    Gray would be the worst disaster as he has been as Chair. Fenty is unlikely to finish this term apparently. Don't know Peebles but somepne from outside the DC political class was succesful before.

  8. #8

    Fenty better get Phyllis Jones under contract asap! Sign her up, she knows how to scuttle anything Marshall Brown can try to do! If I were you Fenty I would put her under contract for a big number today!

  9. #9

    Is this guy a white man, because he dam show don't look black? Somebody in his family is white like his mother, father, or both.

  10. #10

    LOL @ Jon Bon Jovi! Really no offense taken I had to step away to wipe away tears. I am a pretty fair skinned black person. There are a lot of them in DC. Again. that was my laugh for today. Thank you because I really needed it.

  11. #11


  12. #12

    LOL, these mulattos have to have a white parent or grandparent. They are not 100% Negro. Peebles can pass for a white man and he's married to a white blond and living the white all American dream. He can pass for white and I am sure he have done it in his life time.

  13. #13

    Unfortunately, Tiger Woods looks like a Negro, but Tiger doesn't want to be referred to as a black man. Negro pleasssssssssssssss.

  14. #14

    LOL are you one of the Procter family in D.C.? They believe in incest and marrying other light skin family members to keep the family white. LOL

  15. #15

    Jon Bon Jovi.. you are possible the most ignorant person on the planet. Being so concern with complexion rather that cause is a pre-civil rights era mentality.

  16. #16

    Calm down Corey. We both know that some people look at things differently.

    I am aware of the Proctor family. I think they were more of a Maryland thing. I am not a member so I don't know. Both of my parents were black and actually darker than me. Having had six children with my husband who is a little darker than me, the kids have a variety of complexions. For black americans with southern roots, i am sure that there is some white blood and there are both positive and negative stories about that.

    My view is biased [obviously as I look in the mirror and at two of my sons] but I see him as a black man.

  17. #17

    I'm leaning toward Corey on this one. I don't care about white, black, latino, asian, arabic or any other kind of blood line. Look at people for who they are and what they do. Tracing one's own ancestry can be fascinating, yet obsessing over other folks is tasteless.

  18. #18

    Corey, I don't care what you say, Peebles is not 100% a black man. Looking at this man, you can definitely tell, he has a white ancestry. He has more of a white ancestry than black. He is definitely a mulatto. Peeples can pass for a white man, but Adrian Fenty cannot pass for a white man. Many so called blacks who look like Peeples are passing for white in 2009. Get over yourself Corey. You are fucking ignorant. The truth hurts doesn't it asshole?

  19. #19

    Can I vote for "None of the Above"?

  20. #20

    Jon Bon Jovi get therapy. You have issues with your complexion to be so obsessed with it. It is probably your desire to be white and projected those feelings on to others.

    As far as we know Don Peebles have never attempted to be anything other than himself. And as Americans we are a melting pot of all races.

    Interesting name to have chosen. Use your own if you should be so bold.

  21. #21

    Corey, excuse me idiot, I am white (Irish American). I don't have a problem with my complexion, but it appeard Negroes like you do. Go fuck yourself asshole!!!!!!!

  22. #22

    So Peebles loved DC so much that he left during the control board era to make his billions in Florida.

    And he loves DC so much that he wants to serve as Mayor.

    Maybe he should start his dedicated service to DC by starting out as an ANC commissioner or something.

  23. #23

    P.S. Corey, you sound like a loser and you seem to have an issue with your being black/colored/Negro. I stand by my statements, Don Peebles to look to be black. He looks like a white man and he's marrie to a white blond, blue eyed female. If he was done with being black and with black people, why did Don Peebles marry a black woman? Don Peebles is a white man living in a white world. Don't hate Corey, because you are a unhappy gay black man who take or prefer white "COCKS" up you black asshole. Go kill yourself Corey!!!!

  24. #24


    P.S. Corey, you sound like a loser and you seem to have an issue with your being black/colored/Negro. I stand by my statements, Don Peebles appear to be black. He looks like a white man and he's married to a white blond, blue eyed female. If he was done with being black and with black people, why did Don Peebles marry a black woman? Don Peebles is a white man living in a white world. Don't hate Corey, because you are a unhappy gay black man who take or prefer white "COCKS" up you black asshole. Go kill yourself Corey!!!!

    Don Peebles isn't a D.C. resident. He's a Florida resident/taxpayer/voter. Many so called white looking blacks like Peebles have passed for white and in 2009. D.C. Chairman Vincent Gray doesn't look black either and someone in his family has to be white.

  25. #25

    Don Peebles don't appear to look black; he looks like a white man. One of his grandparents or parents has to be white, therefore this makes him mixed raced, not a black man. Now Tiger Woods is a black man.

  26. #26

    I agree with Skipper, Don Peebles is not a D.C. resident. If he love D.C. so much, why didn't he stay here duing the bad times?

    Also Corey, people have their opinions. I agree with Jon Bon Jovi, Mr. Peeples doesn't look like he's a black man. Too many black men are sellouts once they think they have arrived. They go out an married themselves a white woman. To each his or her own. I too have married only white men, because most black men are uneducated, in jail, gay, don't have jobs, and have too many babies mama's.

  27. #27

    LOL LOL@Grace Jones. Your comment was funny Grace. You made me fall down out of my computer chair reading your commment. It's Comedy Central on these blogs. lol lol

    On the issue of Peebles, why I first saw his picture, I too thought he was a white man. Let's be real, this man has a white ancestry.

  28. #28

    I am not voting for any of these losers. Fuck them all!

  29. #29

    Fenty is a Zebra and he looks like a Turtle with viens popping out of his bald head. I hope King Fenty doesn't win the 2010 election. Who the fuck is Don Peebles? His name sound like something off the Flintstones.

  30. #30

    Peebles is going to bankroll Gray. You heard it here first.

  31. #31

    If I were Don Peebles or Vince Gray, I'd let Marshall stick to working for Kwame.

    The mayor said that an internal review had "confirmed for me that Mr. Howard did use the word 'niggardly,' but did not use a racial epithet" during a Jan. 15 discussion with two employees of the Office of the Public Advocate. "Niggardly" means miserly and has no racial connotation.

    Williams said that one of the employees, identified by Howard as Marshall Brown, interpreted Howard's remark as a racial slur. Brown has declined to comment on the incident.
    In a private meeting yesterday, Williams asked Howard to return to the Office of the Public Advocate. Howard declined but said he would accept another job in Williams's administration.
    NAACP Chairman Julian Bond, who in criticizing Williams last week said that people should not have to "censor" their language to meet other "people's lack of understanding," praised Howard's reinstatement.

  32. Ward 4 Resident/Voter

    I am not pleased with Adrian Malik Fenty and he has been a big disappoint to most D.C. voters. On the other hand, Vincent Gray hasn't shown any leadership as the Council Chair. He has rubber stamped everything King Fenty have requested.

    I don't know Don Peebles and I would vote for this fool. He hasn't lived in D.C. for years and now he would like to run for mayor. When I first looked at his picture in the Florida Herald, I too thought he was a white guy. If the paper didn't identify him as being black, I wouldn't have known. Race doesn't matter with me, because in the past, I voted for Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans over Harold Brazil, Kevin Chavious, and Marion Barry. I refuse to vote for Ward 2 D.C. Councilmember Jack Evans, if he decides to run for D.C. Council Chair.

    16th Street Heights
    Ward 4 Voter

  33. #33







  34. Ward 4 Resident/Voter

    NOODLEZ, I concur with your comment. I can't stand both Miss David Catania and Miss Jim Graham. Muriel Bowser is a Fenty puppet. Bowser is have a Ward 4 Christmas party on December 12th, but I will not be attending this party. King Fenty had his so called Christmas/Birthday funding raiser across the park into Ward 4 at the former Casey Manison. Most politicians ain't shit and must are corrupt. Fenty needs to end up in jail or convict for corruption like the mayor of Baltimore. D.C. Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham need to end up in a jail cell with his former staffer Ted Loza. Jim Graham love Salvadoran/Central American men "COCKS".

  35. Ward 4 Resident/Voter


    NOODLEZ, I concur with your comment. I can't stand both Miss David Catania and Miss Jim Graham. Muriel Bowser is a Fenty's puppet. Bowser is having a Ward 4 Christmas party on December 12th, but I will not be attending her party. King Fenty had his so called Christmas/Birthday fund raiser across the park into Ward 3 at the former Casey Manison. Most politicians ain't shit and most are corrupt. Fenty needs to end up in jail or convicted for corruption like the mayor of Baltimore. D.C. Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham needs to end up in a jail cell with his former staffer Ted Loza. Jim Graham love Salvadoran/Central American men "COCKS".

    I heard a guy named Leo Alexander in Ward 4 is running for mayor, but I have heard anything about this guy recently. We are doomed in this city and in our country.

  36. #36

    I'm gay and I can't stand either Catania or Graham aka. (The Queen Of ALL Media). A little info about Graham, back in 2003 Graham opened his pie hole and the guy he was mouthing off to was going to punch his lights out. Well Graham's partner was with him and Graham pushed his partner in between him and the guy he had mouthed off to this happen on 18th street, NW. It's says something about someone who is a coward.

  37. #37

    LOL@Rick Mangus. Rick, I am cool with gays and Lesbians. D.C. At Large Councilmember David Catania is an evil vicious Queen. I remember the incident with Graham. Graham and King Fenty both love standing before a camera.

  38. #38

    Noodlez and Ward 4 Resident Voter,
    Thanks for the laughs I really needed it. I agree with both of you.
    Fenty is a flake.
    Bowser is a undercover Les*ian.
    Catania is a Racist/Devil
    Graham is short and ugly.
    And last but not least Michelle Rhee is retarded.
    And my vote will go to anybody but Fenty!

  39. #39

    I would not be voting for Don Peeples, Adrian Fenty, Michael Brown, Kwame Brown, and Frankenstein looking Vincent Gray.

    I don't know anything about Don Peebles and I have never heard of him before. He's an opportunist like fat headed Michael Brown who's running off the boxers of his father's name. David Catania needs to end up in D.C. jail and get gang raped by several big black muscular men named Bubba, Tyrone, and Malik. They should throw Jim Graham ass in a Salvadoran prison in El Salvador with so short Aztec Indians to suck on their cocks. On the issue of Fenty, he's a bisexual ugly fat ass looking turtle. You can tell Fenty got his mother's genes, because he has no ass what so ever. Fenty's ass is as flat as an ironing board.

    I agree too, Don Peebles doesn't look like a black man. He looks like he's white or a white Hispanic.

  40. #40

    I've known Don Peebles since 1993, great man, very positive and willing to support causes that imrpove the lives of inner city young people. If he runs I will not only support him but will encourage the many young people that follow my work to support him as well. Run Don Run

  41. #41

    C'mon yall jokes and comedy are one thing, but can we curtail the insults and personal attacks and stick to commenting on the story? Debonis how about a lil moderation up in here?

    I'll reserve my opinions on Mr. Peebles until he makes an official decision.

  42. #42

    Keith, it's called free speech! If you don't like what's been said, then keep you opinions to yourself. This is America where people are supposed to have freedom and speak what's on their minds. Fucking liberalism and political correctness has destoyed the USA.

  43. #43

    Keith, it's called free speech! If you don't like what's being said, then keep your fucking opinions to yourself. This is America where people are supposed to have freedom to speak what's on their minds. Fucking liberalism and political correctness has destroyed the USA. The liberal Washington Post, LA Times, and the NY Times like to censor people comments. This is why these liberal rag newspapers are going under. Thank you Washington City Paper for letting people say what's on their minds. I enjoyed reading your article about Marion Barry's telling his former girlfriend to suck his "DICK". The Washington City Paper didn't censor the word "DICK". Keith is being a "DICK".

  44. #44




  45. Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    I would go up to Massauchetts and dig the decease body of Daddy Grace up and vote for him, before I would vote for Don Peebles, Vincent Gray, or bald headed reptile looking Adrian Fenty. Most people don't vote in D.C. anyway.

  46. #46

    By the way, there is a recall of Fenty underway called Clean Slate. All registered voters who are DC residents must sign this petition. It's time for Fenty to go and take Rhee with him. Members of Take Back DC are circulating the petition. They meet bi-monthly on Thursdays. The next meeting is Thursday, December 17 @ 6:30 pm at 80 F St NW.

  47. #47

    What difference does it make what race someone is....after the mess fenty has left us the next mayor could be purple and win as long as it is ABF!

  48. Comrade Al Gonzales

    I want my friend Pinto to run for mayor. He's from East Timor - I'm not sure what race that is, but he's a cool dude, even if he's not communist. I hope he runs for mayor.

    Odd fact - Timor means "east" in Malay. Hence, when we say East Timor, we are saying, East East.

    "Timor" derives from timur, the word for "east" in Indonesian and Malay (hence the Indonesian Timor Timur) which became Timor in Portuguese and entered English as Portuguese Timor. Lorosa'e is also the word for "east" in Tetum, literally "rising sun".

    The official names under the Constitution are República Democrática de Timor-Leste in Portuguese (pronounced [tiˈmoɾ ˈlɛʃtɨ]), which is almost universally used within the country, and in Tetum, Repúblika Demokrátika Timór Lorosa'e.

  49. Comrade Al Gonzales

    I'm procrastinating. Have a paper due Thursday, but that seems far enough away that I'm fucking around sharing my wisdom here instead of saving it for the bureaucrats.

    I haven't done any work all day, except for a half hour conference call. & I plan to do no work for the next hour or so - time for lunch.

    Aloha & mahalo.

  50. #50

    Dayam, I'm late to this party. Noodlez, as always, you suck balls. No real issue with you here. I just dislike your limp-dickedness.

    As for Bon-Jovi, you racist Irish twig. You have the mental capacity of a drunken leprechaun and I'll wager, a matching penis size. You bitches seem so angry that the man appears to have features that aren't consistent with a "negro" and automatically assumes he's a mulatto and sold out.

    First of all, who gives a shit what he looks like. It should be about the "content of his character", not the "color of his skin", so why are bashing the shit of him because of the way he looks.

    It just goes to show what a prick you really are Jovi. You songs still suck.

  51. #51

    Adrian Bent-Me, why don't you bend over and let both Fenty and Peebles fuck you in the ass. You seem to kiss their asses. You are the real "BITCH" with a limp cock.

  52. #52

    Adrian Bent-Me, kiss my white Irish ass you fucking prick! You sound like a bitter lonely vicious Queen. Kill yourself you miserable SOB.

    I agree with the Bisexual Vampire, you should let both Peeples and Fenty fuck you up the ass. Maybe, this would make you happy and feel good about yourself. Fenty might love fucking you, but he may prefer to be on the bottom.

  53. #53

    Don Peebles is another Tiger Woods married to a blond white woman. I bet this guy have never dated a black woman. He lives in a white man's world in Florida and he probably have passed for white to get over.

  54. #54

    Bon Jovi,

    If Peebles enters the race. Fenty wins. Who else is going to pay Gray enough "contriubtions" to run a campaign.

    People talk a lot but the big money has already placed their bets.

    They have to raise 110k a month to be able to run. But, someone will jump out there eventually.

    Fenty is hurt but he isn't dead. I noticed Mr. Debonis didn't say the place was empty. And that speech, it is a hard one to beat in a debate.

    I think both sides of the Fenty/anti-Fenty fence have a lot of work to do.

  55. #55

    Don Peebles supported the suicide(dude killed hisself in 1991 I think) Council member John Wilson big time and we should hope Don Peebels follows Johnny boy's lead and take that motha Jon Bon Jovi too.

    Wilson left the city in one of the largest deficits ever, The assholes of DC who love actors and faggots named a building after John Wilson and we stood by for this bullshit naming game of teh historic District was like changing Ben's Chili Bowl to Wong's makes no fuckling/duckling sense.

    Jon Bon Jovi we can name 200 P St Nw afgter your suicide. Ok?

  56. bow tie mofo no. 6

    don peebles, he's my man!

    he'll make the trains run on time.

    run, don, run.

  57. #57

    DCBlackDaddy, go take care of your illegitimate black babies. You are a sorry piece of shit! I bet your black ass kill yourself before I do. In the meantime, take your black mammy with you. If the bitch is already dead, then go dig that hoe up and kill her again.

  58. #58

    Can we all just get along up in here? All politicians are corrupt and don't serve at the will of the citizenry. What makes you think this Zebra named Don Peebles will be any different? Look at what Fenty has done to the District of Columbia. He have divided the District by race, class, and sexuality.

    DCBlackDaddy, you are a homophobe and you should be the one to kill yourself by using the word faggots. I bet your black ass is on the down low and you were probably a bottom while serving time in prison.

  59. #59

    Bon Jovi and Vampires unite. You clowns are speeding in the mud here.

    Vampire- I don't anything about Peebles, so until I get to know of him like I know of our closeted friend Bon Jovi here, I will not bash him.

    Fenty on the other hand, well, what more can I say. He bent-me and you over, hence the name Adrian Bent-me.

    Jovi- stick to making stupid songs, cause your Irish pride isn't winning you any battles here in Chocolate City bitch. You're sacred to walk around in 90% of the District after 7 pm, so keeping commenting your racial, bigoted bullshit from across the key bridge bitch.

    My point about Peebles- I don't give a flying fuck about the man's color, one way or the other. If DC could have a white Mayor, I'll vote that snake Evans into office in a heart-beat, but it can't cause it's fucking chocolate city bitches. Anybody but Fenty at this point. Hell I'll even take midget Brown over him.

  60. #60

    Grace Jones, Bi Vamp, MOMS MABELLINE AND Jon Bon's bitch azz, man who would'a thunk it! Jon Bon you sound like you had a bad day today, bills and the 4 walls comin' in on that pink azz heh? You guys are some ignorant mothafukkas, women included!
    Why all the homo references and the racists remarks! Half you cunts wouldn't and don't have the nuts to speak half the shit you all comment on here publicly! I'll assume that's why y'all nasty asses are doing it now!
    Leo Alexander will be DC's next mayor, you heard it from me 1st!

  61. #61

    Quickly reading Adrian Bent-Me posts, I'm siding more with you than some other haters.

  62. #62

    Adrian Bent-Me, who told you D.C. is still a Chocolate City? With gentrification and the influx of Central Americans into D.C., blacks make up only 51% of the population. Yes, I am proud of being Irish and my music sell to mainstream America. Haven't you heard, most of America don't listen to GoGo and RAP. Go jerk off fantising about Fenty pounding you. Not that I'm a racist, but DC will be a majority white city again as it was in the 50's before white flight. Educated white gay and straight professionals are moving into DC and others cannot afford to live here.

    SEDCDUDE, fuck you "BOY". Leo Alexander has been basically invisible and no one has heard of that loser either.

  63. #63

    If Don Peebles was down with the blacks, he and Tiger Woods would have married black women, not white blonds. Do blonds have more fun? LOL

    Tiger love himself some white women and the same might go for Don Peebles. He had better not run for mayor or his skeletons will come out of the closet too like Tiger Woods. LOL

  64. #64

    Ethnic composition
    Ethnic Makeup of Washington, D.C.[17]
    Year White Black Asian Native
    Americans Other Hispanic
    (any race)
    1800 69.6% 30.4% - - - -
    1810 66.9% 33.1% - - - -
    1820 68.8% 31.2% - - - -
    1830 69.9% 30.1% - - - -
    1840 70.9% 29.1% - - - -
    1850 73.4% 26.6% - - - -
    1860 80.9% 19.1% - - - -
    1870 67.0% 33.0% - - - -
    1880 66.4% 33.6% - - - -
    1890 67.1% 32.8% - - - -
    1900 68.7% 31.1% 0.2% - - -
    1910 71.3% 28.5% 0.1% - - -
    1920 74.7% 25.1% 0.2% - - -
    1930 72.7% 27.1% 0.2% - - -
    1940 71.5% 28.2% 0.2% - - -
    1950 64.6% 35.0% 0.4% - - -
    1960 45.2% 53.9% 0.6% 0.1% 0.2% -
    1970 27.7% 71.1% 0.7% 0.1% 0.4% -
    1980 26.9% 70.3% 1.0% 0.2% 1.6% 2.8%
    1990 29.6% 65.8% 1.8% 0.2% 2.5% 5.4%
    2000[18] 30.8% 60.0% 2.7% 0.4% 3.8% 7.9%
    2007[19] 36.3% 55.6% 3.1% 0.2% 4.8% 8.3%
    In 2007 the population distribution was 55.6% black, 36.3% white, 8.3% Hispanic (of any race), 5% other (including Native Americans, Alaskans, Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders), 3.1% Asian, and 1.6% mixed .[20] Even though they compose the city's largest ethnic group, Washington has a steadily declining black population, due to many African Americans' leaving the city for suburbs. At the same time, the city's Caucasian population has steadily increased, in part due to effects of gentrification in many of Washington's traditionally black neighborhoods.[11] This is evident in a 7.3% decrease in the African-American population, and a 17.8% increase in the Caucasian population since 2000.[13] In addition, some African Americans are going to the South in a New Great Migration, because of family ties, increased opportunities and lower cost of living.

  65. #65

    It looks like D.C. Councilman Vincent Gray is under investigation. This sound like something Mayor Adrian M. Fenty might be behind. Politics is crooked! Look at the mayor of Baltimore City. Her black ass is going to jail for stealing from the poor. I hope Fenty ass will go to jail soon and take Jim Graham with him.

    I wouldn't vote for Don Peeples if he was the last mulatto on the planet earth. I would vote for Michael Jackson first. haha

  66. #66

    P.S. At least Michael Jackson was a real white man.

  67. #67

    @ bon bon
    I got ur boy alright u faggot mofukka! The more u type, the more ur sexual confusion/frustration comes forward U BITCH! I C U R N RARE form with the shit talkin'!
    U r dumb as a brick anytime u have to reference stats when talkin' about dc dumby! Ur pastey, herpes, pilgrim lookin' ass is sadly mistaken if U THINK U R HIP TO DC, there is sooo much more to dc than ur stats, U will never understand NO MATTER how FAKE u pretend to be conscious and shit, u fake motherfucker! On CP talkin' alotta shit! Contrary to ur dumb ass beliefs, dc is more than woodley park, palasaides, the mall and dwntown, ur bitch ass don't even understand that dc musically has progressed worldwide while gogo has flourished locally for 30 years and is the only genre unscathed by ur thievin' ass!
    U r some shit bon bon and u know it, u broke, fake, fraud azz closeted mick!

  68. #68

    Lastly bon bon, who tiger and OJ choose to screw has no bearin on ALL black men, r u fuckin' kidding me u juvenile clown! We r not a monolith u fuckin' moron! By ur racist, bigoted rants would it be safe to say that ALL white men r DL, GAY, HOMO socio paths like J Edgar Hoover or Jeffrey Dauhmer??? U r a fuckin' clown and don't be mad cuz' u lost a girlfriend or 2 a brotha packin' REAL GOOD! BIGOTS like u crack me up, coward! White pussy is just that, PUSSY, nothin' special bout it what so ever!

  69. #69

    Sedcdude, please learn how to spell and write a complete sentence in English dummy. I can tell, you are the product of the D.C. Public School system. Many black men are on the DL like your Rev. Jackson. Most white gay men don't hide their sexuality like most black men. Come out of the closet sedcdude. AIDS is highest in the black community in D.C., not the white community. Yeap, I live in Ward 3, the best and safest part of D.C.

  70. #70

    I see the niggers have gone crazy on this site. We should have get these bastards in slavery. By doing this, they would know there place like the nigger Sedcdude. I bet his name is Jaqanin. Dumb as jigaboo.

  71. #71

    Congress need to take Home Rule away from the District of Columbia. Since Home Rule was given to D.C., the Negroes have ran the District into the ground. Every major city with a black majority government, these cities are a cess pool social programs and corruption. (Baltimore, D.C., Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit)

    The current mayor of D.C. is a socialist left wing nut along with the entire D.C. Council. The Democrats have destroyed D.C. with their liberal policies.

  72. #72

    @ bon bon
    LMAO at ur remedial ass! Girl I will think circles around ur programmed ass! U r a weak individual, period point blank who together with this Jesse Helms character need a whole foot broke off in ur pale, pink asses! Straight trash who has been afforded every luxury by ur forefathers and ur bitch asses still can't get right!
    @ jessica, we all know ur games played, rule changing and set up for failure practices r still prevalent today! U sissies can't think outside ur system and ultimately it has failed U, so now ur dustmop lookin' asses wanna vent ur frustrations and failures here on CP! GTFOH b'cuz no one cares or is listening to ur weak cries of discontent! Have some integrity about urselves and be men, u can't do that because u've been GIVIN' everything u got!
    Lastly bon bon U will get ebonics from me bitch, imma make u respect my gangsta u FUKKBOY!

  73. #73

    I c u ass kissin' "QUISLINGS" R out n full force! Ur recession got y'all sycophants riled up real good, idiots! LMBAO, LOL!

  74. #74

    @ jesse
    and fake ass conservatives have fucked not only the U.S., but damn near the entire world with arrogance, greed, war mongerin' and tough on the outside cowboy posturin', but sukk and take dikk n train and bus stations, home depots, parking lots, movie theatres, national parks, rest stops and airport bathrooms across the kuntry, if we charged a DL sex tax we could curb the deficit, tell ur 'boys' to ease up off the 'brokeback mountain' retreats and get some REAL work done! DUMBASS!

  75. #75

    Bon Jovi- thank you for confirming my point. With 55% Black and 36% White, the majority is um, come on you can do it... still black. So keep your Irish ass over in Arlington. You're incredibly stupid and SEDC ran circles around your ass with his DC education.

    Jesse Helms- who dug you up from the grave? I guess Rush needed a wingman. You guys talk a very tough game that seems to be based on personal anger and frustrations. Go whack off to Newsweek cover of Palin, that should relieve some tension.

    Peebles, regardless of his ethnic composition, is obviously a successful man. He built an empire out of nothing. Fenty was never of or for the people. He just played it well. Anybody but Fenty.

  76. #76

    Some of you losers need to chill with the homophobic hating. We all know the one's who call people faggots or use hateful gay language are gay themselves. You need to come to terms with your sexuality. Taking a cock up your ass, you will not it pounding against your prostate.

  77. #77

    Vampire- you are fucking retarded and a hypocrite. You bash others using equally homophobic. You sided with that tool Bon Jovi, when in fact, he hates your very existence. So continuing be a royal fucking tard-bot, will mister limp-dick Irish cantor Jovi, reems you all. I'm only getting it up the ass from one person- Fenty. But then again, so is everyone else.

  78. #78

    I don't like Adrian M. Fenty period. I knew this guy was phony. I voted for Linda W. Cropp, because I felt she was more experieced. Linda wasn't a people's person, but she knew how to govern as D.C. Council Chair. On the issue of Don Peebles, the man isn't a District resident/voter. He's a resident of Florida. I am looking at Leo Alexander, because he's against illegal immigration and illegal aliens taking jobs from D.C. U.S. citizens.

    On the issue of free speech, people have a right to their opinions regardless of how stupid, racist, or homophobic it may sound. Ignorance that come from others don't get to me. I just ignore their comment and move on. In conclusion, I support free speech and I thank the Washington City Paper for giving all to make their opinions. I don't support censorship as some blogs do. The Washington Post is very liberal and if you don't agree with their position on issue like illegal immigration, they will delete your comment. The same goes for black on black crime. I don't condone this behavior either and I don't put all the ills of the black community on the white man. Many of these young black men have a choice to choose between what's right or wrong. God gave them this gift!

  79. #79

    Adrian Bent-Me over why are you such an angry black gay man? Many of you have provoke Jon Bon Jovi with your racist comments. I love Jon Bon Jovi music and I attended his concert in NYC. This guy is sexy and hot. By the way, he stared in a Vampire movie. Adrian Bent-Me over, I love have sex with both males and females. Currectly, I am dating an attractive bisexual female. I practice safe sex at all times with both men and women.

    Thank you Kappa1911, I concur with your comments.

  80. #80

    Adrian Bent-Me sounds like a bitter "BITCH". With a name like Adrian Bent-Me, he sounds mad Fenty isn't bending him over and fucking him anyone.

    All of you will be coming to visit me soon in hell, because the world is soon to be destroyed by man with all his hate. I am my Demons will be waiting for all of you in hell including all politicians. Continue to practice hate and say bad things against mankind. I will have your souls soon enough. hahaha

  81. #81

    All of you will be coming to visit me soon in hell, because the world is soon to be destroyed by man with all his hate. Myself and my Demons will be waiting for all of you in hell, including all politicians. Continue to practice hate and say bad things against mankind. I will have your souls soon enough. Satan do exist and his Demons are walking the earth. The "RAPTURE" is here. hahaha

    The Devil

  82. #82

    I need to take a break from this subject!, WOW!

  83. Ward 4 Resident/Voter

    LOL@Rick Mangus; I agree! Saint Elizbeths must have let all their patients go free. lol

  84. #84











  85. #85

    Noodlez- you limp dick bastard, what the hell are you doing in here even? This is the big boys section and obviously you're not up for the challenge, so keep CAPping away with your mindless shit. By the way, Jesse Helms and Bon Jovi hate your very existence. I don't really hate you, I just dislike your fucking stupidity.

    Now on to the big boys. You tard-bots, I didn't provoke Helms and Bon Jovi into attacking and forcing them to utilize their racial, bigoted speech. They've at least been consistent on that front. I have no problem in what they are saying cause it is coming from some pussies. The slang the race thing over and over again and I do the same. I don't mind playing in the mud because at the end of the day, I can shower off. These guys can't seem to find a way out so they keep on blaming all of their life's woes on blacks and gays.

    Let's address Peebles for his outlooks, rather than for the way he looks. I guarantee this guy has a ton more substance than our tri-at-ME friend.

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