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Julia Corker, Senator’s Daughter, Carjacked in Penn Quarter

Julia Corker, the 22-year-old daughter of Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), was carjacked last night.

Corker (second from left in photo) was driving a Chevy Tahoe SUV at 7th and D Streets NW, in Penn Quarter, when a man knocked on her window. She proceeded to roll down the window, and the man opened the door, grabbed her by the neck, and threw her to the pavement, WJLA-TV reports. She reportedly lost consciousness but "was not seriously injured."

Luckily the Tahoe had OnStar!

Cops tracked the vehicle to Prince George's County, and two were apprehended in Seat Pleasant. They will be charged in the District, CNN reports.

Kudos to the senator for not (yet) cutting loose on crime in the federal city. Rather, he "really appreciated the professionalism of the D.C. Police, the Capitol Police, the FBI and the Seat Pleasant Police," his chief of staff told Politico.

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  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    Whoa! She's beautiful. Too bad she rolled down her window. Glad these perps got busted - they jacked the wrong car & the wrong person. I hope they get five additional years in a re-education camp for hurting the girl.

  • joan

    The report on Ch 8 said she was holding her cell phone when she was carjacked and was able to call the police. Why haven't the police charged her? DC is hands free!

  • Woodley Parker

    Yup, she's gorgeous!

  • DR

    On star- hilarious!!!! She's not dead, right

  • 20009

    Re: Channel...we all know how accurate "the news" is. Often, the fifth estate can't save its own life when factually reporting a story.

  • 20009

    That's "Channel 8" above.

  • Keith

    Wow I guess they dont teach street smarts where she is from. So its night time, you're in a strange city driving a very visible SUV, and a stranger walks up to your vehicle and knocks on the window. You dont drive away or ask talk to him through the window but you ROLL DOWN THE WINDOW??? Brilliant!!!

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