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Fire Chief Dennis Rubin Also Not A Fan Of ‘Cocksucker’

I almost feel sorry for Fire/EMS Chief Dennis Rubin. A video deposition he had taken in a whistleblower case has now landed on YouTube. In early October, the Government Accountability Project deposed Rubin in connection with a civil suit brought by former Fire Department Deputy General Counsel Theresa Cusick. In the interest of fairness, the Government Accountability Project should not have released a press release where it cherry picks Rubin's comments nor released a heavily edited video. They should have released the whole video and provided a transcript. From what we do get to see, Rubin is either the most sensitive firefighter of all time or a total scumbag liar.

Ms. Cusick's employment suddenly became a problem after she allegedly flipped out at Rubin during a one-on-one meeting. Rubin goes so far as to say that she might have sexually harassed him. "I needed relief from this," Rubin said at one point and called the meeting "horrifying" and stated that "I was overwhelmed."  What was the sexual harassment? Cusick demanded to be involved in executive meetings and used the word "cocksucker." Cusick had problems with fire department managers and referred to them as cocksuckers and other bad words. Rubin did not investigate her charges, saying: "Well you know, I don't know how you'd investigate whether they're cocksuckers or not....I guess I could ask them if they suck dicks or not." Instead, he had Cusick removed from the department.

Second clip after the jump!

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  • Ward4Resident

    I've actually had to interact with Chief Rubin on several occasions for issues in my neighborhood and he really is a sensitive and caring kind of guy. He takes the work of his department very seriously. Incidents like these often get blown WAY out of proportion. I think it's very dangerous to take one incident or statement and have that thing paint the entire career of a public servant. Sure, there are some bad public servants out there, but there are many, like Rubin, who simply go to work each day and try to do the very best they can to serve the public.

  • proballdc

    I agree Ward 4. Cusick sounds like a real firecracker.

  • Jason Cherkis

    Keep in mind this is the same fire chief who lost it over fireworks displays at Nationals Park.

  • DC Resident

    Dennis Rubin /DCFEMS WOW!
    See {} post

    OK, up to this point I've been quiet, hadn't said nothing. No more.

    "Hookman" (Chris Sullivan of Charleston West Virginia), what the fuck makes you think you got the right to do this bullshit after working for DCFD only 7 years? Man, I was working in the fire service when you were still in highschool. Guys like YOU are the problem with fire departments today, not Chief Rubin.

    See, you're one of these guys I call a shit sandwich. It started in the Navy when you got a less-than-honorable discharge after 8 months of service. It kept going after you somehow got hired by DCFD. Your dumb-ass thick necked fool self threatened to beat and kill another brother. That was after doing the same thing before. Then you refused to obey orders from an officer just because of his skin color. Then you did that nut case BS on TV. Now, you make like all this is Rubin's fault because you got fired? Right.

    You're just another piece of shit that came to DC for the paycheck, nothing less, nothing more. You ain't worth it.

    So bub, let me paint a picture for you. I'm thinking you and Miss Kusuck crossed the line today with that video. You think you got some hotshot lawyer that knows his shit. I'll bet he'd like to believe that but he's about to find himself disbarred and Miss Kusuck out of a job. I'll also bet Rubin's on a plane to see the Jewish lawyer sons-of-bitches he uses down in Florida. See, what you probably don't know is that Rubin's pretty well off. I'll bet he'll spend $200,000 on lawyers just to see you hand your kid over to CPS because you don't have any money to feed him. Then, he'll call you every time he gets a chance just to laugh at you, assuming you still have a phone. LOL, you're fucked Chris, and you don't even know it yet.

    BTW, I hope I find out who Rubin's attorney's are next week. I'm sending them $100 just to shut you the fuck up. Do the rest of us a favor and crawl back into that hole you came out of, ok?

    And stop calling yourself "hookman." You ain't one of us no more...

    In other words, fuck off loser.

    Real Old School Before most of the idiots you read about here, there was a Fire Department called D.C.F.D.

  • DC Resident

    Re: Dennis Rubin's Best Performance


    Oh you don't have to worry about that Chris, I'll be here for you.

    Just waiting for the day. BTW, when he grows up, how are you going to tell your kid you were a good father to him by keeping your job?

    Must have been real hard working 1 out of every 4 days, huh?

    Oh, and in case you didn't know, shit's already started. Did the phone ring yet?

    Real Old School Before most of the idiots you read about here, there was a Fire Department called D.C.F.D.

  • Bye Bye Fenty

    None of this existed till the Mayor's election got kicked of in early 2006 when Fenty wanted to make a name for himself. DC was moving in the right direction then Fenty became Mayor and this is what he breeds. Fenty's office keeps you thinking Blacks in the city want to vote Marion Barry back in office or Whites just want to take over the long standing Black communities. Look beyond that, Fenty gets paid good campaign money from bigger businesses to bring his team of good sounding nitwits in to bust up (lazy union workers) who just want to mooch off the government.
    DC was founded on government; the workers here were always paid more and have the best benefits. Companies want a lil piece of the DC action and say "We got a guy in Fenty that can get us a slice of the pie, and he lives 10mins from the White House.
    Last:“We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power." George Orwell

  • Not Really Surprised

    Awful--- Simply Awful.Surprised at Rubin’s performance… he is normally a better actor, especially publicly. The Rube Tube really lost it. Chief Rubin slipped and has shown the world his egalitarian mind-set and total lack of professionalism. Rubin’s testimony reveals he is an unstable emotional time bomb. Having worked with Dennis Rubin, he’s certainly more of a total scumbag liar than the most sensitive firefighter of all time. Dennis is (after this performance was) a good BS Period. However, he is obviously not as good/well trained as he likes to assert. This guy needs to be removed immediately! Why use tax dollars to defend Dennis Rubin’s sexist, racist, homophobic beliefs and practices? Let Rubin and his “Real Old School” friends pay his legal bills, not the residents of DC.

  • FOR (Fan of Rubin)

    Go man, go!!! This is awesome. Chief, I feel for you. You have had to put up with some real winners. I think I would have lost it, too.

  • me

    One has to wonder why Ms Cusick was "released" from her job at the city council before she came over to the fire department. While at the fire department she was sued for discrimination/harrasement by a transgendered employee.

  • Grace Jones

    Slave to the Rythem

  • Terry Miller

    I guess that means that Chief Rubin needs to be fired since he has been sued by women, men, african americans, etc., for discrimination, and not just here in D.C., but pretty much every where he has gone.

  • Bye Bye Fenty

    I just did some quick research on this guy Rubin and man is he really bad dude. He's come to DC with and OPEN CHECK BOOK; from Fenty. This guy has spent Millions of our dollars on fighting firefighters off with stupid lawsuits and then passes them off to us as if they were important issues. HELL NO, this is madness and it has to stop. Looking at what he sold us its bunch of lies EASTERN MARKET FIRE, GEORGETOWN LIBRARY FIRE, PROSTITUTES IN FIREHOUSES, FAULTY FIRE HYDRANTS, MULTIPLE EEO CASES, PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR INJURIES TO FIREFIGHTERS, & MULTIPLE LARGE APARTMENT FIRES IN NW, AND WHAT REALLY HAPPEN TO DAVID ROSENBAUM (things aren't starting to add up). The list goes on OMG where have I been; by heart truly goes out to the men and women who protect our lives under this man rule.

  • amazed

    Wow. I am amazed at what people will say to try to hurt someone. "ME" claimed that Ms. Cusick was "released" from her previous job but "me" doesn't know what "me" is talking about. Ms. Cusick worked for Bill Lightfoot (Council)who decided not to run again so everyone in his office knew to look for new jobs. She left when she found a new position - she was NOT released, me.

    I have known Ms. Cusick for several years and have had opportunity to work with her professionally on fire department issues and issues before council as well as socially and I can unequivocally say that I have never once heard her use profanity of any kind. I have seen her upset and angry and NOTHING like what the Chief claimed has ever come out of her mouth.

    And frankly do you think Ms. Cusick would have made it 9 or 10 years in the Office of the Fire Chief working as General Counsel for the last 5 or 6 Chiefs if she was in the habit of "sexually harrassing" them with vulgar language? It's ludicrous to think so.

  • Mike

    I have never heard Theresa Cusick use a curse word and I have known her for many many years. I don't believe this story about her.

  • sedcdude

    I don't know Ms. Cusick but I think it safe to say that if she did say it, so what! This is DCFD where the fires burn hot, the junkies are vulgar, the 'hoods' are real and the call load can volumnous and this ROTTEN AZZ chief is 'concerned' with words coming from an 'emotional' woman? I can tell u 1 out of the 3 HURLAHEIGH was, IS and always will be a COKKSUKKA, not surprising that a WOMAN would reference that! Those other 2 coward, nutless named individuals are COKKS at the very least, RUBIN cut the bullshit and rapidly become A FIREFIGHTER'S CHIEF and stop being a 'COKKSUKKA'!

  • Five to Go

    Here we go again, Fenty-Rhee-Nickles-George Parker-Lanier- David Catania- now Chief Dennis Rubin, all need to Go Straight To Hell!
    This woman Ms. Cusick should get every dime she has coming to her. I hope all DC voters that were fooled by Adrian-"Can't Trust Him with Taxpayer Dollars"-Fenty, get real, and vote his ASS out of office. This Fake-Ass-Fenty needs to crawl back under the rock that he crawled out of. I will be voting in the DC Primary in September 2010 to rid this city of all of these Fake-Carpetbaggers-"Wanna Bees" (friends of Obama), Black children, and Teacher Haters out of The Nation's Capital.I have had "Plenty of Fenty".

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