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Shocker: Examiner Takes Swing At Woods


The front page of the Examiner rarely breaks form. There's usually a string of anti-Obama blather, a Redskins-in-turmoil blurb, and a big oversight story on WMATA.

Except today.

Today, the Examiner went all TMZ!

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  • J

    I thought the exact same thing. how trashy and not local

  • Asok

    Talk about the Pot calling the Kettle black.

  • jf1

    "Talk about the Pot calling the Kettle black."

    The point is that it has merit -a lot of merit- when usually the Kettle is calling the Pot black.

    "Oh how the mighty hath fallen" merit.

    Doubly so since this is about Tiger possibly having a Daly-style fight with his wife about some chick.

  • Jon Bon Jovi

    Tiger loves himself some white woman. Somebody please tell this wanna be white man, he's a Negro. I don't think Tiger have ever looked at a black woman.

  • john bo


    Can you blame him, aint nothin like that sweet white flesh, makes us brothers go crazzzzzzzy

  • Billy B

    Not surpring. Radical Conservatives and their media seem to hate all Americans who earn their living based on in-born talents,especially when these talented persons are not white-skined, but cheer to the empty headed whites who are either full of BS or manipulative and corrupt.

    Has anyone see the Examiner going after the perverted sickos of C-Street 'family'? Has the Examiner ever been unhappy with the Conservative Republicans who wrote laws for the purpose of promoting corruption, or with Bush and Cheney for creating the Afghanistan and Iraq wars to make Americans unsafe, or has the Examiner ever publish an article about radical Christians desiring to enslave American female bodies when Italy, a nation with more than 98$ Christians, upholds legalized abortions? Od course not!

    The Examiner is just one crap of gossip news connected to those with shallow mentalities. Birds of the same feather tend to stick together to create empty noises... and like the tea-party mass with pea-brains,or the psychotic Sarah Palin, the conservative Examiner does make far too much empty noises.Frankly, who really cares to pick up the Examiner, if not for its ads for 'movie screening-passes'! Even its movie reviews are so dumb and shallow! Just look at the number of the Examiner discarded on metro-trains and in trash cans everyday! None is even interested taking a copy home daily!

  • jf1

    LOL Tiger can keep talking about privacy and "media intrusion" all while Erin appears on The View and Oprah.

    This could be fun.

  • Asok

    "The point is that it has merit -a lot of merit- when usually the Kettle is calling the Pot black."

    I was referring to the City Paper calling The Examiner Trashy.

    Maybe I should have said "Takes one to know one."

    You can easily take Billy B's last paragraph and replace Examiner with City Paper for instance. That said, I do love my pseudo-serious trashy papers.