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The Salahis’ Publicist Can’t Write

Mahogany Jones, publicist for the infamous party crashing Tareq and Michaele Salahi, put out a statement this morning regarding her clients—specifically, regarding reports that they are demanding upward of $500,000 for media interviews.

The Salahis may or may not be guilty of crimes for choosing to crash a White House state dinner. But they are definitely guilty of hiring an incompetent publicist. Or at least one who can't write.

First sentence: "The Salahis are not "shopping" any interviews or demanding money from any media networks to tell their story." OK, so far, so good.

Second sentence: "We repute these false allegations and demand that this adverse, in accurate information cease immediately." Where to begin? It's "refute," not "repute" (though her clients' repute is certainly at stake). "Inaccurate" is rendered as such, not with a space in the middle. And how does information "cease" exactly?

And the rest: "At this time, The Salahis are not making any formal comments and are not making any arrangements to speak with press/media. The Salahis are not appearing on Larry King tonight as they are not talking to any media forms at this time." That capital-T in "The Salahis" is a bit much, but OK—it's a little like capitalizing "God," right? And "media forms"? What the hell are those? "Media forums," you mean? Still more than a touch overwrought.

But then again, isn't this whole thing?

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  • Samantha

    These criminals and all who have conspired with them should be prosecuted as terroist and get jail time. Had they been anything other than a dishwasher, faded Barbie and her slick , arabic , con man ,they would be in Super Max . Conspiracy, aiding and abetting,crossing state lines to commit a felony and lying to a federal officer should keep them out of DC for at least 20+ years each . It appears to be a practice run with some indide help .The FBI and DOJ need to step in .

  • Publicyst

    Wut you meen, can't write! I half done wrotten much peaces four famus dignararies. The Salahis wur in vited by Glenn Becks, who could not at tend on his owin. Des at tacs need to seaseation befur dem console tache ons ahl of yous. Mine firm will neyva tolarait suche slandarus state mints anymore. Dey nid tree million dullas in unmarked bullons to speek wit the ress of the media forms.

    -Mahogany (dis naim is pryceluss) Joines

  • Matt

    While we're at it, why do so many media "forums'" editors insist that forums is the appropriate way to talk about the "more than one forum"? Why isn't it fora? This has bugged me almost as long as the data/datum thing that EVERYONE IN MY OFFICE GETS WRONG.

    I know I'm nitpicking, since Webster says both are acceptable. But what can I say. I pick nits.

  • Francis F. Famewhore

    Her Twitter feed here (classy name):

    MySpace Page:

  • Jack

    These two idiots have a bigger idiot for a publicist.

  • DR

    What was Mahogany thinking? She should have become a stripper like her name implies. Very disappointing.

  • jnocook

    Jack, why do you think we call 'em "boobs?"

  • Truth Hurts


  • Danielle

    I doubt she was the double major in biology and organic chemistry (minor: genetics !) that her Myspace says she is. If this is true then I've lost all respect for Howard University.

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  • MT

    ... An obvious question may be: Are "Mohagany Jones" and "Michelle Jones" (the White House liaison at the Pentagon) related? (Or, as bizarre as this story is already, perhaps they are one in the same? Based on how Michelle Jones' deals with the press, she doesn't seem so intelligent herself... The media should look into the background of this liaison - it is rumored that she herself is sort of a phony- all flash and no substance, a big publicity hound, who, by the way, also claims to have been a cheerleader for a professional football team.... makes one wonder-

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  • MT

    more.... the DoD press release stating that Michelle Jones was selected for liaison position says she previous served with "The Bones Theory Group, LLC, Jacksonville, Fla." - at least one other person has done web searches for this entity and we cannot find it:

    "I was curious what the Bones Theory Group was. Problem is, the only web references that mention Bones Theory Group are simply quoting the DOD press release. Can't find a website, address, telephone number.

    So I go to the Florida corporation and LLC search at, and I can't find anything that is even close to Bones Theory Group LLC."

    Bottom line: It looks like there may be more than 2 "posers" in this storyline-

    Can anyone find this company? Here's a link to the DOD press release:

    If Congress has hearings with the Salahis, they need to also bring in the liaison AND her emails with the Salahis - her vehement denials are beginning ring hollow once one digs a little bit into Michelle Jones' background...

  • Francis T. Famewhore

    Oops she took that MySpace profile down. I just love it when people who want to be noticed suddenly do not want to be noticed, once people had begun to notice. Noted. Another one below, Linkedin too:

  • Publicyst

    Holy shiit, Mahogany is the perfect caliber for reality-show type wannabes. Oh man, this is too good to be true. She will probably get a reality gig out of VH-1 or MTV or Bravo for this.

    Damn, why can't my stupidity land me something similar. The most I've gotten is arrested and my parking spot stolen.

  • Stephanie

    Is Michelle Jones black, too?

  • Mo Taylor

    Sad to say, but this Mahogany Jones character is among the growing legions of wannabe entertainment insiders who thinks because a celebrity speaks to them at a party that they are suddenly blessed with the gift of PR. Ms. Jones had a notion of grandeur as a hanger-on, and thought that hanging on Mr. Gardner's coattails would bring her to the front door of publicity fame. The Mahogany Joneses of the world haven't the slightest idea of how to coordinate or implement a damage control publicity plan. Shoot, this woman can't even write a simple media advisory. She needs to get a real job and enroll in some remedial English classes.

    And about this Paul W. Gardner lawyer cat. He runs a modestly successful entertainment law firm in Baltimore. I guess he thought these Salahis would catapult him and his firm to a new level of fame. Boy, was he fooled.

  • Francis T. Famewhore

    I'm still having trouble squaring the two images: wannabe Mr. & Mrs. Thurston Howell III polo poseurs, with a "publicist" who books hip hop acts into 150-seat venues in Newark.

  • FedUp2

    We still would like to know why the photo of these people with our President was published on the White House's Yahoo Flickr page. Then, we would like to know exactly why Obama has a page on Yahoo's Flickr site at all. Other than obvious security concerns, we know for a fact that Yahoo's Flickr is in reality a pornographic web site, even though it is no way labeled as such.
    Yahoo's Flickr hosts the largest collection of hardcore pornographic images in the world now and that is a simple fact. Yet, somehow it is allowed into most our schools and libraries, since Yahoo represents it as a family friendly web site. So much so, that not only the White House, but our State Department, the GOP, the Library of Congress, The Smithsonian Institute and many other supposedly reputable organizations use Flickr without apparently knowing it's really a very pornographic web site. Is this how our tax dollars are being spent now? Supporting the participation and endorsement of an unlabeled adult web site that hosts millions of hardcore porn images shared by countless perverts, pedophiles and sexual predators with our children?
    The White House must have been really proud of these two, to feature them on their porn site web page for all the world to see. What the heck is happening there in Washington these days, where everyday it's amateur hour? Not good at all, and fairly disgusting to witness this ongoing fiasco that proves the level of incompetence and lack of oversight in our capital. We can't really blame Yahoo too much for the PR stunt that covertly disguises their porn site, Flickr, as a legitimate social network so they can make more money, but our government should behave a little better than that, in our opinion.

  • mikemaleo

    Rule no.1 of scammers: use and manipulate people who are not very bright or observant.

    So far they have made fools of Mahogany the Publicist, Desiree the Secretary, the Black Caucus banquet, President Obama, and that poor girl at the Pentagon (1st female African American Sgt.Major in history), whom they are trying to blame for the "ambiguous invitation" to the WhiteHouse because she was polite enough to answer their scheming, entrapping messages.

    They also seem to have a history of making false statements in order to raise money for a Virgina-based non-profit foundation. Um, this is a crime in Virginia, in case no one has noticed.

    Is the Virginia attorney general asleep also? Why isn't he investigating this? Is he yet another patsy to their
    schemes? Or an accomplice?????

    Also, that Baltimore lawyer (Paul Garder?) is acting as a spokesperson here, though not technically representing them on a case, since they have not been charged. Maryland State Bar Association, are you asleep too? Review your code of ethics, please, and standards of conduct. Claiming to invite them to the Caucus banquet? Using Facebook? People, do your job!!

  • http://twitter@rozwolfpr Roz Wolf

    Ouch! My stiletto just broke from laughing so hard.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  • Audrey