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Introducing A Guide To The Pershing Park Case


Are you hazy on the events of Sept. 27, 2002 when D.C. police arrested 400 people in Pershing Park? Do you want to read about what it was like to be hogtied for hours?

Are you unsure what exactly a running resume is? Would you like to know just how the District lost or destroyed crucial evidence? Would you like to read the latest twist in the class-action lawsuits stemming from the mass arrests?

Do you care about AG Peter Nickles and his stonewalling tactics?

Well, we've devoted a page to the Pershing Park mess. The page has new photos, and all the documents, court records, and reported accounts you will need to get caught up. Happy reading.

*photo courtesy of the G.W. Hatchet.

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  • Arlington Aaron

    Its a bit crazy that you've been covering this same story for 7 years now, but I do appreciate having a reporter who knows the case inside and out. Great to have all your work in one place.

  • Jason Cherkis

    Thanks Arlington Aaron. Much appreciated. I can't believe I've been covering this story for that long.

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    Excellent, JC. This story will continue for years, once the Federal criminal investigation starts.

    Cheh is right - call in the Feds. If the District were a state, & this widespread criminal behavior by the police occurred, most the US Attorney Generals we've had would order an FBI investigation to determine whether anyone's civil rights were violated. Obviously, the civil rights of hundreds of citizens were violated by Ramsey et al. That's why the good cops - e.g., the detective who testified that Ramsey ordered the arrests - the good cops walked away from the scene before the arrests began.

    Investigate; prosecute; punish the bad cops, from Ramsey on down to the street cops who removed their badges & beat the demonstrators. Five to ten years in prison for each of them is fair.

  • N

    Echoing AA, as one of those arrested at Pershing Park I'm especially thankful for your coverage - the best around. I've since moved out of DC, but unfortunately such foolish above-the-law attitudes seem prevalent in my town's PD also, so I'm hoping for a resounding judgment against this sort of unconstitutional police hubris.