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Breaking: Washington Post to Close Bureaus in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles

According to an informed source, the Washington Post will soon announce that it will close its news bureaus in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, as part of a cost-saving measure.

It's unclear just when the closings will take place; however, the source says that the Post will not be laying off correspondents in those bureaus, but rather will be bringing them back to the mother ship, the better to focus on the Post's core mission of reporting on Washington.

More to come.

UPDATE, 5:03 P.M.: Memo from management—though correspondents are spared the ax, three news aides will lose their jobs. And those news aides did a lot of reporting, too.

To the Staff:

Today we have informed our news colleagues in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles that we are closing the offices in those cities, effective Dec. 31. The reporters in those bureaus are being offered new roles here in Washington. Regretfully, the three news aides, who have been dedicated colleagues and are friends of many here, will be let go.

At a time of limited resources and increased competitive pressure, it's necessary to concentrate our journalistic firepower on our central mission of covering Washington and the news, trends and ideas that shape both the region and the country’s politics, policies and government.

We will continue to cover events around the country as we have for decades, by sending reporters into the field. We have a strong tradition of bringing understanding and authority to our coverage of politics and issues that matter, wherever the stories take us. The evidence is visible daily in The Post: our deeply reported narrative series on the human consequences of the economic downturn; our insightful coverage of the healthcare debate, from the efficient hallways of the Mayo Clinic to the raucous townhalls of last August; even the ongoing coverage of the Ft. Hood shootings or the impending 2010 midterm campaigns.

Our commitment to national news of interest to our readers is undiminished, and we will maintain the level and caliber of coverage our readers expect.


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  • smellsfunny

    It's amazing to see big papers like the Post lie to employees and readers so blatantly. They cannot close bureaus in other parts of the nation and recall correspondents and then claim that "our commitment to national news of interest to our readers is undiminished" when clearly, it is. Fewer reporters on the ground means less knowledge and fewer contacts in the area. Simply put, if a big story breaks in one of these regions, some Post-ie will have to parachute in and give a birds'eye view of things rather than getting behind the scenes or having a good sense of history and context. Too bad. Another great paper turns over and takes it in the haunches.

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  • KansasGirl

    Hey, if you actually did investigating reporting people might actually read the paper.

  • Pete

    They were not much of a newspaper anymore. People do not buy the Washington Post because it is so biased it's ridiculous. Nobody trusts them anymore.

  • Roger Smith

    WaPo reader for 45 years, it now makes an excellent tablecloth for crab feasts and fish fry's. You guys should merge with "True Father" aka Kimcee Jesus.

  • JAY

    The Post has brought this on themselves. Too much leftist bias for far too long.

  • Don

    oh man, people who claim some middle of the road Bush-championing paper like the Post is left-leaning crack me up. Left-leaning compared to skinheads, yes, but not compared to any newspaper in let's say Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, etc.

    It's interesting to see Lefty and her Iron Cross fans all grown up and still reading the city paper.

  • Mike

    The Washington Post is a liberally biased newspaper?

    The Washington posts is anything but liberally bent. It's meant to be an extreme counter punch toward what their readers perceive is the liberal bias of The New York Times.

    The Washington Post routinely caters to right wing talking points, in what has likely been an attempt to woo more readers.

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  • bay

    I will miss them. Not the wash post of right wing today but the investigative reporting that exposed nixon and other corruption in congress.The post of today has been since bush, taking its taking points from neo cons in white house and continues to take talking points from dem. cons and neo cons while the public has no representation anymore.The wash post of yesteryear exposed both side and its main job was to protect the public... Somewhere along the way... They lost their way...

  • User Loser

    The Incredible shrinking Newspaper. Brain Dead management so stupid they deserve what's happening to them. I stopped reading it a while ago when I realized what traitors most of their pundits are, they are just stooges for the thieves looting the treasury all around Washington.

  • Sideshow Mel

    Right wing wackos unite!

  • Hi

    It's hard to take the Post seriously. To me, it seems like the Style section has taken over the whole paper. Everything else has gone out the window.

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