City Desk Dismissals: Layoffs?

Heads are rolling in the Arlington offices of, the longtime WaPo Web lab that is now undergoing a merger with the Post newsroom in downtown D.C. According to a knowledgeable source, the ranks of the RIFed number around ten so far.

City Desk is working on compiling a list of the dismissed, which reportedly includes at least one big industry name.

Meanwhile, one question looms: Are these layoffs? Or just strategic reductions aimed at redundant positions, as Post management would have us believe?

Consider the case of one dismissed employee. This individual was told that the "numbers have been bad on the digital side and because of that, that's why they're doing it."

Another victim of the reduction-in-force reports that the motivation is that the Post is moving to streamline its operations.

Updates to come.

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  • WaPoster

    The last thing WaPo needs to do is anything that would further destabilize its website, technically it is pretty shaky, takes forever to load pages, etc. and editorially its WaPo which means everyday brings a further erosion of quality. On to the Salon....

  • Jawaralal Rabinowitz

    The Post's decline has been going on for a few years, since the lawyer-ad whiz took over, but it would have been happening anyway. Few bylines get any respect, and the advertisers are staying away in droves.
    The Web site remains confusing, ill maintained, and slow. It is hard to believe it has not been fixed. Layoffs won't help this fix. Getting a new editor and publisher would fix it. The paper should also change its name to: The Daily Kaplan.