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Our Morning Roundup: Do The D.C. Police Deserve An A+?


Congress Heights on the Rise gives 7D police and Asst. Chief Diane Groomes an "A+." The blogger writes: "The Advoc8te sees the police out in full force in my neighborhood in  response to the carjackings this week. There are about 10 police cars on our street and we feel much safer!  This increased police prescence is MUCH appreciated!" Sure. But what about all the murders in 7D?

In Bloom posts a narrative of a beatdown in Bloomingdale:

"On Wednesday, at 5 PM, Brad was attacked by 6-7 young men, at the corner of 2nd and S Street, who wanted absolutely nothing other than to beat the utter crap out of him. Brad, aside from being a military guy, is also an urban-savvy guy, who said that his instincts never warned him that something was about to happen. On his way to the Big Bear Cafe, half the group rushed him from the front..."

Live in Mount Vernon Square reported bullets are flying in their neighborhood. This is from last week: "There was another shooting.  About ten feet away from my residence.  I dont understand this and why MPD and our political leaders can't stop this if they really wanted to. Are our lives worth less than the residents of Foggy Bottom, Georgetown, Glover Park and MacArthur Park?"

Prince of Petworth reports that more cupcakes are coming to D.C. Ugh.

The Triangle reports that a deli at 3rd and K Streets NW will be closing and a soul food outpost will be moving in.

DC Teacher Chic has something in common with Michelle Rhee.

*photo by Darrow Montgomery.

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  • Eldon Pittman Jr.

    The DC Police Department deserve an A+ in the killing of a 14 year old boy. The two deadly "Keystone cops" did everything wrong and ended their little adventure with murder, most foul! Cathy Lanier had the nerve to welcome them back into the fold, as if they were heroes. They are scared little punks, and should be in population!

  • Jenn

    Yesterday when coming home from work, there was a police car blocking my garage. I found the police officer, who was sitting on the curb and smoking a cigarette, if she would please move it a few feet and that I was sorry for the inconvenience. She looked at me as if I was trash and said she was on a call and to give her a bit. She was on a call? Sitting on a stoop and smoking by herself????? WHAT??? FInally, ten minutes later, she moved her car. I thanked her and apologized again, only to get an eye roll and a "Yeah." Their basic attitudes need to change. Every cop I've come across in a peaceful situation has been a complete ass.

  • Former Staffer

    If they don't know how to keep record logs and respect the First Amendment, then they don't deserve a grade period.

    "I hate the police. I hate the police."


  • Deanwoodenizen

    You site murders in 7D then proceed to document (anecdotal)crime in other parts of the city. CHOTR was not commenting on overall police activity but to the police activity she sees on the crimes that have immediately impacted her. Accuracy in comparisons is important.

  • Big-K (DC)

    I see Pittman still pissed off at the Police about the so call murder of a Juvenile Thug for which the only evidence he have is what he read in the news paper and his warp thinking.Sounds like an ex-con to me and also appears to be like a lot of these enablers in DC that see these thugs committing criminal activities but turns a blind eye until it happens to them or a family member then all of a sudden its the police fault. They can have a millon Policemen in every neighborhood however, until the residents decides enough is enough and stop hiding, sharing in the spoils of their crime and cudlling these thugs the carnage will continue.

  • Jamie

    If what's required to get an A+ is to flood the scene of a violent crime with police officers for a day, well, shoot, give them an A+!

    I give "Congress Heights on the Rise" a D- for being stupid enough to judge the police favorably for the same B.S. reactionary policing that they've engaged in for years.

    That's great that you feel safer! Will you still feel safer tomorrow, when those cops are gone?

    Oh, what's that? You thought they'd be around forever? Where do you think we're going to get the cops needed to make the NEXT people feel safe after a violent crime takes place in their neighborhood?

    What a fool.

  • The Advoc8te

    Thank you Deanwood Denizen that is exactly what I meant. It may be cool and hip to complain about the police just to complain about that but that is not my style. I go by what I see in MY neighborhood.

    I give Asst Chief Groomes in A+ because

    1) She ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS answers my emails timely - like in 3 minutes - even at 3am. I swear I don't think the woman sleeps.

    2) She follows up and makes sure others follow up.

    3) She sincerly cares about the community and is always approachable.

    4) She doesn't deal in excuses she deals in action.

    5) She encourages us all to work TOGETHER.

    6) She has helped improve our community even with things that aren't directly part of her job - like helping my block get trashcans.

    7) At our request in response to the carjackings she is coming out to our condomnmium tomorrow night to talk to residents about things we can do TOGETHER and LONG TERM to curve violence in our community.

    8)She thinks outside of the box and encourages feedback from everyone.

    9) If you have a complaint she takes the complaint seriously.

    10) She understands that we are all in this together.

    Now that is some of the reasons why I give her an A+ and members of the 7D who came out to our neighborhood the other night. We are so quick to condemn the police when something goes wrong - like crime but we don't give them credit for when things go right. I choose to reserve my anger and outrage for the crooks and not the cops who put their life on the line everyday and in some way make my community safer. Not all police are perfect but then neither are citizens. I rather spend my time doing something constructive them just commplaining for the sake of hearing myself complain.

    FYI - Jamie if you don't live in my neighborhood or in my shoes please keep your rather small minded comments to yourself - no one is buying crazy here. :)

  • Eldon Pittman

    I am neither an ex con nor a pissed off at the police citizen. I am a lawyer, in good standing, and will represent anyone against the police for FREE, These clowns are the biggest gang in DC and need to be stopped. What ever happened to neighborhood cops who were known for being friendly reminders that good overcomes evil. These boys in blue are so scared that they almost piis their pants every shift.

  • DC Hoodrat

    The police get an A+ for taking out some 14 yearold criminal in training. The father of that little bastard had 16 children... he's got an entire brood to help mold into other non-productive societal leeches.

  • DC Hoodrat


    From what fine institution did you obtain your JD?