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WTOP’s Mark Segraves to Get TV Show

1112segravesIt's been a good week for WTOP reporter Mark Segraves. On Monday, he broke a story about Mayor Adrian M. Fenty's use of public resources to facilitate his bike training rides. Now, he tells LL, he's inked a deal to host his own TV show.

No name has yet been determined, but starting next month, Segraves will be taking over the public affairs show on WDCW-TV now hosted by Chris Core, the longtime WMAL-AM talk show host now at WTOP.

The show, Segraves says, will be 30 minutes long, will be predominantly in interview format, and will cover more than strictly city politics. The show will have a more regional focus and will cover various current events, social issues, and cultural matters.

Segraves will also keep his duties at WTOP. Same goes for Core, who says he's signed a contract to embark on a new project, although he's forsworn from sharing details ahead of an official announcement. Core says he put in a good word for Segraves with Channel 50 management.

The show will be scheduled against the Sunday morning network talk shows. "My feeling is that people who are looking for that type of show are surfing the stations, and if they find a local alternative, they might stop for a while," Segraves says.

Among broadcast shows covering local political affairs, Segraves' program joins a select group, including NewsChannel 8's NewsTalk With Bruce DePuyt, WAMU-FM's Kojo Nnamdi Show, and WTOP's Politics Program With Mark Plotkin, not to mention Jonetta Rose Barras' Tuesday show on WPFW-FM.

Says Segraves, "I hope the show will have a bit of an aggressive edge that I bring to reporting, but it won't be limited to just politicians and hard news."

Prepare for the softer side of Segraves, people!

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • 1967dc

    Hey after the Fenty expose..Imgonna give him a chance..Make sure you post as soon as you know the hour it will air.

  • Korrupt

    This promises to be good.

  • jack

    Is there ANYTHIHG that Chris Core will not endorse? I thought he was suppposed to be a newsman.

  • Woodley Parker

    Good for Mark.


    I like Mark Segraves. Thank you Mark for exposing King Fenty and staying on his corrupt arrogant ass. I don't care for Chris Core.

  • Martin Myers

    So what do you think is the Best TV Show around?

  • Men’s Citizen Watches

    Great write up - five stars. I bookmarked this page.