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Chief Cathy Lanier: The True Victim Of Fenty’s Latest Scandal

Don't you pity D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier? Murders are way down. And she's stuck defending Fenty's latest mini scandal. This past week, WTOP broke the news on Fenty's police-escorted bike training sessions. During his training, Fenty was able to ride wherever with the help of some D.C. Police motorcycle cops. This has provoked widespread news coverage and considerable outrage. It has also put Lanier in a tricky spot—between her boss and her rank-and-file officers.

WTOP's Mark Segraves noted the huge time suck for officers on the Fenty bike detail:

"Documents obtained by the police union through a Freedom of Information Act request show officers from the Special Events Branch are routinely detailed for the "mayor's bike ride," racking up hundreds of man hours – many of which officers spend waiting for the mayor.

On multiple occasions, WTOP witnessed uniformed officers waiting for one to two hours for the mayor's cycling team to arrive for their training rides.

Thanks to Fenty, Lanier is now forced to offer some kind of lame quote. This past summer, Lanier had to defend her officers' zany response to that Fenty traffic accident. Now comes her weak defense of her department's escort service for Fenty's bike team.

Lanier told WTOP:

"For the mayor to have a security team when he's out riding his bike is not unusual. It's not uncommon. I don't look at their daily agenda of where they go or what they do. I don't know about running stop signs and stop lights and things of that nature."

There are few officials who are more prepared, more media savvy than Lanier. She rarely offers up an "I don't know" response when getting grilled before the D.C. Council. She almost always has an answer and the stats to back her up. This is a chief that lives the job. For her to not know where the mayor is or what her officers are doing is laughable. Can we blame the mayor for Lanier's sudden drop in I.Q. points?

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  • MM

    ^^His boyfriend, ooops, I meant wife will not let him!

  • Marciela

    I don't feel sorry for her at all. She made her bed when she took the job working for a control freak and now she needs to lay in it. There are so many questions as to how she got the position, why she was named and so forth that she is almost a victim of her own choices. Come on 2010!!

  • downtown rez

    I don't feel sorry for her at all. She's got a great job that she excels at.
    I knew DC had turned an important corner when they started officially tracking reports of "shots fired". They've only been doing that for what, about 2 years?

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    D Rez, take your tongue off Cathy Lanier's clit long enough to look at how she "excels" - she excels in kissing Adrian's ass. She's complicit in Fenty's crimes, & if there were any justice, she'd be sitting with him behind bars in a communist re-education camp for about five years.

  • downtown rez

    AAG- Actually, it's Groomes today.

  • sigmund freud

    MM, so I'm not the only one who thinks King Fenty is on the DL -- with those tight, ass hugging bike short, getting a nice firm bubble butt for some fraternity brother to take care of.

  • 1967dc

    Lanier is a asskissing bitch kick her out with that idiot Brett Parson if anyone is going down on Fenty its Parson..well known for his little exploits in the back rooms of the gay clubs that use to be over in SE..Hell he's propositioned me a few times..but the guy has a serious oder problem.

  • Lanier is No Better

    Lanier and Fenty are well-suited for each other. Both willing to cover things up; both willing to evade the law. I don't feel sorry for her -- she is just as bad as him. The ones I feel sorry for are the officers, who might rather be policing then carting the Mayor's bike around.

  • DCNatives

    Fenty is a delusional Bama !

  • 1967dc

    Lanier covered up the Fenty abuse against his wife...she'll be fired in 2010. Apparently in Fentys case the apple dosent fall far from the tree...His dad is a whack job and his wife wasnt immune from getting the smack down in the 70's Marital abuse is generational..sad..

  • proballdc

    Downtown Rez, shot's fired a.k.a. shotspotter tracking technology began under Chief Ramsey, under the executive leadership of Mayor Anthony Williams. (

    It would be just wonderful when Fenty fans can highlight Fenty borne initiatives.

  • proballdc

    The Post link doesn't work. Try search of the article entitled "Gunshot Sensors Are Giving D.C. Police Jump on Suspects"

  • dcblackdaddy

    Black collar crime is down but oh the neckties are scaling the halls for injustice and thievery.
    White collar crime is rising like a porn gal makes you wanna shimmy shimmy coco puff.

    Fenty and Lanier of DC and Jack Johnson, Pg County executive are so fucking corrupt I am giving my fucking house away to get the fuck away from PG and DC.
    But, if teh feds lock up these slime bitches soon then I am cool and so are most citizens around here.

  • downtown rez
  • candycane1

    When it's all said and done she will be perfect material for new dumb blond jokes. Anybody that has not asessed what the association with Fenty might cost them in the end and after he is gone is a fool.

  • Rick Mangus

    As I have said before, Mayor Fenty and ALL the 13 members of the city council should, GO!

    We have the Mayor's scandals, which have happen on his watch. One, the tax and revenue fraud case. Two, the awarding of city contracts to his friends. Three, AIDS funding fraud. Four, no accountability in the Dept of Child and Family Services. Five, using the police to help him break the traffic laws here and in another state. Six having his friends use city vehicles.

    Now to our city council scandals, Jim Graham aka (The Queen of All Media) maybe if he spent less time getting in front of the TV cameras and spent more time keeping track of his chief of staff and staff members who like to shoot people at Metro stops. Marion Barry aka, (Crakatoa) who gives tax payers money to his friends with no accountability. Other members of the council who will not pass a strong crime bill, because they are worried about the civil rights of uneducated, low life thugs than the rights and safety of tax paying citizens.

    If arrogance was put into monetary terms this city will never have a financial crisis.

    Enought, Said!

  • proballdc

    DR, the post link doesn't work, do a search of the post article that I noted and you will find that Cathy Lanier is just drawing more attention to a technology that was put into effect under her mentor Chief Ramsey. Under the Williams Administration.

    In particular, they were put up initially in high crime areas and then expanded to other areas of the city. They were used heavily during the "Crime Emergencies". The technology went up around the same time that police cameras went up. Don't you recall the Constitutional Privacy outrage? Presuming you live or lived in the city at the time.

    Here is the link again, not sure if the post has fixed it.

    This Administration just seems to claim full credit for ideas that began under another administration. I simply give the credit where it is due.

  • downtown rez

    "I simply give the credit where it is due."
    No, it is me that does that, not you, proball.
    For example, I credit the Fenty administration for expanding on the shotspotter program, which under Williams had been limited to one police district (district 7, the worst) by working with the FBI and MPD to bring it to all quadrants of the city. While we're at it, I'll credit them for the continuing decrease in violent crime, which is much lower now than under Williams.
    And I'll also give the Fenty administration credit for furthering the good fiscal road that Williams put us on by reappointing Ghandi, continuing the balanced budgets (as all Fenty's budgets have been), and by improving DC's municipal bond rating to the highest rating there is. Even in what many term the greatest recession/depression since the 1930's.
    For some reason, I sense you would rather choke than give credit where due.

  • downtown rez

    Oh, and precisely which "constitutional privacy outrage" are you referring to? The one when Ramsey (under Williams) put up permanent surveillance cameras at major intersections and other locations such as Dupont Circle? Or the one when Ramsey (under Williams) hog-tied peaceful protesters in Pershing Park? Or maybe some other?
    There were (and are) so many...

  • Anonymous

    "I'll credit them for the continuing decrease in violent crime, which is much lower now than under Williams."

    And you would be blowing your usual indefensible smoke. Violent crime is down in major cities across the country and there is no shred of evidence nor definitive link between that drop and any of Lanier's initiatives.

    PSA 7, where all the shotspotters are, is headed to surpass its murder rate of last year.

  • downtown rez

    PSA 7?
    You mean "Patrol Service Area 7"?
    There is no such thing.
    You mean the 7th district.
    And shotspotter is in all quadrants of the city- not just in the 7th District.
    Just sayin'

    For anyone curious, the annual murder count for the past 5 years in 7D is:
    2005- 63
    2006- 44
    2007- 60
    2008- 47
    For the year, homicides in DC as a whole are down about 25%- more than most other big cities. And, as someone pointed out before, we'd be blaming the police if the numbers went up, so we should credit them when they go down.

  • proballdc

    DR Ghandi originally did great things to carry on the torch of his predecessor turned mayor. However, I am not going to give Ghandi a pass on the mess he has allowed to go on under his nose as the cities chief financial officer. 55 million walking out the door at Tax and Revenue over a long period of time, under his executive watch. Just recently he certified a balanced budget (FY 10) that had an 11 million dollar DCPS deficit in it. Yes, an underling was reportedly fired (but in fact was reassigned to another District agency) for failing to report (attempting to hide) the DCPS deficit. And, also in the original FY 10 budget he (Ghandi) miscalculated a shortage of 666 million dollars forcing the city to hurriedly make massive spending cuts and dip into the city's emergency funds, to include a wipe out of all ear marks (much of which I support), 15% cut to the general workforce, as well as, teacher cuts. We have a municipal city government with local and state agency responsibilities, someone has to do the work, or programs have to suffer. You can't even tax your way out of that one.

    You are wrong about the shotspotter program being limited to one Ward under Williams. When the technology was instituted the city paid to have it implemented in high crime areas all over the city in what was then called "hot spots". The expansion you mentioned was already bought and paid for when Fenty took office. However, if that is what you meant, then fine, lets not mince words. I think that 9/11 had a greater impact on local/federal law enforcement fusion than any local politician. That was a major weakness pointed out in the 9/11 report. LOTS of USDHS dollars have been spent to fix that deficiency. I am pleased that the locals embraced the improvements. As if they had a choice.

    I use "constitutional privacy outrage" as a reference point. Cameras, though they didn't call them "surveillance" have been at intersections for a very long time. They were, and continue to be called, "traffic" cameras, though they do have the capability to be manipulated to zone in on individuals or property. You don't even want to know what the Fed's can do. It was Adrian Fenty that came up with the bright idea to synthesize the traffic camera operation with general law enforcement and move them from the DOT to Homeland Security and Emergency Management. Thereby shifting their focus and use as primarily for traffic management to that of "homeland security", hence the same source of the Constitutional Williams outrage.

    We find agreement on the mess that has become Pershing Park. The mess began with an MPD coverup under Ramsey and continues under the leadership of his protege' Cathy Lanier with a boost from our carpetbagger Attorney General Peter Nickels. I fear because of his judicial antics, the chips are stacked up against the city the moment a case lands in front of a Superior Court Judge where we are the Defendant. He disregards the rulings of even their chief.

    When Fenty doesn't frame an initiative as solely his own when it is actually an embellishment of what was already there, then I'll give him his due. However, when he wraps it in the cloak of a new invention, I will continue to clarify is factual misrepresentations.

    I admittedly was soured against Fenty the moment I learned of his theft from an estate while serving as it's trustee. Not returning the money until he was reported by the family and censured by the D.C. bar. He then, as he does now, apologizes saying he didn't know what happened, begs for forgiveness, then goes on to do something else suspect (and the cycle continues). I have been on the wrong end of a fiscally unscrupulous attorney in estate matters. If they are willing to steal from a dead person's family, just imagine what they will do to the coffers of a city budget. I just find the man ethically suspect. Not someone I can cast a vote for.

  • Anonymous

    "Such appeals to Americans’ fears, several criminologists said, is often linked to a political agenda fueled less by crime than by another variable that is famously unfazed by real-world predictors: public perception. Along with its report, The Third Way released a poll showing that by a 5-to-1 ratio, Americans believed crime was worse than it had been the year before."

    Thanks to Jamie, posting on this WCP article last month:

  • Anonymous

    "However, I am not going to give Ghandi a pass on the mess he has allowed to go on under his nose as the cities chief financial officer."

    Not to mention, he's another carpetbagger, maintaining his primary residence in Maryland.