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Fenty Promises To Replace Hartsock By Dec. 1


Today, the D.C. Wire reported that a five-member council delegation met with Mayor Adrian Fenty last night to discuss the standoff over Ximena Hartsock. A symbol of testy council-mayoral relations, Hartsock is Fenty's choice to helm the D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation. Following some discord among the council, Hartsock, and Fenty, however, the council voted against confirming Hartsock. The mayor responded by keeping Hartsock in place.

According to a source familiar with the meeting, the prevailing sentiment among the councilmembers in attendance (Chairman Vincent Gray and councilmembers David Catania, Mary Cheh, Harry Thomas Jr., and Muriel Bowser) was that Hartsock had to go.

Fenty, according to the source, assured that he was looking for her replacement but stressed that the search wasn't an easy one. The meeting ended with a promise: The mayor would replace Hartsock by Dec. 1, the source recalls.

Still, Fenty still couldn't help being Fenty.

At one point in the meeting, Fenty apparently told the councilmembers: "I want you to understand something—anything we agree to will not dictate my actions as mayor."

*photo by Darrow Montgomery.

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  • maserfentyaintnogood

    Maser Fenty is an outlaw who has not respect for the rule of law. He decides what laws his administration decides to follow or disregard with the assistance of Outlaw AG Nichels.

    A slave maser with no respect.

  • Dave McKenna

    the mayor looks like Col. Kurtz in Apocalypse Now in that shot. tell me i'm wrong!

  • Q!

    The last quote says it all. He basically did a Bobby Brown, "It's My Prerogative". Sing it with me...

    "Everybody's talking all this stuff about me
    Now now why don't they just let me live
    Oh oh oh i don't need permission
    Make my own decisions oh
    That's my prerogative"

    {My apologies to Teddy Riley, LOL!}

    What's surprising is that Bowser voted against him. Wow!

  • sedcdude

    I said it once and I'll say it again, had this been any of the "bible belt" states with a significant caucasion populas, this woman would be a fish in the river! This goes to show that there is no regard for law, the citizens, the children or the council as a whole in this process. This woman has such a STRONG accent that U barely understand a word, on top of the fact that SHE IS NOT A U.S. CITIZEN! This was a major concern and a vice n ploy used in opposition of Pres. Obama's election, causing a major debate in local and national media outlets! What's even more ironic, this woman is in the process of terminating employees who happen to be NATIVE WASHINGTONIANS w years of service, good and bad, but I am starting to believe she's being scapegoated to do the dirty work of "others" in the name of POLITICS and her EDUCATION, after all, DC has and is a TEST TUBE, A PETRI DISH! i'm just say'n tho!

  • Skipper

    @sedcdude: She's a permanent resident and as entitled to be considered for the job as any native-born Washingtonian.

    What's ironic is that bigots barely hide their prejudice as they decry a minority woman for daring to take a job that apparently should belong to someone with more melanin.

    And I have little sympathy that she's laid off "NATIVE WASHINGTONIANS" - if they did their jobs, they'd still have them. Fewer current P.G. residents on the DC employee rolls is not a bad thing. Except for those same residents who seem to think they have a God-given, inalienable right to a permanent job with the DC government, regardless of their performance, the economy, or anything else.

  • http://Don sedcdude

    @ skipper
    permanent resident, LAUGHABLE at best! My dog is a permanent dc resident, as long as I am, does that entitle him to a job at a price tag of $165k a year?

    Bigot, I'm appalled at you for not understanding and NOT identifying with THAT said characteristic which has afforded your people ALL the benefits of using, abusing and manipulating EVERY face, color and creed at every corner of the planet, YOU SHOULD KNO!

    Don't play hero, now that you liberal whites have a "tool" at your disposal and beckoning call to make way for future land, property and economical takeover! I'm hip, all closed eyes are not sleep, she's not a LEGAL CITIZEN OF THESE US of A, period, point blank, the TRUE irony here is that if this were ARKANSAS, which is within the USA, this would be a nobrainer, but because this bucks and goes against ALL things right with the "BLACK" citizenry and the opposition, IT'S ALRIGHT! I'm ALL for accountability and GOOD govt, but this is a slap in the face of even Greater POLICY AND PROCEDURE! It's the small things and this is political cronysm and takeover of parks and rec. This has more to do with MELANIN only from the perspective of who will continue to be shitted on in the future, your not caring about who is fired by this "ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT" speaks volumes! pun intended!

  • downtown rez

    It's part and parcel with the outsourcing of (expensive and unaffordable) DC Gov Jobs (most held by non-DC workers and taxed in MD).
    It will happen one way or another- through privatization of schools (through parents voting with their feet and leaving DC or putting their kids in charters), or through other means which the DC gov can control and meter the rate of.
    Regardless, it is inevitable.
    Get over it.

  • Skipper

    @sedcdude: You are officially an idiot. She's a permanent resident, yet apparently you don;t know the difference between here legally and being an illegal.

    Why dispute the bigot label? Based on your rants, you should be wearing the title with pride as you protest the firing of P.G. County residents from DC government positions.

  • downtown rez

    I'm not sure sedcdude even knows the difference between an accomplished woman and a dog, but reading these comments there is apparently a lot I don't know.
    I'd say ignorance is bliss but, again reading these comments, it seems ignorance is hate and bigotry.

  • candycane1

    I doubt seriously that Bowser opened her mouth. She was just there.

  • sedcdude

    @ U 2 clownz
    I'd be careful to sling insults and vile bullshit, you just may be challenged to prove and/or back it up, don't resort to childish name calling when you know your wrong, quite childish of both of you "selective" bigots! Watch your mouths and debate the facts, CLOWNS! I stand by my words!

  • sedcdude

    And lastly, your attempt to justify her appointment based on "the firing of nondc personnel" (specifically PG residents) holds no weight with me! Only further justifies "the plan", we ALL know the ethnicity of THAT CREW! That is not the problem and that there is a WHOLE OTHER ARGUMENT altogether! Take your fingers out your noses and type something half way intelligent!

  • downtown rez

    Right. You got me. It's all about "The Plan"
    You are your own worst enemy. Have fun playing with yourself. Be sure to turn out the lights when you leave

  • Truth Hurts

    sedcdude, your postings are those of a hater and bigot. If you have a point to make, do it without being an a..hole. If you can't be civil, then most people, including me, don't care what you think. Now go ahead and threaten me, spew more hatred, and call me names. I'm going to sleep and won't be reading more from you.

  • sedcdude

    LOL, what is this a LYNCHING!? You people are funny! Hatred, spew, threats, civil.....such divisive words that don't apply to MY RHETORIC! Funny thing is, all of you sound the same, sure it's not ALL "inclusive"? @ CLOWN REZ, to type it is to know it, don't play sex games with me, keep that to yourself, AGAIN, DEBATE THE FACTS CLOWN! Since you want to continue to be disrespectful, how about you meet me at a gym of your choice, as long as they have boxing gloves and headgear (4 u of course) and we can settle the DISRESPECT in an athletic fashion? SLEEP ON THAT, I'm expecting your RSVP!

  • sedcdude

    LOL, what is this a LYNCHING!? You people are funny! Hatred, spew, threats, civil.....such divisive words that don't apply to MY RHETORIC! Funny thing is, all of you sound the same, sure it's not ALL "inclusive"? @ CLOWN REZ, to type it is to know it, don't play sex games with me, keep that to yourself, AGAIN, DEBATE THE FACTS CLOWN! Since you want to continue to be disrespectful, how about you meet me at a gym of your choice, as long as they have boxing gloves and headgear (4 u of course) and we can settle the DISRESPECT in an athletic fashion? SKIPPER can get NEXT! SLEEP ON THAT, I'm expecting your RSVP!

  • Jason Cherkis

    Thank you Truth Hurts. Sedcdude--your comments are worthless. Please stop.

  • sedcdude

    @ J Cherkis
    It wouldn't surprise me if YOU are quite possibly posting under those various names! This is your blog and you tell me my posts are worthless, you need to put on the gloves as well you MORON! Funny how the disrespect comes out ALL AT ONCE, LOL, bring it on, the facts still remain and the INVITE/OFFER/CHALLENGE still stands, all you or Y'ALL have to do is MAN UP....then we'll see who's worthless, worthwhile or SMART!

  • Jman

    The sad part of this is that she was going a great job. Being a frequent user of the DC parks permit system I could see the improvements at all the parks I visited.

    She cared for the kids and it was really obvious. The previous 25 years of neglect was finally being wiped out.

    Now I guess it's back to know nothing DC government employee losers that view it as a paycheck for them and all their relatives, friends and acquaintances.

  • Jason Cherkis

    "She cared for kids" ...Everyone always says that....Didn't Clark Ray care about the kids, too. And whoever was before him?

  • belinda

    This is so embarassing that these comments are made out of such ignorance and lack of information.

    Dr. Hartsock's character, drive, and leadership are unmatched. I have only watched from afar but the city is losing an incredible public servant with Dr. Hartsock's departure.

  • Tired of the BS

    Everybody says it, but some people produce results that actually benefit kids (Hartsock) and others just assume that anything that hurts adults/generates controvesy (Rhee) must, by definition, benefit the kids.

    I think Hartsock has been scapegoated and that a lot of the abuse she's getting is as a Rhee surrogate. What sucks is that with Hartsock gone and Rhee remaining, things only get worse.

    And the real mystery in all of this is why Hartsock and not Valerie Santos is on the hotseat. Hartsock, following an agreement made by Ray, outsource DPR capital projects to DMPED -- an agency that is subject to the same types of Council oversight as DPR. Nothing fishy about that.

    By contrast, DMPED (under Albert and Santos), sent the $$$/projects to DCHA to evade Council oversight. THERE'S the problem. But Santos has support from the developers and the developers fund the CMs. (Hey, wait, isn't that what DMPED wanted control over all these DPR projects in the first place? Gotta be the patron!)

    So the Council asks for the head of the public servant who actually sees herself as a public servant and who was working hard to improve programming and maintenance at parks and rec centers. They protect the person at the center of the scandal because her cronies include their cronies. And they accomplish what? Oh yeah, they look tough.

    Stupid and disingenuous, but tough.

  • Jman

    Tired of the BS - I couldn't agree more.

    For so many of these people like Gray, Cheh and Thomas it's not about doing what's right for the rec centers and fields, it's about political payback and funneling money to their friends and relatives. This is what led DC to be a dysfunctional pit of wasted money and idiot administrators. (See DCPS)

    As long as Gray, Cheh and Thomas can score some political points they think that's all that matters. Too bad for the kids and adults that actually use the centers.

  • Sad Day for DC

    This is a sad day for DC. Dr. Hartsock has served children and families in this city dutifully for 15 years and did not deserve this kind of treatment. I have no worries about her as she will get another job (she has a PhD and experience as a successful Principal), but this is a major loss for the Department of Parks and Rec.

    What's all the more crazy is that people are up at arms about the 20 or so employees left without work, but don't realize that none of the children and parents have been left without care. And at the end of the day, does it even make sense for the Parks and Rec system to be trying to implement daycare???

    So sad to see her go and it is truly a sad day for DC.

  • proballdc

    At the end of the day the legal process has been played out and like it or hate it the Council voted against Hartsock's confirmation. Therefore, like those disapproved before her, she must relinquish that position. That is the law.

    The mess that has become the Park's and Recreation lies at the feet of the Mayor and his past and present City Administrator. Ohhhh, yes, and the defacto Mayor Peter Nickles.

    The appointment of a non-u.s. citizen as a local government agency head during a recession in a city with one of if not THE highest unemployment rate was a predictable political snafu. She made it worse by coming in with the Rhee scorched earth terminator mentality of wholesale firing and hiring of her friends and cronies at exorbitant salaries. All before she was confirmed in the position.

    Was she scapegoated? Perhaps...Did her naivete play a part in all of this? Sure...Does any of that matter at this point, NO!!

  • Bi(ble)got

    Did sedcdude claim that if we were in the Bible Belt, she would be a fish in the river. Whatever the fuck that means, yeah. Has he ever been to the bible belt? Cause, last time I was there (July), I didn't meet any higher-up government officials who were black either.

    What a retard, ahahaha. Listen, there is a reason why you're in SE dude, cause your stupidity won't allow you to survive this side of the Anacostia. All the hardcore threats you've made, are pointless because you would actually need to find your ass across the river to meet us...


    How can she have the director's position when you can't even understand what she is saying...her staff even said that...bowser being in the meeting was because she didn't have ANYWHERE ELSE TO GO....fenty was there so she coulding anything until he told her to!

  • Bi(ble)got

    Can't understand what's she saying? Ok, what about George W. Bush. I couldn't understand a word this retard said. How about Marion Barry, I still can't decipher a single phrase out of his mouth. Better yet, Harry Tommy Thomas, this idiot mufumbles (mumble-fumbles). I stand a better chance of understanding her than any of these idiots.

  • sedcdude

    @ BIB
    I hear you! If your dumbazz don't understand, why not ask as opposed to typing wreckless? That is the thing with most of the bloggers here, you're not from here to begin with, you come to dc prejudiced with past info, shared info and a holier than thou attitude READY TO MAKE CHANGE because you feel like you can, but the whole time you was SOME SHIT where you came from and most times will remain that, SOME SHIT! Several bloggers have stated facts, NOT OPINIONS as they relate to hartstock, ARGUE THE FACTS, your childish bigotry means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO ME unless you accept the pugilist challenge! She's corrupt, grossly over paid, whitewashed and A NON US CITIZEN!

  • sedcdude

    @ BI B
    Lastly, "didn't see any higher-up govt officials who were black"......give a fool enuff rope and THEY'LL more than likely hang themselves! DUMBAZZ!
    BTW, make this some sorta outta towners, dc transplant BATTLE CRY when you can't muster up an adequate enuff rebuttal to facts, "oh now he's threatening me", IF YOUR SCARY TAILS FEEL THREATENED THEN GOOD, that's Y'ALLS problem! You have an opportunity to grow some, accept the challenge, not a threat, not now or ever in my previous posts!

  • Bi(ble)got

    Wow, the biggest bigot in section is calling me out for being a bigot and he's angry as hell. Well, it just goes to show you that drinking DC tap water will do this a person. And, I guess the DC public explains the sad state of your writing, so no need to comment further on this. You are stupid and you make no valid points. The facts as you so eloquent elude too are that she's eligble to work in this country legally and is a lot more educated that a lot of "native" DC Residents. You obviously cannot ever ever ever, be qualified/eligible for this job, so I see why you are angry.

    By the way, you assume that I'm not originally from here, because I obviously am not stupid like yourself. I'll take that as a compliment, but we're three damn generations into this crazy City. I guess this doesn't compare to your native ass, but I should warn you. If you're black (obviously), then you are in no way shape or form a native of this country and as a result, this City. A little lesson in history might teach you this, but I expect too much from ya...

  • sedcdude

    @ BIB
    You my friend continue to make an azz of yourself literally and figuratively, WORD OF ADVICE, spellcheck before you critique some1 else! LMBAO! I've already peeped your caucasoidal flair as well as your COWARDICE, as far as being native, hell yes, born here, raised here, educated here, worked here (DCPR 15 yrs, DCFEMS 8 yrs, Iraq C-7 2 yrs) i've paid my dues and earned my keep, what about your worthless azz!? You hide behind a keyboard, the russian embassy and talk tuff....LMAO at'chu and people like you!

  • sedcdude’s mother

    If I had known what a moron my son would have turned out to be, I would have chosen a back-alley abortion. It's one thing to be spewing out the usual racial hatred. But it's another for him to be criticizing someone for not using spellcheck when his posts are full of spelling and grammar mistakes.

    Son - Please get off my couch, put on some pants, go out and be a productive member of society by getting run over by a bus.

  • sedcdude


  • sedcdude

    Stop changing names, MAN UP and accept the challenge gumps! I called several of you out, MAN UP!

  • Jason Cherkis

    Thank you sedcdude for driving the comments section into a ditch. Hopefully someone will come along and provide meaningful commentary.

    If not, apologies to all.

  • Bi(ble)got

    Jason- The crazy thing is that there is a legitimate reason why Hartsock was not confirmed- she isn't qualified. But we have a moron like sedcdude that makes me sympathize with her and actual start to think that idiots like Barry and Thomas were only motivated by race. I know I come off as being as stupid and ignorant as this idiot, but when in Rome or more so in this case, when in SE DC...

  • sedcdude

    @ bib
    LMBAO, your dumbazz honestly believes that you are intelligent enuff and qualified to police a blog, or have an opinion for that matter, let me inform your stupid azz that if you revisit anyone of your postings YOU HAVE FAILED TO SPEAK 1 FACT you brainwashed bafoon! You ATTEMPT to attack, disrespect, character assassinate and discount TRUTH and FACT when you don't agree with it or UNDERSTAND it, well this is DC bitches, deal with it! Get on or GTFO!

  • downtown rez

    The only apparent qualification Hartsock lacks is the willingness to provide or perpetuate the union jobs (teaching children!) that the Wards 5, 7, and 8 councilmembers feel entitled to hand out as perks.
    I'd say sedcdude "...DCPR 15 yrs...") is a prime example of why.

  • sedcdude’s man on the DL

    Ah baby, don't be all upset because I make you be the power bottom each time!

  • Bi(ble)got

    Ahahaha- I "ATTEMPT to attack, disrespect, character assassinate and discount TRUTH and FACT"- well, if this isn't the pot calling the kettle black. What facts are you speaking about? The fact is she is legally allowed to be and work in the US. That's a fact. Your OPINION, although a tremendously stupid one, is that she should not get the job because she's not a "native" citizen. I guess since logic and reason isn't working with you but then again what can I expect from someone's whow worked 15 years at DCPR and is still on welfare...


  • Five to Go

    What in the world is wrong with some of the bloggers?
    I agree Hartsock should not have gotten the permanent position, because is not a US citizen; she does need to work on her verbal skills ( I watched the confirmation hearings,I found her hard to understand); it does not help to be a friend of Michelle "Rheetarded" (she is not really qualified for her job, as well, and the Mayor needs to hire people who can tell him the truth about the all the mistakes he is doing, and the voters he is losing daily.

  • DCNatives

    VOTERS of District of Columbia WILL NOT FORGET Councilmember Thomas’ noble and unyielding efforts to end Hartsock’s and her “transition team's" pillage of the taxpayers' coffer and their contempt for laws that govern the District of Columbia!

    Hartsock and her "gang of Teach America implants" have been busted by Councilmember Thomas; Hallelujah--their days are numbered at DPR!

  • Sandra

    Neil Albert was the Director of DC Parks and Recreation, the Director of DMPED (the agency that skipped the procurement process) and is currently the City Administrator and no one is doing a through investigation of HIM. Harry Thomas acted like his cheerleader in the hearing. Something fishy is going on...

  • proballdc

    Folks you can argue the qualifications of Hartsock ad nauseam but at the end of the day, she has undergone the same legal process as all other mayoral executive appointees and she, for whatever reason, was rejected. She is not "entitled" to special treatment because some believe she was unfairly rejected. The Council, elected by the people, rejected her. That is all that matters where it pertains to her remaining in that post. Efforts to maneuver around that fact by the Mayor and the Attorney General whose job's it is to ENFORCE District law is on its face unethical.

  • living4thecity

    It doesn't matter who is next up at bat - any Fenty choice comes with baggage and lots and lots of questions as to qualifications etc. There is no win/win for DC taxpayers until Fenty is no longer Mayor.

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  • sedcdude

    I see a few more lurkers came from under the rocks with nothing MEANINGFUL to say, your ALL a bunch of cokksukkas and HARTSTOCK is toast, WILL REAL MEN STAND UP!