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WTOP: Fenty Uses D.C. Cops to Escort Cycling Team

WTOP's Mark Segraves has the hot scoop: He is reporting that Mayor Adrian M. Fenty regularly uses motorcycle-mounted police to escort his cycling team as they train throughout the District and Maryland. This happens during weekday business hours, leading to traffic backups.

Moreover, Segraves says, Fenty and his team, D.C. Velo, use the cops to run red lights and stop signs (mere misdemeanors in LL's book) as well as traverse thoroughfares verboten to cyclists, e.g. the Clara Barton Parkway along the Potomac.

WTOP's video is above. Fenty, in comments to Segraves, declined to address the story, except to say if he did anything illegal, he won't any longer.

More from Segraves' piece:

According to sources familiar with the mayor's security detail, Fenty became furious after he spotted WTOP videotaping a recent bike outing. L

Last month, Fenty spotted WTOP with a video camera as he rode along Rock Creek Parkway. Minutes late, as Fenty and his teammates rode along the parkway, the mayor darted across the road and onto the bike path, where he dismissed the police escort and took off through the woods.

A few days later, when WTOP caught up with the mayor and his bike team again, they had moved their training ride to Bethesda, where more than 20 cyclists – along with a D.C. Police escort – tied up traffic along Goldsboro Road, MacArthur Boulevard and other major roadways.

UPDATE, 4:55 P.M.: Not to detract from Segraves' report, and his extensive videodocumentary evidence, but Examiner's Bill Myers aired a similar report almost a year ago.

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  1. #1

    Who's else is on the bike team?

  2. #2

    The bike team consist of people who have received sizeable contracts and high paying jobs with the DC Gov. Just open up pandora's box sir.....

  3. #3

    The Mayor is a hypocrite, remember him saying "I know how to drive" when he allegedly dismissed his security detail in an effort to save DC tax payers money. The truth is, that was all a publicity stunt. When it's convenient for Mr. Fenty and his friends he has no problem wasting police services. I submit this is an inappropriate use of those services. Chief Lanier's attempts to cover for the Mayor defies reason. This is not a secuirty issue chief.

  4. #4

    When are these rides happening? During the work day when he should be well, you know...working?

  5. #5

    Well, for one, Mark Sommers, his new BOEE nominee...

  6. maserfentyaintnogood

    One again we have maser fenty not following the traffic laws in the District of Columbia nor the state of Maryland. Creating traffic snarls when there is a bike trail available is not safe. He is a lawless maser who decides what laws to not follow with the assistance of MPD. We can do something abour maser fenty in 2010. Vote him out.

  7. #7

    Fenty's cycling team is DC Velo. Fenty is not listed on the roster, but he rides/trains with them. For more information about them, go here:

    Rides at Hains Point often occur early in the morning (before work) on weekdays, during lunch, and after work (light permitting). The other ride up Rock Creek Parkway, out into MD, and down Clara Barton Parkway could very likely have been on a weekend, as that's when many cycling teams have group rides.

    I am so sick of this guy. Somebody else in 2010!

  8. #8

    How long before Peter Nickles invents a reason why it's okay for Fenty to tie up traffic on Maryland roads?

  9. #9

    One thing that wasn't recorded was the speed the cyclists were traveling as compared to the posted speed limit. Is this a "rookie" reporter, or were they actually moving faster than they would have liked to report?

  10. #10

    Williams had a security detail of 17, and they traveled in a motorcade pretty much wherever Williams went. Not coincidentally, Williams didn't get out much, even to community meetings.
    Most of the time, Fenty has a security detail of 0 (zero), but he is out at meetings, walkthroughs, etc A LOT. About the only time you see him with security is on bike rides like these, or at huge events like the annual MLK march on MLK Blvd. And then instead of an assigned 17-person detail, he taps a special events detail, which would not exactly be walking the beat in Trinidad anyway.
    Really, it's not that big of a deal.

  11. #11

    Downtown Rez: has King Fenty given you some of the illegal contracts from Parks and Rec or are you one of his down low boys?

  12. #12

    You are remarkably perceptive for a homophobic misogynist Victorian, SF. If I could get a contract to build a velodrome, I'd totally do it.

  13. #13

    Maybe Mr. Fenty should be forced to follow a route over his 600+ speed humps that he has put in with nothing more than the wave of a hand...

    Seriously, any group of cyclists that doesn't have the simple courtesy to form a single line for vehicles to pass is a bunch of morons (and traffic law breakers). The result is what that driver at the end did... frustration leading him to pass across a double yellow line into a blind curve. And what would happen if there happen to be an oncoming car -- a lot of work for the paramedics.

    Downtown Rez -- Where do you live? The Wilson Building?

  14. #14

    Oh boo hoo. He rides his bike...on the street!
    Just like most other cyclists.
    Oh boo hoo. He has security!
    Just like other mayors.
    Get a grip.

  15. #15

    But hey, riding the Clara Barton and running lights is bad, obviously.

  16. #16

    Downtown Rez,

    He rides his bike on the street, wonderful. Bicycling is a fun and fit way of traveling and good for the community. Something to support and encourage.

    He has the police aid and abet his and his team's violation of the traffic laws in the D.C. Municipal Regulations, of the State of Maryland and of the U.S. Park Service. REALLY DUMB!!!! and illegal!! Bet every bicyclist in the District wishes they could do that.

    Wouldn't be funny if the Park Police issue his whole team a traffic ticket....

  17. #17

    Well, yes, that would be funny.

  18. #18

    Im willing to pay for a video of Fenty wipeing out on the parkway and breaking his nose and loseing his teeth.

  19. #19

    Fenty truly believes D.C. is his kingdom and we are
    his subjects.

  20. Comrade Al Gonzales

    Fenty is as dumb as that moron Bush - riding bikes is all they want to do. & this fucker breaks the law riding his stupid bike.

    Has there ever been a mayor with more disdain for the law? Has there ever been a mayor with a more self-inflated view of himself?

    & here again we have D Rez sucking Fenty's cock. What a fucking joke she is. She's probably a dumb white bitch, because only dumb white bitches like Fenty.

  21. Comrade Al Gonzales

    This town went to hell when the dumb white bitches like D Rez moved to town & bought their $500,000 condos in Chinatown & changed the name to Penn Quarter. It was a much better place twenty years ago, when it was Chocolate City & 85% black.

    I wish all these dumb white bitches would go back to Ohio & Michigan & leave the city to people who know how to live in a city. Fucking dumb white cracker bitches.

  22. #22

    "Downtown Rez — Where do you live? The Wilson Building?"

    LOLOL... good one, Contrarian! You're getting close.

  23. #23

    It's about Mayor Fenty's arrogance and recent corruption scandals. The District of Columbia has a $666 million deficit and the mayor is wasting D.C. and federal taxpayers money for his personal pleasures. Mayor Fenty closed and privatized the D.C. Department of Mental Health and the mentally ill are wondering the streets of the city. Mayor Fenty spent thousands of D.C. tax dollars to install a heater in a D.C. public swimming pool he uses. Also, Fenty's kids were supposed to attend West Elementary School at 14th & Farragut Streets, NW. King Fenty chose to put his kids in an all white D.C. public school west of Rock Creek Park in predominately white Ward 3 D.C.

    Maryland/Virginia taxpayers need to worry about the affairs in Maryland/Virginia and stay out of the affairs of D.C. residents/voters/taxpayers. The majority of black voters in D.C. are fed up with King Fenty's arrogance, corruption, and his bad behavior. This guy is in hot water with the black D.C. voters and he will not be re-elected. White liberals and white gays love Lord Fenty. I hope Fenty end in jail with Baltimore City's Mayor Sheila Dixon.

  24. Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    Fenty pissed off many D.C. residents who are members of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc., when he dissed their Soror Dr. Dorothy Height. This 97 year old black woman is a legend in the black community and Fenty's attitude was f$$k her. Dr. Height has met with Presidents and she was good friends with Eleanor Roosevelt. Fenty should have stopped everything on his schedule to meet with Dr. Height. King Fenty upset the D.C. Jewish community by taking that unauthorized trip to the Middle East. Fenty is out of control and it's time for the D.C. voters to spank him and vote his ass out of office. Adrian Fenty has never publicly admitted, he's a black man. Has anyone every heard Adrian say he's a black man. I have heard President Obama say, he's a black man. Adrian Fenty wants to be anything other than black. According to the Washington City Paper last December, King Fenty's father stated at an Moroccan affair, his grandfather came from Morocco. I heard Fenty say a mayoral debate, his grandfather was from Panama by way of Trinidad. This guy wants to be Middle Eastern, Hispanic, or a white man. I don't like uppity light skin blacks like Adrian who think they are better than darker skin blacks. This shit has gone on too long in D.C. and in the black community with mulatto blacks thinking they were better than other blacks. This shit took place at Howard University for years and the light skin blacks in D.C. think they are better than other blacks and they too want to be white. Former Mayor Sharon Pratt-Dixon Kelly was a good example of the light skin uppity blacks living on the Gold Coast of upper 16th Street, NW. Crestwood is full of uppity light skin Negroes too. I have been discriminated against all my life by whites, both gay and straight and light skin Negroes like Mayor Fenty.

  25. #25

    How in the hell can Adrian find time to ride his bicycle and homicides, robberies, and shootings are taking place all over Ward 4 D.C. and the rest of the District of Columbia? Last Saturday night, there was an homicide in the 5400 block of Georgia Avenue, NW in Police Service Area 403. Fenty ass was in San Francisco campaigning to raise more money for his re-election with that idiot Mayor Gavin Newsom. How much more money does King Fenty need in his war chest. With the holidays approaching, Fenty should be focusing on crime prevention. I am a native Washingtonian, not from some Midwestern or small town in middle America. With this being said, you liberal whites defending people like Downtown Rez, it will be some hoodlums on the street who will rob or possibly kill you. These savages think you white yuppies have money and you will be the target. Gentrification will not get rid of all the trash in D.C. Mayor Adrian Malik Fenty has divided this city along racial, sexual orientation, and class lines. We should be one city, but we live in 2 Washingtons.

    I have been appalled by Adrian's behavior for a long time and I know him personally. When he ran against Amazon Charlene Drew Jarvis the former Ward 4 Councilmember, Adrian was a humble and nice guy, man of the people. Now, Fenty has turned into a arrogant SOB/Monster. Maybe, we are seeing him for who he really is. I can't vote for this arrogant SOB in 2010.

  26. #26

    I know lots of white people who think Fenty is a joke...and the joke there one black person in this city with balls or brains to do the right thing and not just be on the take with his/her buddies. Give the power back to congress...deny our vote in congress. We dont deserve it. We are a joke! just one big punch line. Oh and I do agree that there are two Washingtons. blacks who play into every stereotype white/asian/anybody other then black has of them and then theres whites/asian/anybody other then black who just set back and shake their heads and think "go tear up your own neighborhoods" whine and complain about the double standards all you want because I really dont give a fuck!

  27. #27

    Now I think I'll go have a cup of coffee and start my day in post racial america!

  28. #28

    1967DC, please stay off the "CRACK". Your comment didn't make any sense. Please go back to school and learn how to spell and write a complete sentence. You are definitely the product of D.C. Public Schools.

  29. #29

    U.S Citizen buddy pal, Caffine!..give me more!:) Is that all you can come back with???? It doesent take a complete sentence for me to get my point across silly boy!!! Leave the DC school system out of this they can only work with so much. The pool of talent here isnt that great. btw arent we "uppity this fine morning??? Come join me and bask in the sunlight of love and equality in the new Obama era(before its to late that is and before I have to go back and begin treating you like shit your face BROTHER/Sista!

  30. #30

    P.s. U.S. you really get get off on rolling in that "woe is me shit..the white man keepin the brotha down!." Peace! :) Have a nice day sweetheart and dont piss off any white cops!

  31. #31

    Geez...This comment line really went down a rabbit hole...

  32. #32

    Another law being broken and aided by the police. WOW! This town is such a joke. Well if the police won't uphold the law, then maybe a motorist who has the right of way where bikes are not allowed can just tip his ass over. Something for a judge to act on. "Well your honor, I was where a car is supposed to be. The mayor was breaking the law with police help. I was just trying to get to work. If the mayor had gone to work instead of playing on my dime, we wouldn't be here."

    Judge: CASE DISMISSED! Marshalls, go get that damn Nickles. I'm sick of his ass too.

  33. The REAL Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    ...stop it!

  34. #34

    Fenty is such a punk. A petty petulant boy playing at mayor. What an ass.

  35. #35

    Wow, some of the comments here are just pure crap. Comrade stated that he wished DC reverted to where it was 10 years with 85% black. Are you insane son? I'm not a self-hating black, but come on. Do you remember the 90s in DC? Crack wars in every neighborhood up to 16 street NW. I much prefer a starbucks and target than a crack epidemic.

    As for Fenty. Yes he's an arrogrant prick but this is small fries compared to the other shit he's doing. $86 million contracts to his frat buddies, his AG hiding important legal documents, him trying to do away with the City Council. This is small potatoes...

  36. #36

    Comrade/Angry Al Gonzales I can definitely say you are an equal-opportunity bigot! I love it!!

  37. #37

    I hope the escort his ass to JAIL! How many times does the mayor get to break the laws that we the taxpayers cannot???

  38. #38

    NadaDon- you are right this is small compared to the rest but it all ties in to sum up his character. He was probably riding his bike both times he stood up Maya Angelou and Dr. Height too. AND, I don't think he "dismissed" his detail so much as he "preferred" to have time alone with a certain person. (wink-wink) The point goes to what he does all day long during the middle of the day. We know he uses the "heated pool" during the day, NOT before/after work/weekends, but during the work day, THREE TIMES A WEEK. We know he rides his bike during the day, NOT before/after work/weekends, but during the work day, THREE TIMES A WEEK. We know that he may do a press conference or two during the work day to show his face but after that, what City business is he really attending to? And don't give me that he goes to things at night story. If he really did, I think there would be a news camera or two to accompany him since hes such a camera freak. Riding your bike to and from work or evenings or weekends is fine, but if you can make time EVERYDAY, in the middle of the work day to do this all the way to MONTGOMERY COUNTY and back, it makes me wonder who is really "managing" the city.

  39. #39

    AND I didnt even mention the homeland security vehicles. Given to the city for a specific purpose by the federal govt. Do you or the Mayor realize that they can be taken back, that DC forfiets their right to use them, when they are used for purposes other than their required use? Just like the school buildings hes trying to sell, given to the city for educational use... if he sells them DC ends up having to pay a fine to the federal govt AND they can take the land back for their own use.

  40. #40

    re who is really managing the city: Neil Albert and Peter Nickles, God help us all!

  41. #41

    God help us indeed. Two of the biggest idiots in the city (after fenty) are running things and as long as they tell him, "Go ride your bike, we have everything under control." he does just that. You can tell by his comment that this didn't faze him at all. If I did anything wrong, I wont do it again. WTF????

  42. #42

    Downtown Rez: not a homophobic misognist, but a proud gay man who recognizes egotistical, closeted corrupt policitians and their cronies.

  43. #43

    For the record, Fenty did in fact dismiss his security detail while conducting "official" duties in the city (where people know him), but, here's the catch, he carries a large MPD detail when he travels outside of the District to other states/countries (where he is less well known or not known at all). That sounds like grandstanding and/or attempting to hide what he does outside of cycling.

    Either way, the city shouldn't be subsidizing security for the Mayor's recreational activities. Why have security while biking if you refuse it all other times during the day? No other reason, to facilitate avoiding traffic regulations.

  44. #44

    1967DC, I am white and I don't worry about white police officers. You see, law abiding citizens don't have these worries.

  45. #45

    1967DC, I am only joking with you. LOL I am a black native Washingtonian.

    I find this comment board to be funny with these screen names. Where do these people get these names from? For example Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich. LOL

    They are wrong for that; Daddy Grace has been dead for years. LOL

    Korrupt, there's nothing pretty or attractive about Adrian Fenty. Adrian is ugly as shit and he looks like a turtle. If I was a woman, drag queen, gay, or the Humpback of Notre Dame, I would not find Adrian Fenty attractive.

    Adrian ass need to go to jail with Baltimore City's Mayor Sheila Dixon.

  46. #46

    Just checking in...
    Nice to see you all can manage to make yourselves look ridiculous without my constant help.
    Carry on.

  47. #47

    Wow...I've been off this...uhmm blog for months and I see Angry Al, DCRez, Ward4DC, Ward 8 Rez, and Candycane1 are still at it. As much as I'd love to participate in the Fenty bashing, let's keep the issue simple. Say it with me...

    mal⋅fea⋅sance  /mælˈfizəns/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [mal-fee-zuhns]

    –noun Law. the performance by a public official of an act that is legally unjustified, harmful, or contrary to law; wrongdoing (used esp. of an act in violation of a public trust).


  48. #48

    WARD4INDC...Im not afraid to admitt that get a small amount of joy every day when I read the comments section! That and my psych. meds really keep me grounded.

  49. Comrade Al Gonzales

    I'm sorry, I just hate dumb white bitches. I wish they'd move back to Michigan & Ohio. I'm trying to evolve, but it is just exceptionally difficult not to hate the dumb white bitches from Michigan & Ohio who come here & try to make the District into some weird kind of Michigan South.

    No. It's not going to work. I don't care if Detroit is in Michigan, & you think you know black people & think you like black people. Just go back to Michigan. This is not Michigan, & you need to find a new place to live.

  50. #50

    "White devils" - E. Muhammad was right. Yet: "As far as organized religion goes, it's all just superstition that is perpetuated by the weak and by those who wish to live the life of lie and illusion.

    Take drugs instead; it's so much more authentically closer to genuine spiritual ecstasy."

    Weird. Somebody must've edited Wiki...

    Still, he was right about the white devils.

  51. #51

    Mark Seagraves is my hero this week for investigating King Fenty. I know Adrian and he has changed from the guy I met at the age of 29. Maybe his body has been taken over by an alien. I will not be voting for King Fenty in 2010 and I never voted for his puppet Lady Muriel Bowser. Politicians ain't shit and most are corrupt and lairs.

    I am going to Daddy Grace on Friday and buy me a fish sandwich. I don't eat collard greens. LOL

  52. #52

    Collard greens/Activia...same outcome! As far as Kunta Fenty is concerned he kinda does resemble that alien from area 51.???? Big bald head. big eyes and fucked up teeth.

  53. #53

    Fenty is a BITCH! When he gets caught he acts like he is fuckin clueless. There are two cities in DC. One where things get done and people support Fenty and one where things do not get done, crime is high and people hate his dumb ass. I live in Ward 5. Feny if you want to ride your bike then ride through neighboorhoods and look at the fuckin drug dealer and other things that are going on in the neighborhood. I used to volunteer on the Fenty campaign. I did not vote for him because of some of the things that I saw as a result of volunteering. I want a good Mayor for DC. I want DC to flourish but it seems that we are always giving Congress a reason to deny us statehood. I would not give Statehood to a Mayor like Fenty. He is a train wreck. What did people think. He mismanged the estate of an elderly person and King Nickles got him off. Shit I am ready to vote for Mickey mouse for Mayor of DC. At least he can make me laugh.

  54. #54

    This has been another bad week for King Fenty. I was just thinking about the TV character, Steve Erkel. It seems that every time Steve Erkel messed up he would say, "Did I do that?" Everytime our Foolish-One-Mayor Fenty makes a Big Mistake, he sounds just like Steve Erkel, "oops, Did I do that?". And not to leave out Michelle "Rheetarded" please marry your California Girly Man, and leave DC on your broomstick.

  55. #55

    Downtown rez is a fukkboy, coward, along with his frat gump FENTY!

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