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UPDATED: Giro d’Italia to Start in D.C.?

The Giro d'Italia—one of the three grand European cycling tours—is considering starting its run in Washington, D.C. "in the coming years," before jetting all the competitors across the Atlantic to continue the race.

This momentous news comes courtesy of Cycling News, which in turn got the tidbit from a dispatch in Italian sports rag La Gazzetta dello Sport. LL was unable to find the original reportage on that publication's Web site.

Race director Angelo Zomegnan is quoted saying, "There exists a concrete interest from the city of Washington." Adds Cycling News, "Mayor Adrian Fenty will help the bid. He is a fan of cycling and competes in triathlons to stay in shape."

UPDATE, 11/5, 2:45 P.M.: Fenty spokesperson Jack Pfeiffer says there indeed have been discussions about hosting the start of the race, "but nothing is final."

"The city welcomes discussions with race officials and share their enthusiasm for the District to serve as a host city," he said in a statement.

File photo by Mike DeBonis

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  • Martin


    I read this early this morning and am also waiting on confirmation from Fenty's press folks.

    As a competitive cyclist in the area, I think this is rad. But to be fair, I'm pretty sure the participants of the Giro would be livid knowing that they'd have to endure an eight-hour transfer (not to mention the related time difference) between stages.

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  • Keith

    OK, everybody better start practicing your italiano. ;-)