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Another Reason To Hate Red Bull

Red Bull

Its sugar content. Frat boys. The idea of legal, liquid crack. The way it turns your vomit a candy-apple color. Here's another reason to hate Red Bull. I just saw a grown man try to buy Red Bull with food stamps. The 7-11 clerk had to turn him away. Sigh.

*photo courtesy of energy drink guru.

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  • J

    Don't like the sugar? Try Sugar Free. Don't like the vomit? Learn to hold your liquor.

  • Bossi

    Kur pi red bull me QOhet kari te Qi naj Pidh SHiptar

  • Thomas

    More and more companies pour sugar like it is water. I read someplace that the sports drink industry uses upwards of 3 million pounds of sugar.

  • jennifer

    i like it

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