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Another D.C. Council Hearing No-Show!

Just in case you thought the Fenty administration might play nice with the D.C. Council's investigation of the $120 million in parks contracts sent to the D.C. Housing Authority, think again.

Interim parks director Ximena Hartsock and her capital projects director had been asked to come to today's hearing on the matter, but they did not show.

That prompted Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr., chairing the inquiry, to announce at the hearing that he will be issuing subpoenas for the witnesses and related documents.

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  • Ward 5

    I also loved Mrs. Alexander's tidbit reinforcing the reason why she's happy about not confirming her lol.

  • Skipper

    At some point Thomas will learn to pronounce her name correctly.

  • sedcdude

    The heat is on, and if you can't stand it, GET OUT THE KITCHEN!

  • ABF

    At some point, it wont be necessary for Thomas or anyone else to ever SAY her name again. No need to learn the name of the person who DIDN'T get the job! That's probably his whole point.

    I hope he subpoenas the frat buddy and the former teacher too after they fail to show.

  • Ward 5

    Yeeeees Skipper, I was thinking that lol.

  • G

    This is such a joke. I say let's move forward with the projects as scheduled. I am looking forward to the new rec centers and parks that were coming. All this back and forth about who is building them doesn't matter to me so long as the projects move forward. The Council (specifically Harry "Tommy" Thomas) is just posturing for their own Mayoral aspirations.

  • Tom

    G, it's people such as yourself that enable crimes to occur within your government. It starts with "getting the jobs done fast" and ends with racketeering, bribery and draining of the treasury. At the end of the day you will be outraged wondering why anyone could have let them get that far, but it was you and people who think like you who allowed, enabled and asked for it.

    Yes, you'll get your parks and rec centers but after all of the public money has been squandered and pillaged by the "new cronies" who will maintain them? In the end they will end up just like the old parks and rec centers.

    Wake up and stop this ignorant cycle that has occurred since Boss Shephard, Washington & Hechinger all the way to the current administration. Wake up!

  • Anonymous, too

    "In the end they will end up just like the old parks and rec centers."

    Bingo! And as fast as humanly possible ;^ )

  • proballdc

    Didn't Harry get the memo. The Attorney General, our defacto Mayor, doesn't honor Council subpoenas. Hell, he doesn't honor subpoenas from District Auditors. He probably refuses to take out the trash when his wife asks him to.

  • Lea

    The jobs are also done subpar this companies were made last week....and the ink on their operating license is barely dry.

  • DCNatives

    Hartsock is an outlaw that needs to be removed from DPR:

    * Under the leadership of the "outlawed Hartsock" and her "transition team of Teach America, DCPS employees," DPR failed to open as many recreation centers as the former director.

    * During the "outlawed Hartsock's" short, six-month tenure at DPR, she illegally funneled over $30 million in taxpayers' dollars to Fenty's frat buddy-Omar Karim of BANNEKER VENTURES. That's a $5 million a month give-a-way to Fenty's "friends and family plan" at the expense of residents that have a vested interest in the city; and, who are not recent implants--as is the case with Hartsock and her "transition team" of Midwesterners.

    * Under the leadership of the "outlawed Hartsock" and her "transition team," 11 full-time, Project Managers surf the internet all day on the--GOVERNMENT's DIME--due to her contracting their work to Fenty's frat buddy-- Omar Karim of Banneker Ventures.

    * Under the leadership of the "outlawed Hartsock" and her “transition team," small businesses that sub-contract with DPR have to pay Fenty's frat buddy, Omar Karim of Banneker Ventures, a 9% extortion, MAFIA STYLE FEE--to do business with the government of District of Columbia.

    * Under the leadership of the "outlawed Hartsock," she openly and notoriously terminated most of DPR’s African Americans in MSS positions, that out preformed Hartsock's "transition team" of overpaid, underachievers from DCPS. Hartsock's unjust, mass firing of experienced, veteran employees was based solely on her beliefs that African Americans are only capable cleaning toilets at DPR.

    * Under the leadership of the "outlawed Hartsock" and her "transition team," over $70 million in federal funds have been abolished from DPR's budget due to her decision to close DPR's day-care centers-which were ENTIRELY FUNDED by the FEDs.

    Hartsock, who earns more than any other director in the history of DPR--$165,000 per yr-and her incompetent group of "transition cronies," illegally earning as much as $120,000 per yr. as starting salaries at DPR, have and continue to exploit taxpayers of the District of Columbia. The constituents have learned that Hartsock is a legal liability to the District of Columbia, and the council needs to continue its efforts to remove her!

  • downtown rez

    LOL @ proball
    Nickels lives to take out the trash.

  • Skipper

    DCNatives: Neil is that you? You still pissed you didn't get the DPR gig?

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  • Truth Hurts

    So Hartstock didn't honor Thomas' request. Boo Hoo. Wah Wah. I'm not showing up either if I'm Hartstock. After he led the charge to fire her? No way, Thomas. Pick on someone else.