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Allen v. Roig-Franzia Fisticuffs: The Movie

Did anyone actually end up writhing on the floor? Where did Allen connect? Was there any shoving involved? How quickly did Brauchli get to the scene of the crime?

Hit play and find out!

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  • Aaron Leitko

    Too soon.

  • Joel Lawson

    That was great. DeBonis, seriously, you should send demos to Colbert Report, Daily Show, and the like.

  • IMGoph

    i don't know about emmy, but i think you've got your postkiller right here.

  • Rachel

    Needs more dramatic music.

  • Petey Mo

    This has Format Buster written all over.

    (Best supporting actor goes to Beaujon for masterfully working those blinds.)

  • Patrick Alcatraz

    Too white. Leon Spinks as Henry Allen is what you need. Danged thing doesn't look like any fight I've been in. Too gay. But that Monica chick is hot...why no re-create the Wilbur Mills riverbottom thing with her in it? ha ha

  • Katherine

    Forget about the loss to democracy and an informed citizenry if news outlets continue to -- it's newsroom drama like this that we really need to fight to sustain!! If my children grow up in a world with no fighting over charticles and no grumpy editors dishing out abuse, I don't think I will want to go on living.

  • Just Jule

    Typecasting really works out at the end when Beaujon goes Beaujon on his ass. AAN Oscars all around.

  • annys

    uh, i thought maybe this would be funny since i know you guys but it, um, wasn't. the oscar for best supporting actress, tho, goes to monica! she was totally believable. cherkis - stick to writing. (sorry!)

  • J

    Yeah I would def say the best part was Hess. Pretty as a picture and believable.

  • Sean Daly

    I dunno, Wemple looks very thin to me. I'm worried. Don't they sell pizza blankets around there anymore?

    BTW, my favorite part is how Cherky is wearing the same exact outfit as when I last saw him 6 years ago.

    Fun stuff, gang. CP rules!

  • Sean Daly

    By the way, I'm a little disappointed. When I first read the headline, I thought it said "Allen v. Franke-Ruta."

    Oh well, one can always hope.

  • Erik Wemple

    As of 7 am, I'm at 186.0 lbs, Daly.

  • Alpine McGregor

    What was up with the gentle shoving? Henry Allen doesn't roll like that. They don't teach gentle shoving at Parris Island -- they teach straight up asskicksmanship.

    Seriously, though, hilarious video.

    Here's my take on the matter (spoiler, I'm all in for Allen):

  • Hondo Howard

    Looking forward to the sequel, in which Sally Quinn finds she no longer has a desk, and launches a stapler at Hank Stuever.

  • Chris Peterson

    This ranks up there with the Beastie Boys' vid for Sabotage.

    For me the coffee spitting line came when Debone ran a stream of obscenities while sitting idly at the computer.

    You know Cherkis had to play the pop song critic. he probably "called" the role before the script was known.

  • Dave

    Nice slo-mo. Who directed this, Abraham Zapruder?

  • Dave

    Also, I just noticed that WAM is in the background during the climactic punch scene. Who's he portraying? The ghost of Ben Bradlee, perhaps? (What? Ben Bradlee's still alive?)

  • andrew

    good stuff!

  • Anonymous

    As a former Postie, this made my day!

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  • Arthur Delaney

    This is actually CP's second video reenactment of WP doings!

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    wow - full frontal nudity? How avant garde! Only questions - did it have to be Riggs?

  • Deborah

    Great camera-angles and stuff.

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