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Our Morning Roundup: Should Bloomingdale Become A Gated Community?

DC Teacher Chic stresses about having to monitor at-risk students. A huge number of your colleagues just got canned. And you get to complain about your job on a blog. Maybe you should quit. Here's what they wrote:

"I have the fortunate task of progress monitoring at least three-quarters of the students in my classroom. To progress monitor a student in the intermediate elementary school grades, the assessment takes approximately thirty minutes to complete. And here's the cherry on this hot-mess sundae — for students identified as high-risk, I have to perform the assessments every two weeks and for the students identified as some-risk, I have to perform them every three-weeks. YIKES!"

Greater Greater Washington goes deep into the archives for a history lesson on Carroll Row.

And Now, Anacostia notes that the Salvation Army building has finally opened.

In Bloom sorta responds to a listserv post asking for Bloomingdale to become a gated community. Someone is fed up with crime! The blogger writes:

"Frankly, if neighboring LeDroit Park couldn't do it from the start, it's a fair bet to say that it's not going to happen here and now. With several major thoroughfares running through the area (First Street, North Capitol Street, and Rhode Island Avenue, just to name a few), it would wreak havoc on traffic as well."

The Georgetown Metropolitan calls off Ginkgogate 2009:

"While the wretched threat of their putrid load still hangs menacingly over our heads or lies under our feet, GM is now confident that a full-blown Ginkgogate 2009 has been avoided.

This time last year we we’re under a deluge of foul smelling berries. The city had switched to a new concoction to stem the growth of the ginkgo berries. It was a total disaster. We had berries straight through the spring."

Frozen Tropics factchecks a WaPo piece on H Street.

Prince of Petworth notes that there will be a community meeting this Wednesday to discuss the recent spike in violent crime in the neighborhood.

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  • Jamie

    Um, if someone can't deal with occasional crime why the hell did they move to Bloomingdale? It's not like it's anything new around there.

    Gated communities are for sprawling suburbs, and I'm pretty sure their purpose is to keep zombies in, not regular people out. Besides which, the whole idea is idiotic. Chances are most of the people perpetrating the crimes live within the area you'd want to gate off.

  • ugh

    I live in Bloomingdale and it has recently been flooded with frightened, racist yuppies toting around 5 month olds and walking their 1990s labrador retrievers. The listservs are a disgrace; these people want to move in and shut everything down- liquor stores, neighborhood parks etc... just because there's occasionally a shooting between 2 drug dealers who want nothing to do with these peoples' annoying, crying babies. These supposed "progressives" are just miserly, racist, assholes who won't shell out the dough to live in Logan, so they move to cheaper housing and try to transform it from the inside out, to drive out the black community while raising property values (i guess they're just intentional gentrifiers). But guess what? They aren't going away, there's a huge housing project that ain't gonna move- go somewhere else- try virginia, I hear it's sufficiently white.

  • Amanda Hess

    The original posting was from "Elizabeth" at 2nd Street NW:

    "I am sick & tired of reading things like this day in / day out, and every day there is the same old rap sheet. We need to make Bloomingdale a Gated Community - I can't understand how so many of these thugs are continuously in our neighborhood."

    Sounds like someone needs to stop reading the Listserv.

  • Typical DC BS

    Ugh. Get ready to move. The whities be coming for your neighborhood! Before you know it, you may wind up learning that street thugs are bad things to have in your neighborhood, not something to be tolerated.

    Move your loser ass to PG County.

  • Matty B

    Oh, don't you worry - they'll move across the river when rising rents resulting from a myopic development project force them to. And they will still have to tolerate high crime rates, because instead of working to alleviate poevery, the city opts to simply relocate it outside of its jurisdiction.

  • Matty B

    Ahem - *poverty

    It was an impassioned post.