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The Hardest Sell: Redskins Tickets

Maybe WaPo is on to something. Maybe Redskins fans are abandoning the team. One Shepherd Park resident is trying to sell some prime seats to the Dallas game. Just a few years ago, this would have been unthinkable!

Shepherd Park resident "Carole" writes on the listserv:

"Great Christmas Gift! Anybody interested in tickets to Redskins vs Dallas in December? They
are Club house Premium Seats with parking."

A "Great Christmas Gift?" Nice try.

Obviously someone replied to Carole about the tickets maybe being free. Carole had to post this reply:

"I apologize, these tickets are not free. As mentioned they are club house and they are face value $415 each.

Sorry for any misunderstandings!  If anybody else is interested email me directly.   Thanks!"

I'm not abandoning the team. I just would never pay $415 to sit in that stadium.

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  • Truth Hurts

    Hey, how much for tickets to the Skins/Eagles? It's only halftime.