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Fenty’s DCHA Contracts: Some Questions

You have questions about the $82 million dollars in parks-and-rec spending that Mayor Adrian M. Fenty is sending to the D.C. Housing Authority? LL has (some) answers!

What are these projects?

According to data furnished by the D.C. Council, they are 12 projects to renovate 12 parks or recreation facilities. One, to build a $1.3 million ballpark at Emery Rec Center, was awarded in January. The rest—concerning 7th and N park ($800,000), Bald Eagle Rec Center ($5.3M), Barry Farm Rec Center ($15M), Chevy Chase Playground ($1.3M), Fort Stanton Rec Center ($12M), Guy Mason Rec Center ($3M), Justice Park ($12M), Kenilworth Rec Center ($12M), Park View ballfield ($1.2M), Rosedale Rec Center ($16M), and a new park in LeDroit Park ($1.7M)—were awarded last month.

Why are contracts being sent to DCHA?

From the Fenty administration's perspective, going through DCHA allows projects to get off the ground faster. "We build housing, we remodel housing, we have extensive experience in construction management," says DCHA spokesperson Dena Michaelson. "We have in-house skill set to do all this stuff. That's what we bring to the table." DCHA has what's called "independent contracting authority," meaning it's not subject to the usual onerous procurement requirements of the rest of government. But there's also the question of transparency: Today, after this arrangement hit the papers, Attorney General Peter Nickles determined that DCHA was required to send contracts worth more than $1 million to the D.C. Council for approval. But it seems that DCHA was not already in that practice. In any case, the use of DCHA as a city vendor has been on the rise as of late. According to a review of city purchase orders, DCHA had been sent $20.6 million worth of District work in 2006, $29.8 million in 2007, and $22.5 million in 2008. So far this year, DCHA has been handed $57 million from the city, not counting the bulk of the controversial contracts.

What is DCHA's contracting process?

According to Michaelson, the agency's procurement procedures are modeled on the federal government's. The vast majority of DCHA's funding comes through the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development; the city money being sent to DCHA is a "drop in the bucket," she says. The DCHA board, which is appointed by the mayor with the consent of the council, reviews all contracts let for more than $250,000. In this particular case, the contract to serve as manager for all 12 parks-and-rec projects was released for bids simultaneously; 13 firms competed, Michaelson says. A joint bid by Banneker Ventures and Regan Associates won. How individual contracts were then let to construction contractors for each project is still unclear.

How are these firms profiting from the city?

In many ways. Since July 2008, Banneker Ventures, run by Fenty frat brother Omar Karim, has been authorized to receive $1.6 million in direct city funding. That was to serve as construction manager on a pair of projects: the reconstruction of Walker-Jones Elementary School and the rebuild of the Deanwood Recreation Center. Banneker is also a developer as well as a construction consultant, having been part fo the team selected in 2007 to rebuild the Sursum Corda/Temple Courts area as "Northwest One." Those two roles have entangled: Earlier this year, Karim was also included on a panel convened by the deputy mayor's office to review submissions for the redevelopment of Stevens Elementary School in Foggy Bottom. Sources close to the process expressed concern at the time to LL about Karim's dual role as a developer and a city-paid consultant. In the latter role, there was concern that Karim would have access to bidders' closely-held financial data—information that could give Karim a leg up in future projects he might bid on. There's also RBK Landscaping & Construction, the company owned by famed Fenty chauffeur Keith Lomax, which has raked in $16.6 million in authorized funds since 2005, most of it through Allen Lew's school construction office—which, like DCHA, has independent contracting authority and is exempt from the usual procurement processes.

What is fishy about all this?

First, the cast of characters. Virtually all of the firms involved (Banneker, RBK, Blue Skye Construction, Capital Construction, Dustin Construction, Forney Enterprise Construction, Forrester Construction, Hamel Construction, Winmar Construction) are major Fenty donors or allies. And Banneker isn't just an ally—it has been associated with some of Fenty's closest associates. Besides Karim, the firm has in the past employed Warren C. Williams Jr., whose involvement in a lottery contract bid drew immense political heat, and Sinclair Skinner, the street activist turned sharp-dressed consultant who seems to be caught up in every mayoral mess.

Second, the timing. The contracts were let in the waning days of Michael Kelly's tenure as DCHA general manager; he left amid rumors that Fenty wanted him out—perhaps to be replaced by Skinner's running buddy David Jannarone, the mayoral director of development. Add to that the parks-and-rec angle: Clark Ray was mysteriously ousted from the head of that agency earlier this year among reports that he clashed with his superiors—was this the reason why?

Third, the secrecy. Even if you buy the implication of Nickles' ruling—that the Fenty administration in no way condoned the letting of big contracts behind the council's back—the contracts went out through the back door. Rather than "reprogram" the funds in a council-reviewed process, it seems to funds were simply granted by the parks department over to the housing agency in a process that wasn't discovered until some council staffers stumbled over the arrangement this week. For a guy who ran for office on accountability and transparency, it's awfully opaque.

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  • Donna Night

    Fenty is scum ..his ass needs to be tossed out!!!

  • kelvin

    i voted for fenty last election but i will not support him this election there have been to many shady things about him dealing with city matters he just dont seem trustworthy to me anymore.

  • U.S. Citizen

    King Fenty is an arrogant son of a bitch and he only care about himself. It's my way or the highway with King Fenty.

  • Long Time Rez

    Hm-m-m-m... I guess nobody on the Council or elsewhere in DC government--other than auditor Deborah Nichols--is remotely interested in the fact that Keith Lomax committed voter fraud as well as contract fraud to skim millions from DC coffers.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    If Marion Barry had done this, the Post would be up in arms, but since Fenty is half-white friend of the developers & rich white people who run DC, everything will be OK.

    That's apartheid, for those of you who are too blind to see the facts in front of your face.

  • Downtown Rez

    These playgrounds and rec centers are still going to get built to spec, and built on cost and on schedule, right?

  • Robert Louis

    Yes, D.R. and (forgive the hyperbole, I am not comparing the two), the trains ran on time under Mussolini. The notion that the ends justifies the means is exactly what got Richard Nixon in trouble.

  • Downtown Rez

    Hyperbole aside, it would be a shame if citizens were deprived of these projects which (like the facilities modernization in schools) would bring real benefit to under-served areas of the city.

  • Downtown Rez

    In 3 years this administration has built and renovated more rec centers, and completely renovated more schools, than any other has in the past 30 years. Look at the list of contracts, and where they are (or perhaps were) scheduled to be built.
    Given concerns about education and recreation equality, and a whole host of others, this as largely a good thing. And it's frankly unparalleled.
    Now that the council will be fighting over this pot of money, fewer of these will be built, and the ones that are built will be delayed, and cost more. Watch and see.

  • huh?

    DR, just because these rec centers and schools are being built/renovated now does not mean that the plans were conceived under this administration.

    We've seen this administration take credit for test gains, which, even if they were real (and not the result of cheating), could actually be attributed largely to what Cliff Janey did.

    I'd need a little more evidence that Fenty and his crew are actually the ones who developed these plans. And since when is building something faster, but through suspicious or illegal means better for the city? Never heard that one before. I'd rather it take longer but in a transparent way. But that's just me.

  • Downtown Rez

    Under Williams and those before him, facilities modernization for schools (for example) was set forth on a 15 year plan. That time frame essentially condemned children all over this city who were born last year, the year before, and today to go their entire DCPS careers in crappy, un-airconditioned, leaky, no-internet, buildings. And prior administrations couldn't even keep that crappy time plan. It's no wonder that DC's schools have been called the greatest civil rights issue facing the city today.
    And, as bad as that schools "plan" was, parks had no plan AT ALL.
    Fenty changed all that.
    Anyone who has been in DC for more than a minute knows this is true.

  • Tired

    DR what do you have to gain from this? You sound like a Fenty crony, has a matter of fact you probably don't pay taxes in the district or are you on his private payroll. This man is an arrogrant SOB pure and simple no transparency only threats and lies. So regardless no matter what you say, we the citizens are tired of him.He has got to go!!!!!

  • Don B

    David Jannarone is a complete idiot and toady for Neal Albert. Albert et al have been implementing these schemes since day 1.

  • Downtown rez

    That's right, attack the messenger.
    Sure, it's weak of you, but what you gonna do when you can't discredit the message?

  • huh?

    DR, you're not really providing any evidence that what you say is true. You're just saying that Fenty can take credit for something that was planned before because you say he can.

    What was it that Fenty changed? It's not really clear from what you're saying. You mean he "sped up" the process by illegally shifting procurement from DPR to DCHA? Wow, how revolutionary, and, according to that douche Peter Nickles, illegal.

  • Downtown rez

    "Under Williams and those before him, facilities modernization for schools (for example) was set forth on a 15 year plan. That time frame essentially condemned children all over this city who were born last year, the year before, and today to go their entire DCPS careers in crappy, un-airconditioned, leaky, no-internet, buildings. And prior administrations couldn’t even keep that crappy time plan. It’s no wonder that DC’s schools have been called the greatest civil rights issue facing the city today.
    And, as bad as that schools “plan” was, parks had no plan AT ALL.
    Fenty changed all that."

    Prove me wrong, if you can. :)
    But of course you can't, so you resort to (lame) personal attacks.

  • Lea

    I can. Downtown Rez The Master Facilities PLan was confirmed and finished under Dr. Janey and Mayor Wiliams.

    Without them this would not have been possible.

    Recreation funding was under them. AND ....most of these sole source contracts are costing the taxpayers untold somes. We just spent 4.5 million dollars on a state of the art

    bike rack at Union station next to the free bike racks.

    But not even Bush tried this one. (Apparently who needs the council when you have a thesarus:

    Department head gets reprieve from Fenty
    October 23, 2009 - 5:25pm

    Mark Segraves,

    WASHINGTON - Despite being rejected by the D.C. Council, Mayor Adrian Fenty's choice to run the Department of Parks and Recreation will continue at her job for the near future.

    Fenty issued an executive order on October 23 changing Acting Director Ximena Hartsock's title from "Acting Director" to "Interim Director."

    D.C. Attorney General Peter Nickles tells WTOP Mayor Fenty is "within his power to ensure the success of any agency."

    Nickles says Hartsock will be able to serve for an additional 180 days under her new title. D.C. Law requires cabinet level appointees to be confirmed by the D.C. Council within 180 days of their nomination. Hartsock's original 180 was set to expire the first week of November.

    The new executive order could keep Hartsock at the helm of Parks and Recreation until next April, but Nickles says he doesn't think it will take that long to find a new director.

    "Under the law, she has 180 days," Nickles said in a phone interview, "but I expect a new director will be named sooner than that."

    As to whether Hartsock will find another position in the Fenty Administration once a new director is named, Nickles was unsure. "Maybe there's something else here, I don't know." Nickles said.

    Hartsock's nomination was the first Fenty appointment to be rejected by the Council. In a 7-to-5 vote, the council voted her out. The vote came after a controversial confirmation hearing where Councilmember Marion Barry said that Hartsock did not understand black culture and added that women have a different attitude about sports than men.

    Nickles called the vote "outrageous."

    (Copyright 2009 by WTOP. All rights reserved.)


  • huh?

    I like how when I ask Downtown Rez to prove that what he says is correct, he tells me to prove him wrong and then re-posts his assertion. Very convincing.

    There were no personal attacks in my post. Unless you're Peter Nickles.

  • Lea

    By the way,Downtown Rez your information DC Public School will modernize all its over 100 facilities in less than 15 years. Which under Dr. Janey they had already started to modernize several schools

    And by the way, maintenance of schools were actually improving under Janey cost per square foot increase---and hiring of specific personal happened more aggressively.

    But Fenty who did not develop the modernization plan---has cut the capitol improvement of all city schools from 15 years starting in 2005 to when?

    Since he changed all that?

    Also Mayor Williams actually open more Recreation centers than mayor Fenty--most were open during his administration. I will provide the list and you will see their openning day unless Fenty can go back in time and hold the pen for Mayor Williams I wouldn't say he did anything at all.

    BUT I have notice that there is a lot of new construction on this recreation centers, new lighting, new lines, new paint.....

    No homeless shelters but their are lights on my tennis courts.

    Question: Where did the $3 billion price tag for school modernization come from, and what is supposed to be accomplished for that sum?

    According to Chief Business Operations Officer Tom Brady, DCPS estimates its minimum educational facility space needs to be 10.2 million square feet. As of November 2005, DCPS had completed full modernization of about 1.5 million square feet. The estimated cost to fully modernize the remaining 8.7 million square feet of educational facility space is $2.6 billion. This cost is only for space needed for current enrollment. Were this to be accomplished within 15 years, interim health and safety improvements would add another $400 million, according to Chief of Facilities Management Cornell Brown, for a total 15-year capital outlay of $3.0 billion, for an average annual capital outlay of $200 million over the next 15 years. The $2.6 billion figure is based on a per-square-foot cost of $296, inclusive of demolition, hard and soft costs (including furniture, fixtures, and equipment.) Mr. Brady noted in November that by accomplishing full modernization within 15 years, the system should save $1.2 billion in health and safety improvements that would otherwise be required over a longer timeframe. The $3 billion figure is the lowest reasonable estimate of DCPS's capital needs, as it does not make allowances for growth in enrollment of early childhood and special education students, both of which are being urged by city officials and would bring extra facilities costs.

  • downtown rez

    That "master facilities plan" you refer to is the same one I did.
    My above description of it is accurate.
    You are proving my point, not yours.

  • proballdc

    D.R. I believe everyone gets the point that you are attempting to make. However, because you are using the end results to justify breaking the law, your argument becomes moot. At least it does to law abiding, tax paying citizens of this city.

    You see, if early on the Mayor had taken legal steps to change the procurement process to make it more efficient to get these types of contracts granted in the city, I think that the majority of the the residents would have stood behind him.

    This is not what he did. He underhandedly violated the legal process that he and Peter Nickles, as barred attorney's in the District, have sworn to uphold.

    I cannot follow your logic that the Executive of the District has some sort of authority that allows for him to violate District law as he pleases. In fact, he is expected to ensure that they are enforced.

    If we want state status, we need to maintain and run the city in a dignified and ethical manner. Violating the law is clearly unethical. Using your logic, any Mayor that is elected should take whatever exceptions they must to get things done. Even if they have to compromise public trust to do it.

    I think in 2010 you will see how truly wrong you are.

    BTW, the Council SHOULD stop the work on these projects. They were entered into without a 'valid' enforceable contract. If any delay was created, it was created by the party(ies) who entered into these agreements outside of the law.

  • huh?

    dr, you're mistaking me for lea. I did not post anything about the master facilities plan. And I'm not sure how that posting proves your point.

    I think proballdc has put it very well. No need for anything else.

  • Lea

    By the way, Rhee nor Fenty took credit for the Masters Facilities Plan or The Master Education Plan. At least not original...they admitted in several interviews that Dr. Janey did great ground work.

    There issue with him was implementation and timeline of that implementation.

    So do not take credit for Fenty what is not his to take.

    And part of implementation is transparency, integrity in the system, and working for the betterment of the public trust.

    When you don't bid for contract---you don't know what was the best offer. It is like 400 dollar toilets.

    We are also spending money and mismanaging others. And straigth out losing other federal funds. It is hard press to make the case that Fenty is a great mayor.

    You should concentrate whay Fenty should not be thrown in jail.

    My citations:

    The Master Facilities Plan Under Allen Lew

    He does not say 15 years but the phases break down in spaces of 5 years and guess how many are they?

    Downtown most education advocates are aware of the issues on an intimates levels. They are at the eye level in the weeds--and cannot be bluffed. Or they work with issue of systemic barriers and read 300 page reports like people read their horroscope.

    Be better prepared next time.

  • downtown rez

    I do agree with you that the parks contracts should have proceded through legal means, as did the schools contracts to which I compared them. No where in any of my comments did I ever say otherwise. Nor would I, as I see quality parks as being a necessary sibling to quality schools in this "greatest human rights" issue.
    But I also believe that it is incumbant on all of us as voting and taxpaying citizens of DC to ensure these projects which when completed will provide much needed amenities for our city's children are built per community approved design and on time and on budget.
    And I unfortunately fear that will not happen now that various councilmembers will start horse trading over subcontractors, budget issues, etc.
    As I said at first, wait and see.

  • proballdc

    D.R., that citizens of these communities approved the design and budget per the existing agreements is irrelevant. They agreed to contracts that are not legally valid or enforceable. They were spending money that wasn't legally on the table to be spent. The outrage should not be pointed to the District Council who are attempting to fulfill the oversight responsibilities that they were entrusted with. We, the people, cannot have it both ways.

    It was the MAYOR with the complicity of the Deputy Mayor of Planning and Development, the Chief Financial Officer, Director of the Office of Contracts and Procurement and DCHA that CHOSE to violate District law and find illegal ways around the checks and balances that are there to protect the integrity of the use of District taxpayer dollars. He didn't decide overnight that he wanted to engage in any of these projects. This begs the question why he didn't utilize his political capital to change the contracts and procurement process to make it easier to negotiate these types of deals legally? Why, rather, did he attempt to sneak around the process, avoiding transparency, to get these contracts into the hands of those with close personal or political ties.

    I will tell you this, there has never been a time, to my knowledge, that a single contractor has been granted 12 contract awards in one week in a "competitive" process in the history of District procurement. This just didn't happen "competitively" and DCHA's spokesperson is going to lie her way into a hole that it is going to take an attorney to dig her way out of.

    I repeat, any delays in getting these projects done, is not being created by the council, they were created by the person(s) who entered into these illegal, unenforceable agreements. That is criminal in the District and some people may very well end up facing prosecution over this.

    The responsible citizens values ethical stewardship of government affairs.

  • Downtown rez

    It will be interesting to see what happens next, proballdc. You are making assertions about who did what that I don't have any knowledge of.
    But I do rather imagine that this will result in fewer recs and parks being built and/or renovated, and those that are being delayed and at a greater cost.
    Wait and see.

  • proballdc

    You may be right, and if laws were broken in order to put these contracts on the "fast track" they should be delayed. They should be required to go through the legal procurement process. They should be put out for competitive bids.

    Without the rule of law, we have nothing.

    The beginning and end of it, nobody, but nobody, is above the law in the District.

  • Mayor Stop Stealing

    It is a crying same that the Mayor can break the law and people like DR is wearing about how fast the Recs will be built.DR you sound like I of the people helping to steal and mislead the taxpayers. I first want to say that I am a General Contractor in DC that really thinks Fenty is funneling Taxpayers dollars to his friends so they can and to his reelection funds.I can personally say that the DC Housing Agency can hardly do what they are in trusted to do with fixing up there properties. I am proud of Peter Nickles for the first time he is telling the truth. I guess Mr Nickles knows that the FBI is coming to help him keep finding the right answers. DR I know you want Fenty and his crew to keep on stealing but this Mayor is to dumb to hide the money in the freezer!!!!!!!!!!! FBI lock up Mayor Fenty , Neil Albert, Peter Nickles, Allen Lew, Sinclair Sinner.

  • Downtown rez

    Perhaps we can also agree that we hope running these through council will yield for our fellow citizens a superior product at a superior value.
    Let's wait and see.

  • Downtown rez

    Lea- In 2008 the Fenty Admin published a new Facilities Modernization Plan. It achieves much of what the old one did in 5 years, rather than 15. It's available on the DCPS website.
    I remember back in 2006-2007 when, as a volunteer on beautification day, I patched bullet holes in the rear of some elementary schools while the Williams administration planted flowers by the curb. These bullet holes had been there, in some cases, for decades. The memory still sickens me.

  • downtown rez

    By the way. If the council(read: Thomas and Gray) wanted, all these contracts could be resubmited for bid immediately and work could begin 4 months from now- when construction season starts in March.
    And, surely, the proper process would work as intended and the cost would be lower and the product better. Right?
    Let's wait and see.

  • DCPS parent

    The rehab modernizations (not the rebuilds) that have been done under Fenty and Rhee ere done half-assed. Huge sums of money were poured into schools to throw paint on walls and to do other quick fixes with very poor workmanship.

    Fenty and Rhee can say all they want about how many schools they have renovated but please try sending your children to some of these schools and you will see the reality.

  • downtown rez

    My children do go to these schools. And I've volunteered at and seen amazing improvements in many others.
    How about you?
    What, specifically, are your complaints?

  • TripLBee

    Having grown up under Marion Barry and watched city residents rally around his criminal behavior, I sure hope we won't make the same mistake with Fenty. I know these guys he's giving contracts to. Not only are they completely unqualified to manage large-scale capital projects, they are, to put it mildly, shady characters. The mayor's office is not a throne that Fenty can use to enrich his buddies. Fenty may well be on the path to jail. He is a crook.

  • Marciela

    No matter what changes Fenty has made, he is still a crook, still dishonest and still corrupt. He stole from elderly clients when it was his responsibility to safeguard their rights. That speaks to character. He should have been disbarred then -- many people have been for much less.

    As for schools, that is Fenty's favorite issue. Perhaps he has latent issues from his childhood. There certainly are a lot of stories that he was ADHD, had an IEP that wasn't met and that he was bullied and would run away from other kids until he got to his front porch where he would talk trash.

    Well, some children do go to schools that have been historically better maintained or nicely renovated -- i.e., Oyster, Lafayette, Murch, Eaton, other Ward III and Ward IV schools -- but that is NOT the case for children all over the city. Furthermore, if all schools were equal, Fenty, Rhee and Reinoso would not take advantage of their jobs/status and send their children to out of boundary schools. So ... that speaks volumes. At any rate, until all children receive an equal education in equal buildings with an equal opportunity to succeed, not a damn thing has changed about schools. The marginal three percent of improvement last year is nothing to celebrate. Also, look at test scores in the better off schools and you'll see very little movement from proficient to advanced. And those students' parents have graduate degrees and pay for tutors. So what gives?

    Moreover, enrollment numbers are still being fudged because now the chancellor's office is putting out propaganda that the numbers won't be solid until fall. Well, it is fall.

    Firing 338 people after hiring 900 during the summer was deceitful and quite frankly insulting to the average person's intelligence, yet so many purportedly well-educated people believe the hype and lies. Pathetic. Continuing to fire people along racial lines and at the top of the chain in terms of experience is illegal and a marginalist practice. No one is "hollering racism or agism" because the statistics speak for themselves. No one ever wants to look at things along those lines so maybe it's a coincedence that 72% of the persons in Rhee's last workplace slaugher just happen to be Black and Hispanic, people largely 40 and over. Still think that's an accident? Well, the younger teachers have come in with the mentality they are better than the 'older' people being pushed out. That's Teach For America, The New Teacher Project and DC Fellowspeak for "We're younger, whiter and therefore better." Speak to some of the children who are being told that they are as ignorant as their parents. Listen to Rhee as she says the parents are as behind as their children. Then think about that.

    It is a fact that Fenty's buddies Sinclair Skinner and others are benefitting from city funds. Too many incidents like fire truck donations, party funds and so forth have happened. Finally, it really comes down to what a person's priorities are. For the have nots in DC who are struggling to rear their kids and to make daily bills, there are bigger priorities than recreation centers, fancy school renovations and dog parks. In closing, a lot of the nitpicking the haves make is based on the little extras they want to see in their communities. A lot of people in the city have to choose among the utilities they will pay for the month. They have had to give pets away because they can't afford to take care of them and their children anymore.

    So if recreation centers mean a lot more to some than others, which is certainly their right to prioritize, look at baseline priorities. No law says DC must be for the elite but the elite are the priority for Fenty -- and he isn't even elite himself but a want-to-be. There is, however, an unwritten edict that government is of the people, by the people, for the people. Simply put, everyone gets a say, not just the rich who want to play or walk their dogs.

  • Marciela

    And things are worse in DC right now than they were in Detroit. Kwame Kilpatrick lost his job. Where does and should that leave Adrian Malik Fenty?

  • E.C.D.C.

    Fenty is a dirty piece of crap I know a lot of people from the top to the bottom of DCHA and it's a lot of dirty stuff going on with Fenty and the people he's bringing in and what they are doing to a lot of people people kicked out of it isn't right at all.

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  • Marciela

    So true, so true. The funny thing about it: would Fenty be able to do this in any other city? Hell no.

  • 3rd Generation Washingtonian

    OK, I will first start with Loose Lips. I am sick and tired of you and all of these so called folks who are in the know in this city bring Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc into this conversation and trying to throw it up as a reason for problems. First of all, you need to do some research if you are going to continue to bring the organization up. You were quick to run your mouth about the so called less than 40k that the city spent for a welcome event for a group who brought what was estimated as $6 - 8 Million into the city. I don't know where you are from (but as always not from DC as most of the white folks who claim to talk and know this city) but in my world 40k for more than $ 4 Million is always a great deal.

    Now as for the contracting issue, I will first start to say that I was and have never been a fan of Fenty but to his credit he is getting stuff done. These conversations are a prime example of what is wrong with folks, you want folks to get things done and but when the do you complain about how they do it. Yeah, he may not have done this the way most folks do but you know what most folks don't get it done.

    Now as for the dumb ass who mentioned Barry, don't dare talk about if he would have done this, he has done enough bullshit in this city which is horrible just in the past 4 years. This is the same man who gives out grants for campaign contributions and puts women out for not blowing him. Yeah, great example, real talk, Barry aint been good in 10 - 15 years.

    Now as for the rest of the contracts and the so called city council, the council is full of crap which is why they are not speaking, when they had the chance to reject the $240 plus million project awarded to Whiting Turner a Baltimore Firm over Tompkins/Turner Builders a DC Based firm, they all sat on their damn hands because like so many others they lack testicular fortitude.

    If you all are going to continue to bytch and complain offer some real solutions. While we are on it, we talk and complain about teachers being fired, well lets look at it, DC has had the worse schools in the country for more than 15 years so to be honest there is no teacher who can claim to have received a good review. You all are failing constantly, so who cares if you get fired, real talk most of you all are not DC Residents anyway, I'm tired of my damn tax funds going out of the city anyway.

  • Truth Hurts

    Sorry folks, but I have to side with DRez again. I don't believe Fenty's dishonest or a crook. He's made plenty of bone-headed moves, but he's improving DC's schools. Too bad he can't do it without needlessly offending people.

  • chris hauser

    the mayor's ok by me.

  • chris hauser

    but i'm not sure how we're going to pay for all this.

  • E.C.D.C.

    Oh plz he's a terrible & dirty mayor.

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