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Chevron on MLK Jr. Avenue SE: The Worst


It's Monday, early afternoon. Just finished up an appointment right around the corner from the Chevron station right by the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and Malcolm X Avenue SE, and need gas badly.

So I pull into the Chevron and insert a credit card into one of the pumps. It doesn't work—have to go inside and pay. I tell the clerk, hey, please put me down for $30.

Back to the pump. It barely works. Every time I squeeze the nozzle, it stops, as if I had a full-to-the-brim tank of gas, instead of a totally empty one. I switch the position of the nozzle in every possible way, but the glitch keeps recurring. If I find a real sweet spot, I get the thing pumping for, like, 15 seconds, max.

This goes on for about five minutes, by which time I've gotten just more than $20 worth of gas. That's enough, I decide, and head into the station to get my refund. I say I'd like a receipt for the refunded amount. He says no receipt available—trust me, he says, it'll show up on your bank statement.

I tell him I'd like a receipt, please. He punches some numbers off the cash register and hands me a receipt. I tell him that's the wrong instrument to issue the receipt—I need a receipt from the same machine that my credit card had been run through—the machine that's tapped into my credit card company.

He says don't worry about it. Meantime, other people are waiting and hovering and so on, so I bag out of there.

Days later, there's no sign of my refund. So I now have a case number with Chevron's customer service people. I want my $9.69 back.

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  • DG-rad

    some of the congress heights bloggers have been covering this mess. sadly this is pretty much the only gas station in "near ward 8". whatever that means.

    and of course all our close capitol hill / navy yard stations have been bulldozed.

  • The Debutante

    WE HATE THIS GAS STATION. I have contacted Chevron several times and they do not seem to care. This station is also a safty hazard. The pumps are not properly attached at all times and gasoline can spray out on customers. IT IS A SHAME! I NEVER get gas their. Sorry to say, I fill up in P.G. County while I am running erands.

  • The Advoc8te

    Not only is it the worst Chevron it is the most DANGEROUS!!! Last summer I went that Chevron and put $20 on pump #2. I came out and was looking for the hangle with the hose then realized it was gone. Just as I was saying "who the $%&* would steal a damn nozzle?" Just a that moment...that's right you guessed it. $20 WORTH OF GAS STARTS POURING FROM OVERHEAD WHERE THE MISSING HOSE SHOULD HAVE BEEN CONNECTED!!!!

    I spent the next 30 minutes
    1) Trying to find out from the gas station attendant how exactly they don't notice a damn hose is missing?

    2) Arguing about getting my $20 back

    3) Persauding him to call the fire department because spilled gas = fire waiting to happen (btw his idea on fixing the problem was pouring some water on the gas - genius he is not)

    Finally I got my $20 and called the fire department (from across the street of course) and explained the situation to them. They seemed to take the issue spilled gas + smoking derelicts quite seriously.

    BTW there is another horrible ass gas station up the street owned by the same family I think and that gas station REFUSES TO TAKE CREDIT CARDS which is why folks in a bind (such as myself because ordinarily I never patraonize that Chevron) are forced to use the Chevron on MLK and Malcom X.

    Visiting that Chevron is an invitation to be harrassed by hoodlums asking for a handout and/or looking to rob you. Why ANC 8C isn't getting on the band wagon to shut that Chevron down I have no idea - it's a damn eyesore!

  • The Advoc8te

    I really should have sued that damn Chevron. Do you know how hard it is to wash gasoline out of your hair? I had to throw away the clothes I was wearing also.

    I HATE HATE HATE HATE THAT CHEVRON! This would never ever be allowed in any other part of the city but for some reason it's okay because it's in Ward 8. We have complained and have been ignored.

  • The Advoc8te

    They also have rats INSIDE THE STORE. I was about to buy a diet coke and I saw this fat ass rat run across the floor. I was like "you know what keep that coke" and I rolled out.

    Good news is that I just heard from DCRA and they are going to do something about it.

  • Andrew

    You should also contact your credit card company and file a fraud report with them. They can post a chargeback to your account at their discretion, so even if Chevron won't help you out you can get your money back. Plus, if they start getting multiple complaints for that gas station they'll shut down their account.

  • Urban_Architect

    Yea, I've been there once...and never went back. It's just not safe. I'll take my chances on the side of the road waiting for the advocate or southeast socialite to bring me a plastic container full of fuel before I'll go there.

  • The Advoc8te



  • Sylvia

    This is so ridiculous it is funny. Where is CM Mary Cheh on this one? Doesn't her committee have jurisdiction over gas stations or at a minimum perhaps she'd be interested in the environmental aspects? If the customer relations are horrible, donuts to dollars, environmental standards are horrible too.

  • The Debutante

    There are always shady people hanging out at this gas station. The attendants are also stealing. I have seen them. The cost of a gallon of gas is never clearly displayed either. This gas station needs new management. I PROPOSE A BOYCOTT!

  • jma

    i rarely go to either of these gas stations....only when i am in desperate need! I prepare myself when i jump out of the car and try to make it as quick as possible. Also, eff filling up the tank..i get just enough and drive off! that's sad.....

  • Jean Servais

    Erik Wemple should call the Chevron corporate office and find out WHY this station is not listed on their web locator. Are they still affiliated with Chevron? Is Chevron giving them the snub because or poor service -- or the neighborhood?

  • The Debutante

    I'm with JMA, I only get $10 worth of gas if I have to stop there. They more than likly have a low quality of gasoline as well. lol

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