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Graham Slams Feds At Community Meeting; Claims His Remarks Were ‘Off The Record’


Councilmember Jim Graham has generally kept quiet on the taxicab bribery case that has so far snared his right-hand-man Ted Loza. But at a recent Kalorama Citizens Association meeting, Graham apparently couldn't help himself. According to sources in attendance, he blasted federal law enforcement for busting Loza.

Recalls one source who was there: “[Graham] basically said Ted was entrapped by the FBI. The gentleman Kamus…He said he and Ted were very, very good friends. I thought it was a very bizarre thing to say."

Says another: “He talked a little bit about the investigation. He went back and forth from sort of defending Ted and throwing Ted under the bus a little bit. He talked about how Kamus was a really good friend of the office and a good personal friend of Ted’s.…That’s when he came up with the FBI entrapment….It’s a close friend of Teddy’s who got caught up in the investigation.” [See pictures of Loza and Kamus].

And finally, here's one more source from the KCA meeting: "I heard him talk about the taxicab investigation and how tragic everything was....It gets you paranoid. You don’t be expecting to be talking to someone and thinking you are talking to the FBI."

Pretty deep insights from the Grahamstander.

When we asked the councilmember to confirm or deny his comments, a staffer offered up a very unique retort.

Brian DeBose, Graham's new spokesperson, replied via e-mail: "It was an off-the-record meeting. That means you want him to verify something. He wants to know what you want him to verify before he talks to you." (This item initially misspelled DeBose's last name)

I replied that there's no such thing as an off-the-record public meeting. DeBose replied: "Incidentally, I know a community meeting is by definition not off the record. However, Dennis James assured the Councilmember it would be."

Denis James did not return calls seeking comment.

Bryan Weaver, an ANC Commissioner in Adams Morgan, says the meeting was not advertised as off-the-record. “I don’t know how you can have public meeting be off the record," he says. "It’s impossible. They had probably a 100 signs up in the community featuring Jim Graham as the speaker…It was the only thing on the poster.”

Eventually, Graham agreed to be interviewed. Yesterday, I was told that he would be calling. He never did. This afternoon I got another, final response from DeBose: "The councilmember was unavailable for comment by press time."

*photo by Darrow Montgomery.

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  • Big-K

    I guess he may be trying to stay on the good side of Loza to keep from being his cell mate like jail house buddies however, when the feds began to put the full vice grip on Loza mentioning the time in prison he is facing, he will sing like a canary. Watch out Ms Graham, Big Buba is waiting.

  • ManOpener

    Looks like years of keeping all the lies and liars straight is finally catching up to Jim "Taxi Cash" Graham. Jim "Taxi Cash" Graham is utterly corrupt and after years mastering and exploiting the AIDS grift he moved onto other ways to enrich himself, parking, real estate, even taxi cabs.

    I really hope the Feds are investigating him, if they are not they should be, and finally nail him. Nail him in memory of all of those now passed whose suffering, pain and death he exploited, nail him for all of those whose good will and hard work he has commandeered and made perverse only to make himself feel important and to get rich.

    I know its a tough job market and I know he was thrown from the frying pan into the fire on his first day but here is a word of advice to Brian DuBose. All the whispers, the innuendo, the rumors, have basis in fact. The averted eyes, the half hearted endorsements, the complete dearth of defenders, can't be ignored forever. At some point the choice to speak for this is yours. At some point you will be sullied by it forever.

  • WardQueen

    Amen to ManOpener. If Graham's career from what he did to Whitman Walker forward were looked at as a whole the Feds could probably get him under RICO for operating a continuing criminal conspiracy. I'm sure glad I don't have his karma.

    Keep up the good work Jason. You know you are onto something with Graham. Keep dogging him. For so many here and long gone your work is epochal.

  • Dan

    That shirt Graham is wearing in the photo is a kind of money green or is that a reflection from his breast pocket?

  • U.S. Citizen

    Miss Graham loves her some Salvadoran/Central American pinga. If she goes to jail, she will find plenty in there. Maybe Miss Graham will be gang raped by some MS-13 members. Miss Ted Loza looks soft too in this picture. She's a old queen, but those desparate men in prison will fudge pack Ms. Loza. I don't think nobody drunk or sober would do Miss Graham.

  • Grace Jones

    LOL@U.S. Citizen

  • Korrupt

    Is it true that everything Graham wears is from Prada?

  • Simon

    please delete Comment #5, it's totally offensive, racist and homophobic and surely violates whatever minimal terms of use this site has.

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  • Brian DeBose

    As amused as I am by the dearht of journalismtic integrity exhibited in this blog, I am more baffled as to how Jason - who decided to print portions of my email to him - either couldn't read my name in any of the emails or just couldn't spell it correctly.

  • Brian DeBose

    As amused as I am by the dearth of journalistic integrity exhibited in this blog, I am more baffled as to how Jason – who decided to print portions of my email to him – either couldn’t read my name in any of the emails or just couldn’t spell it correctly

  • Dan

    Oh right, attack the messenger, that is what a professional would do Mr.Debose! No defense, no refutation, just attack Jason's integrity.

    I guess we know now why you have been reduced to working as a third rate mouthpiece for "Taxi Cash"!

  • Brian DeBose

    I haven't defended or refuted anyone Dan. But I will refute your inability to capitalize the "B" in my name after you just read it.

  • Woodley Parker

    " ... either couldn’t read my name in any of the emails or just couldn’t spell it correctly."

    Talk about not spelling correctly -- see Brian DeBose's original post #9. Good thing he cleaned it up in the second post, #10. And this guy is a communications staffer? Lol.

  • Dan

    You are drowning in a cesspool of graft and corruption that has been 25 years in the making. You need to move on, at least concerning the issue of the spelling of your name.

    I did not suggest that you had refuted anything, to the contrary, I pointed out that you had no defense to offer.

  • Woodley Parker

    Also, why is Councilmember Graham's communications staffer on this blog? Isn't that a bit unprofessional?

  • Eveready Bunny

    LMFAO @ U.S.Citizen

    There must be those drunk, drugged or desperate enough to do Graham. Why else would she have been photographed trolling in front of the Mens Party? She must be getting something or she wouldn't keep coming back.

    If all she wears is Prada she needs to get our money back. The hem is ripped out of that coat sleeve and the hem line is filthy.

  • Dan

    Woodley Parker, no communications professional would work for Jim Graham. What no communications professional would do is to respond directly on a blog on an issue so mundane as the spelling of their name.

    Professional qualifications have nevr been a criteria for Graham, only complete fealty matters.

  • Jason Cherkis

    Eggs on my face. Apologies to readers and Brian for totally and inexplicably butchering his last name. Weird that I would do that considering.

  • Downtown Rez

    And, yet, there is no evidence pointing to Graham, and the authorities have specifically said he is not a target of this investigation.
    I'm betting Christmas will be late for the haters here! :)

  • Julio

    Simon, the hell with political correctness. What happen to free speech? You left wing liberals want to censor people for what you consider as hate speech or speech you don't like. The United States is not a communist country. We are supposed to have freedom here, but assholes like you and many liberal nuts in the Democratic Party want to take this away from the American people. Go fuck yourself!

    It's true, Jim Graham likes taking it in the behind from Salvadoran/Central American men. What about you Simon?

  • Dan

    Ah, me thinks me detects a clever ruse Brian, adopting the nom de plume downtwon rez, oh sorry, I know you prefer Downtown Rez.

    No evidence has yet been revealed. The investigation continues as do Loza's et al plea negotiations.

  • Donna Night

    Miss Graham(and Ive said this before)needs to be sent to the ghettos of Central America so she can rape young swarmy gringos and justice alik. As for DeBoseito..does Senora Graham make you wear a condom when you bust her pinata????

  • DCDude

    "Dennis James" is actually Denis with one "n"... Mr. DeBose.

  • DCDude

    Get # 22 off the comments..

  • Donna Night

    DCDude are you maybe one of The Senoras boytoys..sounds like I touched a nerve?

  • Julio

    Simon is aka DCDude. He has 2 personalities or he's goes both ways and want to a 3 some with Miss Graham and Miss Loza.

  • U.S. Citizen

    I thought gay white males are supposed to have tight gym bodies and be attractive? What in the hell happen to Jim Graham? He is one ugly troll! What man or woman would want to get their freak on with these 2 losers? (Ted Loza & Jim Graham)

  • DCDude

    No apparently many of them are self-hating horrific mouth breathing trolls ... Who because of their hideous puss cover faces they yearn for any form of human contact. They type away on computers in their mother's basements .... Using self-hating language that kills and debate over the ethics of their dark lord Jim Graham. And yes we all understand that he enjoys the company of other men. What we didn't know was that he was an unethical prick. But go back to your schoolyard humor and kill any real look at Graham's crimes.

  • Downtown Rez

    Granted, Dan.
    But I'm not Brian, nor do I have ties to the Ward 1 Councilman.
    I trust you don't need my permission to continue to hold your breath!

  • U.S. Citizen

    Ok DCDUDE, we understand, you are Miss Graham's boy toy this season.

  • Donna Night

    DCDUDE<<<<< can be found this weekend at the gay club"El Fuego" brushing up his/her skills as its been announced that he/she is in the top 5 to replace Loza as Senora Graham numero uno papi! Baby get ready to CONGA!

  • Don B

    NEWS FLASH! Jim Graham is not a top and she is into prepubescent exotic flowers of the orient. She only does latins because of the local economies of scale. A girl has to have a fall back plan.

  • Lea

    I will defend Brian DeBose. I was a frequent reader of his at the Wsahington Times. He is a damn good writer, and an especially investigative reporter.

    How he is working for Jim Graham--the FBI raid was his first day on the job--I don't know

    And any good communications professional worth their salt these days understands that communications is multi facet and should be engaged where the people are.

    Writing some high and lofty press release to be printed one place is not art or the science of good communications.

    Kudos to Brian and Jason

  • Denis James

    First, I disassociate myself from the other comments made here, except the one where someone knows how to spell my name. The level of political discourse could hardly be lower.

    Kalorama Citizens Association meetings are always public. As our meeting posters say, "all are welcome", even City Paper reporters. We meet about 3 blocks from the City Paper offices. An interested reporter wouldn't even need a taxi to get there.

    Perhaps Brian DeBose misinterpreted something that I said when we talked some days prior to the meeting. It goes without saying that comments made at a public meeting cannot be "off the record".

    I think CM Graham was simply trying to connect with his constituents in a difficult situation. I invited him to be KCA's guest speaker, because I assumed that many local residents would like to hear from him on the taxi scandal and other related or unrelated topics. In inviting him, I stated that I had no particular political ax to grind, that I was content to let the judicial system do it's work. I also thought that he might wish to be placed in such a situation with the people he represents.

  • Donna Night

    why give that idiot a platform? He's been on the take and hated by almost everyone he's worked with since his days at WW. He's scum!