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Cheap Seats Daily: Breaking News: Fans Say Redskins Selling Beer in FedExField Bathrooms!


Great Moments In Capitalism (Cont.)

I thought Dan Snyder couldn't top himself after selling Sept. 11 Commemorative Hats for profit.

Note to self: Never overestimate Dan Snyder. Never. Ever ever. Never never.

Folks at FedExField for yesterday's game reported that Snyder's vendors were selling beer to fans IN THE RESTROOMS!

And this isn't the first time.

(After the jump: New evidence of Snyder's "revenue stream"?)

The above photo was posted on Snyder's message board,, a year ago. A witness who goes by the board name of Gracelander wrote:

I'm in 418 and this one dude kept coming into our section peddling the beer and he was obviously in someone elses territory cuz there were alot of back and forth stuff said between them. Then what made me mad was when I went to the bathroom at the start of the 3rd quarter and this guy was in the BATHROOM selling beers to guy's who waited for the urinals. I found this just wrong on so many accounts. I took a pic of him because i'm sure this isn't typical "fed ex" rules for it's employees.

Gracelander later posted that he had received apologies from FedExField management, who blamed the bathroom retailing on maverick vendors.

Well, Gracelander went back to the scene of the grime yesterday for the Kansas City Chiefs game. Only this time, he brought along a video camera.

So now there's fresh video showing that the filthy sales practice is still in found at FedEx. Gracelander posted this video on

Other posters on Snyder's message board seconded Gracelander's yucky tale.

I mean, sure, with about half the ticketholders staying home yesterday, I can understand Snyder needs to come up with some new, um, revenue streams. in the bathrooms?

Stay with Cheap Seats Daily for continuous updates on BeerInTheBathroomsGate™!

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  • Grumpy

    'Why is this beer WARM?'


  • Former Staffer

    Why is this beer being sold in violation of MD Health Codes and Alcohol Regulations?

    Because Snyder thinks he can get away with it. Someone (preferably a City paper Reporter) contact PG County and ask why this hasn't resulted in a violation or revocation of Snyder's liquor license.

  • NAB

    C'mon, what you see is what you get. I don't see a problem here.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    If I'm at FedEx, sitting on the pot taking a dump, will a waiter bring a beer to me? Make it a beer & a shot, pls.

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  • What’s the problem here?

    More points of service is a good thing. Cheers to the enterprising vendor.

  • Steeler fan

    Piss poor team. Warm beer. Now it all comes together.

  • Marlena

    When is someone going to realize that the big picture story is the collapse of Snyder's finances? He's selling beer in restrooms and 911 hats because he desparately, desparately needs cash. City Paper called it awhile ago when they pointedly asked what has Dan Snyder touched that hasn't turned to dirt. That game can only go on for so long.

    I'll bet he is over leveraged everywhere and behind the scenes the drama is incredable. I mean, what happens when an NFL franchise utterly collapses? What will that do to the overly inflated value of other franchises? You better believe the NFL is all over this and probably calling in markers everywhere to prop up Snyder.

    I hope the Cooke family got cash! Look soon for the announcement of the new "Dubai Redskins"!

  • Former Staffer

    Marlena, Six Flags filed for bankruptcy already...hopefully he sells and the new owner changes the name soon.

  • knowpheast

    This is absolutely disgusting. But don't blame Snyder directly.

    I've sold beer at FedEx field and this is against the rules: beer sales are only allowed in the seating area and on the concourses. Not even in the tunnels between the two.

    The problem is that beer vendors are sort of like independent contractors—earning commission on sales and working for tips. And it's not cool to poach someone else's area.

    So, this guy was looking for a way to get a jump on the competition. But selling peddling beer to folks with their pants down is lame.

    Oh, and if you're worried about sanitation, I'd stay far away from the lemonade.

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  • Hondo Howard

    Seems like a convenience. First good idea Snyder's had since...ever.

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