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It’s Official: Gray for Mayor!


...of Lancaster, Pa.

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  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    Is Vincent Gray Red? Vincent Orange was not Red. Jack Black is Red. Herb Green is Red. Barry White was Red.

    Is Vincent Gray Red?

  • huh?

    Hell fucking yes.

  • huh?

    Mike, now I'm mad at you because I'm too dumb to read closely. Don't do that to me. Please.

  • Anonymous

    You are very cruel Mike Debonis....very cruel indeed....

  • Hah!

    Awesome. Someone needed to crack the Amish undertaker racket, and grey Gray seems as well suited as any undertaker I've ever met.

  • JP

    Didn't he lose to Carcetti in the primary?

  • Joel Lawson

    There is some sort of large silver balloon being prepped on the roof of the JAWB. Seriously, everyone, you should go check it out.

  • Bill

    Some of your readers need to read more carefully.

  • Rhoda

    What are you playing at.

  • Daddy Grace FIsh Sandwich

    MdB, can you expose that the re-elect Fenty camp has moved to posting Fenty's green campaign signs in city-owned vacant lots in addition to abandoned properities/homes.

    Is Fenty gonna play fair and let Leo Alexander or Gray post signs in these lots and vacant props as well?

  • Rick Rosendall

    Chalk one up for LL. Very funny.

  • hip for Gray

    Mike that was foul. I have been hearing rumors the opposite is true. Because Kwame won't get out the way he won't jump in.

    That is Adrians wet dream. Dumb against dumberer. I hope the unions put them both in a room and tell Kwame what his supports wont . You lack education, intellectual heft, experience an articulation. Sit your @ss down.

    But he has his supporters in his face and believing his own hype. They talked to Gray and Thomas too.

    Gray for Mayor!!!

    Evans for Chair.

    Kwame won't win anything but Fenty second term.

    I moving to Virginia.

  • Truth Hurts

    DeBonis, make sure CP's insurance premiums are paid up before you pull a twisted prank like this again. The only reason I didn't immediately croak is because my wife refilled the blood pressure meds yesterday. One day I'll laugh; tonight I'll have nightmares about "one city" Gray. You'll pay for this!

  • B

    Oh Mike!

    I almost got on the phone and started calling people to say, "Finally, somebody is going to run." I clearly don't agree with all that Gray has done.

    But I take comfort knowing that he at least reads and thinks.

  • Truth Hurts

    Ok, the AED worked, still alive. How about skipping the next mayoral election? Maybe figure out a way to identify 20 or more quality folks with demonstrated service to the city, and who don't need a job. Assign each one to be acting mayor for a few months and then pass the baton to next man/woman. What could it hurt?

  • sedcdude

    Vicent Gray's self proclaim to fame, "I USED TO PLAY BASEBALL", not enough to get my vote, LEO ALEXANDER for mayor!