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Cheap Seats Daily: Remember When This Was Called ‘Redskins Weather’?


Hate to stomp on the weather beat that others at City Desk are already covering with gusto. But I'll stick to forecasts, and stay away from the retrocasting favored by the boss.

So, Sunday in Landover at kickoff: 47 degrees, rainy, winds 13 miles an hour from the north and 100 percent cloud cover. That used to be called "Redskins Weather!" around here. Now, it's called "You Can Get a Redskins Ticket for 17 Cents Weather!"

On a related note...

Redskins Ticket Watch: More than a thousand ads for Skins/Chiefs tickets on Craigslist this morning. Asking prices in just the first few listings I found went from "Way below face value!" to "Half Price!" to "75 percent off!" to "Make an offer!"

Face value's a pipe dream. Come to think of it, with 47 degrees and wet on the horizon, 17 cents might look like a windfall by kickoff. In any case, folks who intend to show up at FedExField might need to bring something to cover their heads from all the precipitation.

Like, bags or plates, maybe?

(AFTER THE JUMP: Vinny Cerrato is told it's the talent, stupid? Snyderatto = Rosie Ruiz? Snyder changed the copy in the cheerleader car wash contest AGAIN? Will the Great Dan Steinberg fall for the not-actual-cheerleaders picture bait AGAIN? Ronnie Mervis and Dan Snyder use the same advertising firm?)


Great Moments in Uncomfortable Radio: Randy Covitz, a beat writer for the Kansas City Star covering the Kansas City Chiefs, came on this morning's "Inside the Red Zone," the mystifying show hosted by Redskins personnel wizard/Six Flags investor Vinny Cerrato.

Cerrato was going over the problems that young head coach Todd Haley was having with his 0-5 Chiefs when Covitz blurted out: "We know it's not the coaching. It's the talent!"

We know that, Vinny? Right? A guy can't win without talent, for crissakes! We know that, Vinny? Right? So how come Jim Zorn's on the hottest seat?

On a related note:'s Dave Goldberg rates the Skins front office as the worst in the NFL.


Vinny Cerrato no longer takes phone calls from listeners on his show, as he did when then-new WTEM owner Dan Snyder gave the longtime sidekick the program early last season. 'Course, the Skins briefly had a winning record at that time.

Times have changed, alas. So Vinny has more airtime to fill all by himself.* He used much of it to today to counsel Redskins fans repeatedly that a football season "isn't a sprint, it's a marathon."

And Snyderatto's got just the role model for marathoning: Rosie Ruiz.

*I just discovered that The Great Steinographer transcribed almost every portion of Cerrato's show other than the KC interview and the marathon references. I mean, Cerrato's show goes off the air at 10:00 a.m. This latest load of Steinography was posted at 9:24 a.m. How big is Steinberg's staff? How many fingers does he have? How great is he?


Dan Snyder's Cheerleader Fetish Update: More toning down going on at the Washington Redskins cheerleader car wash.

For the unfamiliar: Dan Snyder's sportstalker WTEM recently launched a Redskins Cheerleader Car Wash contest, where cheerleader's will pick up a sponge and hand over their pride to somebody in the 25-54 year old male demographic that the station covets.

Cheap Seats Daily has written about the car wash as critically and as often as the Washington Post editorial board does Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. And Snyder has heard our roar. Or, well, he's tweaked the language in the ad campaign to make it less pervy.

First he removed the dudes and their pre-masturbation conversation that were featured in the original radio commercial for the contest. Now, he's also de-perved the copy in the online advertisements.

Original: “How would you like to see the Redskins take on the Cowboys? — AND have the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders soap up and scrub down your car???”

Tweaked: "How would you like to see the Redskins take on the Cowboys? – AND have the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders give your car a great SpongeTech wash???"

(Spongetech, a sudsy sponge manufacturer, is a sponsor of the contest, and a company that was recently kicked off the trading board by the Securities and Exchange Commission for allegedly shady accounting and disclosure practices. But that's not the yucky part.)

So cheerleaders no longer are on "soap up" and "scrub down" duties. They just have to "give your car" a wash. Different, yes, but still humiliating.

But how come Snyder won't let go of the picture of the cheerleaders all sudsy and rubbing down a car — though "not actual cheerleaders" were used for the photo shoot, according to a small-print caveat — that has been featured in the campaign?

Until he does, Cheap Seats Daily has no choice but to run that photo again! (Take that, TGDS!)


Something's fishy about the ongoing guerilla marketing campaign from Mervis Diamond Importers.

Ronnie Mervis has put himself out to unhappy football fans as the guy who can replace Dan Snyder as owner of the Washington Redskins.

There's so much rancor toward Snyder in this area, just by offering himself up, Mervis has brought an incredible amount of attention to himself and his jewelry firm. But it's sorta odd that Both Mervis and the Washington Redskins are listed as clients of the same advertising firm: ROI Advertising of Northern Virginia. Mervis is also a big advertiser on Snyder's sports station, WTEM.

Snyder's probably in on it.


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  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    Battle of two inappropriately named teams will end in a tie. OT. Still tied. Dan "Punky" Snyder will blow a gasket midway through the first OT. Vinny "My Cousin" Cerrato will take reins, & bravely lead the Washington team to tie with the KC team.

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    I love that pic! Wish those chicks would come over & wash my pickup truck. How 'bout a pic of four Asian cheerleader chicks? Can someone post one of those?

  • Dan Steinberg

    You called?

    No, I can't really disagree with any of this. Hey, by the way, I was just scrolling through some of your classifieds....let's see....

    $100 Special... GORGEOUS GRAD STUDENT!!
    posted 10/15/2009

    $100 BEAUFITUL GRAD student. Exotic polynesian mix.. super gorgeous. Donation: $100/20 min, $150/hh, $250/hr. My incall is upscale, in the georgetown/foggy bottom area. All ages welcome..young and older. Older a plus. Hotel appts, early, late night ok. Just call when ready.. 30 min to an hr prior. I dont check text messages. Stacey, 202 210 7725.

  • Dave McKenna

    Don't you have more important duties, Steinberg, like typing up the banter on "The View"? Instead you come into our house to call us hypocrites AGAIN? i love that you're on the dark side here, running through seedy classifieds and ready to claim the Pete Townshend "research" defense. for shame, Spitzer! i mean, Steinberg! anyway, if you think Snyder's pimping out the cheerleaders is analogous to Cheap Seats Daily's writing about it, that doesn't scan.'nuff said. but, say hi to the "beaufitul grad student" for us. and thanks for Playing the Feud, Celebrity Edition™!

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    The Great Dan Steinberg zings! Touché, Dan, touché.

    & yes, do let us know about that grad student for $100. & yes, thanks for Playing the Feud, Celebrity Edition™!

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    Wow. KC 9 DC 6. 4Q - 3:36 left. What does TG Dan Steinberg say about this? The Washington Bullets had the best name of any DC team ever, & I love the Clash song with that title.