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Dressing Like Che Will Cost You Your Paycheck

It's not Freedom Friday yet, dear City Desk readers–YET!–but I couldn't resist sharing this ridiculous bit of fashion goodness (and no, FTC, J. Crew is not paying me to blog about this).

Introducing: The Belstaff® Che Guevara replica jacket:


Only $795!

Here's a question for you: If your revolutionary themed jacket is tainted by excessive consumerism, are you still celebrating one of history's worst political murderers? Or are you simply a trendy shitbag?


H/t Jonah Goldberg

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  • Doc Hodges

    I'd vote for trendy shitbag. Then again, the cut of it isn't all that flattering, and large yellow logos on the chest and the right sleeve are so last year, as is the whole 'dressing down' trend. You've gotta look sharp if you wanna catch the ladies' eyes these days.

  • Carlos

    "Che Guevara is an inspiration for every human being who loves freedom, we will always honor his memory." --- NELSON MANDELA

  • David

    Calm down silly right-wingers, it's called "marketing" a very capitalistic concept. Che is now a symbol of rebellion, and believe me capitalists will sell anything that sells - that's the beauty of the model - no morality. This jacket is more an indictment of capitalism than Che.

  • Bernie

    J Crew? Does Belstaff realize that they have just turned a legendary motorcycle jacket into the jacket of choice of frat boys?