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Tipper Gore Stumps for Council Hopeful Clark Ray

1014tipperLast night's Georgetown fundraiser for Clark Ray's D.C. Council campaign saw a visit from an old friend of the candidate: shoulda-been First Lady Tipper Gore.

Ray spent eight years with the Gores, including a stint as Tipper's chief of staff during her husband's 2000 presidential run.

Campaign mastermind Peter Rosenstein says the event, at the former Pamela Harriman mansion, attracted about 250 150. He named some attendees to LL: Ex-Indiana congressman Phil Sharp, ex-Hillary Clinton flack Kiki McLean, Dorothy Ford (Harold Ford Jr.'s mom), plus locals Kenny Barnes, Carlene Cheatam, Greg Rhett, and...Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans.

Rosenstein estimates that the event put $50,000 in Ray's coffers for his challenge to Phil Mendelson.

Photo by Scott Henrichsen, courtesy of Peter Rosenstein

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  • Angry Al Gonzales

    I love Tipper Gore. She is hot. & she's cool. She played the drums for her band. I know, she's psycho, but as the Onion taught us, way hot = way psycho & vice versa.

    & if you ever heard her quoting Pat Benatar, "come inside my sugar walls" you'd love her, too.

  • Buzzy

    Sugar walls is a Sheena Easton song.

  • DC Voter

    Jack Evans must be out of his mind! Clark Ray is a Fenty Butt Boy. Anyone who would replace Phil Mendelson with Clark Ray deserves what they get.

    Still no word on what Ray is doing to earn a living since exiting the Parks Dept. after firing the long time veteran for exposing Fenty and his sons in the youth league scandal. It is the best kept secret in town. You know it is some cosy Fenty sinecure.

    Peter Rosenstein makes my skin crawl!

  • DistrictIndependent

    150? That's it?? What happened to ALL of those people on his "drafft" list? Sad. And if Rosenstein predicted 50k, bet on about 25, tops. Oh, and congrats to Mr. Ray at the bang up job he did bringing the Gay Games here to DC. As to DC Voter's post - I think that was Ray was SUPPOSED to be doing as his soft landing after getting canned from Parks & Rec. That was GOING to be his only cred with the glbt community, since he has no record of activism. But he failed at that, too. Now, he's likely just drinking the kool-aid being served to him by Rosenstein - telling him he has a chance in this race.

  • joan

    Just what DC needs - slick and sleazy - Ray is slick, and Rosenstein is sleazy.

  • Gertrude

    Whatever, there seems to be no plausible reason to throw Phil Mendelson over for Clark Ray. Sure Mendelson is not "showy" but he is honest, he works hard and he is a progressive.

    Clark Ray is not so much "slick" as he is a kind of goombah.

    Rosenstein is sleazy yes, but he is also unctuous and bilious in a perpetually constipated kind of way. I do hope Ray stays in the race though if for no other reason then to see Rosenstein encore his Linda Blair impersonation at the Stein Club endorsement meeting. Mark your calendars, that is not to be missed! I bet they film it this time!

  • Linda Blair

    Please know that Peter Rosenstein's depictions of me and interpretations of my work are not authorized.

  • LGBT

    Was this a "botox" party? Sure looks like it from the picture.

  • Goombah

    LMAO! Stein Club should use that in a membership drive! "Make sure to join so you won't miss a chance to meet Linda Blair." I was there, it was hilarious (and kind of scary), even Adrian Fenty was looking for a desk to hide under and he was Rosenstein's candidate. What a complete a'hole!

  • Stephon

    Another slick way to put a Fenty flunky on the council. If we fall for this one, we are doomed. Have to get rid of Fenty first.....

  • ChinaDC

    Good for Tipper and Clark. What a great way to kick off his campaign. Gooooo Clark!!!

  • Bill

    Another reason to support Clark Ray for DC Council At-Large: get rid of the abhorrent Mendo supporters.

  • Fred

    Go Phil!

  • downtown rez

    Yes, Phil. Please go... away.

  • Fred

    I hope Phil wins. The last thing the Council needs is another Fenty rubber stamp. Someone suggested that he agreed to be let go from DPR in exchange for Fenty's support for the Council.

    I hope Phil WINS!

  • Korrupt

    I must be missing something as I don't understand the references to "Linda Blair"??

  • Downtown Rez

    I hope Phil wins, too.
    Wait, the prize isn't an all expense paid one-way trip to Vichy France?
    Oh, never mind, then.

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  • candycane1

    Tipper is cool but couldn't talk intelligently about a damn thing going on in this town right now. Give it up. You are not going to win. We are not giving up Mendelson. He will stand alone when it comes down to fighting Fenty. I repsect that. He voted against the mayoral takeover. You have already stated that you sil support the initiatives of the mayor. That statement right there let me know that you don't know what time it is. Your statement was directed at the Rhee administration. Boy are you clueless! However, keep Tipper around. Somebody has to help you fundraise to pay off your campaign debts.

  • Goombah

    To Korrupt:

    Peter Rosenstein (self styled "QueenMaker")has become forever known as Washington's drag answer to Linda Blair, which is saying something given that Linda Blair's satanically possessed Regan character in "The Exoorcist" was originally set in Washington.

    Rosenstein acheived this distinction after her performance at the Stein Club's '06 mayoral endorsement meeting. During her remarks in support of then candidate, Fenty, Rosenstein transformed into a violent volcano of viscious invective, her eyes rolled back in her head, she turned a kind of satanic red color and appeared to be emitting smoke, her head appeared to be turning on a 360 degree axis as her mouth exhaled this deafening, cacophanous screed of hate, anger and profanity. The only thing absent was the green vomit.

    It was a sight to behold. The room, filled with veteran politicoes, was left in kind of a stunned, fearful silence. Poor Alex Evans (then knee deep in his 24/7 servitude to King Fenty for which he would be so loyally and richly rewarded)was bereft. Adrian himself, as I remember was kind of madly pacing the elevator lobby/adjacent hallway as if looking for an escape route.
    I am sure he was grateful at least that his wife and children were safe at home.

    Linda Cropp handily won the endorsement but I truly felt sorry for Adrian and Alex. No one could have predicted or supported such a complete meltdown. I have never seen either of them behave in such a manner, nor have I ever witnessed such a performance before or since in a political career spanning both coasts and many of the flyover states.

    This is the same Peter Rosenstein who encourages voters to support Clark Ray! Go Phil!


    Clark will vote for ALL THINGS FENTY! And the real reason he was termed with DPR is because of the lawsuite brought on by a young man's father that states some "stuff" went on with Clark Ray and his under 18 son???? READ ALL ABOUT IT!

  • Political Al

    You people sure are slimy. You'll say and do anything to protect your puppet on the Council, Phil Mendelson. Have some self-respect. You embarrass yourselves.

  • Logan

    Political Al, Phil Mendelson is not anyone's puppet!


    Clark Ray contretemps with an under 18 year old? Where do we read about that?

  • ChinaDC

    Tipper looks great! Good luck to Clark Ray.

  • candycane1

    So Jack Evans is backing Clark Ray. I guess a loser backs a loser. Council chair you say? NOT!!!!