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This Just In: Michelle Rhee Dubbed D.C.’s Braveheart!

Forget that picture of Michelle Rhee on the cover of Time magazine with that broom; that was child's play. Click here to see her in her newest incarnation, care of Education Next journal.

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  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Retch, puke, retch, puke. I hope the "Braveheart" people remember how William Wallace ended up...

  • candycane1

    WE all know she loves to be in the spotlight, on magazine covers and seen at social and educational functions. But I'd like to know how she feels about being compared with a person who as the story is told met such a cruel ending. The mas was missing body parts before he died. But with her narcissistic disorder, she probably thinks it's cool.

  • Korrupt

    Like the goon she serves (A.Fenty) Rhee loves the photo-ops and being in the limelight. This woman is not an educator nor an administrator. She is an ideologue only.

  • withchwithbroom

    Halloween is coming up and parents hope Rhee will take that broom and fly away. As stated, she is no Educator, she is seeking attention. Go work for a bank, where children will not be losing a valuable education. She closed over 25 schools, why won't she move into one of the schools to help the budget shortfall. Rhee and her administration should sacrifice their $50,000 office building. Why are the parents teachers and children the only people to sacrifice for the budget shortfall.