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New D.C. Chief Technology Officer Is Bryan Sivak

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty has again raided the private sector for an agency head: Bryan D. Sivak, 34, is his new chief technology officer.

Sivak replaces interim CTO Chris Willey, who in turn replaced Vivek Kundra, who exited the Fenty administration for a top federal job in the Office of Management and Budget.

Like transportation director Gabe Klein, Sivak is coming from well outside the governmental sphere. He is a founder of software firm InQuira—an Silicon Valley outfit that has done projects for the like of Nokia, T-Mobile, and the British Ministry of Defense. This will be Sivak's first stint living in the District.

"I'm more of an innovator than anything else," he said at a One Judiciary Square press conference this morning.

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  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    Welcome to town, Comrade Bryan. Now can you fire the thieves in your office & get a database set up so the school board knows how many employees it has?

    Oh & your boss Fenty - yes, he's got two blackberries, but he's also got two faces & two of everything else except hearts, of which he has none.

    Watch your back, man, watch your back. Innovate that.

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  • candycane1

    OK where is he from? Is he a citizen and are his technology skills above playing Wii? We don't need another Hartsock

  • hymesb

    I am going to start posting on every anti-fenty rant I see. I am from Chicago...and if you think fenty is a poor mayor... You are nuts. He responsible, ethical and focused. He just has a city full of Bammas, crooks, and political prima donnas to manage.

    He is trying to help your god-forsaken city. And he started where no other politician had the nerves to start. THE SCHOOLS.

    You want to see corruption and incompetence? Let that idiot Gray or Brown be mayor.

    Change isn't easy. Pointing fingers is.

  • OCTO and its crew of Morons

    Ok. I take it back. I know several people in OCTO and have watched it closely for years.

    Judging from his lack of action, this guy is going to get OCTO raided again.

    Reading his overblown is clear he has no program/project management skills. Yes, builind a search engine in your living room is not the same as managing a complex multi-agency engagement with numerous dependency's.

    Worse yet, he doesn't care about understanding or solving the problems that got OCTO raided. He seems like a guy that is bidding his time until the private markets get better.

    Anyway, like Kundra before him... he has a program management office with no project management skills with in it. They are policy guys...that is code word for "don't really know shit about IT."

    As a result, I hear they are close to 8 million over budget because of projects slipping. Hey idiots, get some balls and fire the morons in your know...the ones that couldn't even see that they had ghost payrollers on the books. The ones in bed with Bansil that didn't get caught.

    Anyway, if you have no Project Management will you ever know WHY you are over budget.
    But he wants to innovate...sure. Screw innovation...figure out what the hell you are doing first!

    I don't usually side withthe city council, however, Cheh's committee should run this guy over the coals.

    They need to demand that OCTO lay out how they intend to change the culture and processes. It has been almost a year since they got raided. Still nothing...just that BS crook machine of an ITSA contract. Which, was also pushed by Bansil before he was arrested.

    After 30 years in IT, I know a fake when I see one. This guy is all buzz words and ego.

    Either he has no clue. Or, he is trying to pull a Kundra...infect the place up with buzz-word-itis. and then run for higher ground.

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