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Georgetown Residents Peeved by Pizza Place After-Party


The Issue: What should be done about raucous revelers and their search for drunken munchies?  Last Tuesday, the 2E Advisory Neighborhood Commission met with the owner of Philadelphia Pizza Company to discuss the antics of the late-night bar crowd—which consists largely of Georgetown Students—that gathers on Potomac Street NW for pizza. Georgetown residents complain that they are unable to sleep—but owner, Matt Kocak tells the Georgetown Voice that it’s the students, not the restaurant, that’s causing the problem.

Go to Bed! Residents argue that the pizza place is in a mixed zone, and needs to abide by residential rules: Ward 2 Commissioner Bill Starrels told City Desk, “The pizza place established itself as a sit-down restaurant, and the occupancy is only seven people. On the weekends, you get crowds going in—it’s messy, noisy and people [in the nearby condominiums] literally cannot sleep.”

Party and Pepperoni! Due to the fact that the establishment does not serve liquor, Kocak maintains that the ANC is not able to dictate his hours (the restaurant currently closes at 3:30 AM on Friday and Saturday nights). Additionally, he places the blame on the students, saying the issue should be brought up with the school or the police. As far as the pizza-munchers themselves: Keon D, blogging on foodie site Yelp says, “Ranch dressing on a pizza... GENIUS! Eww dude, please don’t vomit on me…DUDE!”

Next Step: Starrels says the ANC has contacted “friends in the Mayor’s office” to make sure that the restaurant is abiding by the appropriate laws. There also might be another meeting with the stakeholders down the road. In the meantime, kids, keep it down.

Photo by Leedav, Creative Commons License

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  • Angry Al Gonzales

    People who live in DC & work like to sleep at night. The punks at GU & GW need more homework & a curfew.

    DC never should have been punked into letting those schools mushroom so huge - they pay no taxes & gobble up land by the acre. Shut down the late night student-punks so the adults can work & contribute to society & pay bills.

    Some of the kids who go to Georgetown, or GWU or AU, for that matter, are OK, but for the ones whose parents are paying $40,000 per year - or $52,000 for GWU - good luck after graduation. The real world is a lot different w/o daddy's money. & if daddy loses his money to Bernie Madoff or some other scam artist, double good luck b/c you're going to need it.

    These pricey schools should set up a romper room, let the kids get drunk, eat pizza, puke & fight & fuck without bothering normal working people. oh & put it on pay-per-view, proceeds to Ethiopia.

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    Good rant, Angry Al. You can be proud of that one.

  • Ugh

    Yeah because you were never a college student once. You sound like a very irritating old man who needs a colonic.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Thanks, Comrade & Ugh, thanks. Zorn gets fired at half-time today if Carolina has a big lead.

    Facestomper recovers a fumble,
    Washington ball on the Carolina 13,
    let's get ready to rumble.
    Touchdown, Washington.

    First rushing TD for Portis this year. Samuels is hurt.

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    Redskins got their ASSES KICKED! 20-17. A bad call on a punt led to the winning TD for the previous win-less Carolina Panthers. Redskins coach Jim Zorn will be fired by noon Monday - all due to that bad call.

    C'mon, ref! Git it together, dude!

    Meanwhile, Chad Ocho Cinco led the Cincy Bengals over the Baltimore Ravens. Ocho Cinco is the MVP of the NFL.

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