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Claim: Kamus Is No Community Organizer


Right now, Abdulaziz Kamus has a lot on his mind. First, there's the fact that he's a central figure in the Ted Loza bribery case (Kamus allegedly joined the Fed probe, wired up, and paid Jim Graham's Right Hand Man $1500 in bribes). Today, we learned that key players in the bribery scandal discussed killing Kamus after the Loza story broke. Several community leaders say that Kamus has not appeared in public since his law enforcement activities became public.

Now comes the claim that Kamus wasn't such a great community organizer. We had previously heralded the man as the major player within the Ethiopian community. Yesterday, I was cautioned that this just wasn't the case at all.

Daniel Belayneh, the executive director of the Ethiopia Community Services and Development Council, laughed when I mentioned Kamus as a leader.

"Mostly he was working with the Latino community," Belayneh said. "He's more with Latinos."

Belayneh cautioned reporters writing about Kamus: "He's not as active as you guys think in terms of working with the community. What does he organize?"

*photo by Darrow Montgomery.

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  • nivin

    Discussions about eliminating him. Now dening he was important to the community. Well, I'm sure his actions look like betrayal to his former associates so they are hanging him out on his own to drift with the wind.

  • Zaineb Abdurahman

    It is very disappointing to read such unkind comments driven by jealousy against a sincere leader, an honest citizen, a kind human being, a loving husband and a caring father, and a very good friend. Mr. Kamus stretches his hand to solve all kind of problems that most immigrants are facing. To learn an Ethiopian who has intention to kill him is makes me feel sick, crazy and bitter. That mad guy wants to illuminate him just because he is honest and not a crook like him. No, it isn’t going to happen. I have news for you Mr. Criminal- eliminate yourself so that our world will be one less criminals.

  • To Zaineb

    you make this guy sound like an angel. If I read the story correcly, he is part of the crooks. Didn't the press report also mentions that HE also PAID bribes? He just happened to be the one to change sides. Granted, the threat on his life is not called for.

  • Zaineb Abdurahman

    As you guessed unfortunately you read the story incorrectly. Read it back you will understand that he definitely is not part of the crooks. The story doesn't say he paid bribes. He is a selfless human being who devoted himself to his work and to make the people's life better. I understand you also sound a nice guy so please try to find out the truth.

  • Aberra

    My name is Aberra
    It is my profound conviction that among the 39 alleged criminals, not all are guilty. To be objective I do know one, who happen to be friend of mine and ended up becoming vicitm of conspiracy. I would argue that things need to be seen broadly and the real actors of this crime need to be fined and jailed the rest of their life. Actually, actors of such crime are familiar and brought up in a corrupt environment, which they are unable to change and healed from.
    I can see some claiming to be "community organizers". The matter of fact is look at all ethiopian community service centers, which are managed by real corrupted and incompetent individuals. There is no doubt in my mind that, the majority of ethiopians and American-ethiopians are people with good moral, ethics, cultured and God fearing. However, there are also individuals who believe in "fast life", make all attempts to succede life. Such indivudals, did not learn corruption in the USA instead they are "friuts of corruption".
    Last but not least, actions against 39 alleged criminals should not be seen all together because among them there are individuls who victims conspiracy to commit crime. Bad news is most of them got asylum by narrating stories that ethiopian government is corrupt and oppressive.For your information, among the 39, most of them oppose the current ethiopian government's socio-political and economic governance. Most of them are seen on the streets of washington Dc denouncing the same corruption in ethiopian, which they did not fear to act out. It is unfortunate.

  • Aberra

    Dear read,
    Look at the so called "the Executive Driector of ethiopain Community Services", Daniel Belayeneh saying that Kamus is not communuity organizer. I know who Daniel is. I know the level of Competence of Daniel. It is my belief that Daniel is claiming to be someone who serves the community. FBI did a great job in arresting, the alleged 39 criminals. I want to see FBI cleaning up more cases, which I don't want to mention here. FBI good job, yet I insist that all 39 are criminals. Please, deal on case-by-case. Thanks.

  • Yonas

    Kudos to FBI and thank you Mr. Abdulaziz Kamus for exposing those corrupt so called Ethiopian community leaders. They are ganging up against you to protect their own face but the truth is coming out.

  • Aberra: Is corruption learned or genetic?…

    Dear Reader,
    Corruption is both genetic & learned. It is historical fact that we ethiopians come from the country corruption is part of the routine. Thisns obtained via social connection or briabery or nepotism,etc. We should admit that.We know what corruption means but we have never been educated that corruption is unethical, immoral, unjust,antihuman and crime. Based on this argument, I can say that corruption i genetic as well as learned.
    I assmue that the main actors of recent Taxicab briabery drama has lived in the USA not less that 10 years. How come they are not familiar with the criminal justice system? How come they remained ignorant of the power of "FBI" to crack down corruption and other crimes?
    The root problem seem to me is that these individuals did not update their day-to-day life with the power of information in regard to understanding local rules and regulations of where they live or took no caution. I may also blame the United States government for not providing general education for newcomers to the country. Providing asylum is not enough.
    It is my understanding that the U.S. government took for granted that newcomers may be assisted by their community service centers. There are around 4 ethiopian community service centers in the Metor-Area. It is most probable that these service centers receive funds from local and federal governments. It is unfortunate that these centers are Ineffective, run by incompetent and unprofessional individuals.
    Dear reader, life is not just working "two jobs" but it goes beyond than that. Corruption is not only a crime but also antisocial and antihuman. Thanks.

  • Jimma

    Dear reader,

    We don’t have to mix things, instead of wasting time who is who let us educate our community. All the three Ethiopian Community, Ethiopian Community Center, Ethiopian Community Development Council and Ethiopian Community Services and Development Council are all doing great jobs. All the three communities they are doing their jobs and how about us? Why we finger on them? Why we are doing like them? If we think there is a problem in the community services why we approach them and contribute our expertise. We have to educate our selves about community services. Let us do our part America is a free country.

  • Ms Sophisticated

    To: Aberra

    I quote "The matter of fact is look at all ethiopian community service centers, which are managed by real corrupted and incompetent individuals"

    These were your exact words that you typed above. My question to you, what are you implying, or trying to imply here? From my understanding the article storied about a scandal bribery Mr Kamus involved. But you chose to attact the Ethiopian Community center for not "backing up" Mr Kamus. As we all know, the Ethiopian Community Center have been and is the back bone for all Ethiopians, actually not only Ethiopians, to all nationals in Africa and the like. The community center along with its members have been serving and providing the needed resources for anyone who is in need. Individuals like Mr Daniel Belayneh, continue assisting and putting his efforts to help us. Their continued hard work brought the community where it is today. because of the community we have health insurance, free training, shelter, food on the table...etc just to name a few. Without the community center, we don't exist. Without their support we could't be here. But it is indeed very sad these hard working citizens and the community have been attacked and degraded just because they didn't support or accept the route Mr Kamus chose to take. its our constituition right to speak our mind and to stand up for what we believe, that is the beauty of the land we live in. Individuals like you need to think outside the box and see the other side of the horizon.

  • Rosa Kebade

    Abera, Very interesting. Hum....m. So, you said you know Daniel Belayneh, I doubt! Let me tell you what I know about The Executuive Director Mr.Daniel Belayneh, formerly member of the Ethiopia constitutional assembly, Charismatic leader. Abera , you mentioned about incompetence, Do you mean his Education ? If so, He is in MBA program!!! What else Aber, Do you want to know his leadership skills? I hope you are not blind or deaf to know about his public record. I am fond of him; he is an outstanding young man and a formidable community leader.

  • Berhanu

    Aberra, Don't Teach us Nonsense. You are right you know him, but you sound jealous for his successful accomplishment in the Ethiopia Community services and Development council. If you know him, tell the truth and shake off your bad habit. You know, Daniel Belayneh is truly possesses the quality of good leader. I admire him for standing up for Ethiopia cup drivers’. Daniel, you are a person of vision and determination. You are on the right way ……..

  • Ms Sophisticated

    Let us all raise the glass for our Community center and Mr Belayneh, for all the good work they did!!!

  • Eyangalele BeDC