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Cheap Seats Daily: How Bad Is Dan Snyder Pimping the Redskins Cheerleaders?


"How would you like to see the Redskins take on the Cowboys? — AND have the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders soap up and scrub down your car???"

Well? How would you like that?

Check out that ad!

It appears on the Web site for WTEM, Dan Snyder's sports talk station, to promote the latest listener contest. Top prize will bring the Redskins cheerleaders over to wash your car.

Kinda yucky?

The radio ads are just as outrageous, with panting males and all sorts of breathy talk of scrubbing and rubbing. The campaign is also just the latest evidence of Snyder's thing for cheerleaders. He took over the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders shortly after buying the team, and has increased their role in his global marketing scheme ever since.

The car wash campaign marks a new level of subservience for the Redskins Cheerleaders, and cheerleaders in general. The message is: "Put down your pom poms and grab a sponge!" That tells the world that Snyder can force his troupe to put on something skimpy and service Joe Sixpack.

Basically, Snyder's pushing a Madonna/Whore image for his cheerleaders.

Well, minus the Madonna.

(AFTER THE JUMP: More on the Redskins cheerleaders? Snyder is being called "Lord Farquaad"? PhotoGate update: Snyder really did censor Dan Steinberg? Isn't the Leonsis worship getting outta hand? Guaranteed Win Night proves AGAIN that it's a sure thing? Remember "The Sure Thing"?)

Look for more about the Redskins' owner's history with cheerleaders in a Cheap Seats column that'll come out sometime later this week.


Update on PhotoGate: Dan Snyder DID censor Dan Steinberg's photos from the Tampa Bay game!

Steinberg had chronicled the ill-will among the home fans at FedExField, and his piece was accompanied by photos of the ill-willed wearing anti-Snyder T-shirts and garb.

Steinberg took the photos himself, while walking around the stadium. He's been taking those photos at FedExField and posting them without problems since he started doing the Sports Bog.

But hours after he put up shots of the Tampa Bay game, a game during which stadium security confiscated thousands and thousands of bags that discontented ticket buyers planned to wear on their heads, those photos disappeared from

Steinberg, my former regular Friday lunch date, declined to comment on what went on.

But sports editor Matt Vita says the photos were pulled from Steinberg's Bog at the behest of the Redskins: "The Redskins said he was in violation of his credentials for taking the photographs. We honored that request, because at the end of the day, they control access to their facility."

Vita would not discuss the possible implications of ignoring the Redskins request to yank the photos.

Round: Snyder, 10-8.*


Over at Dan Snyder's message board,, some of the discontented have taken to calling the owner "Lord Farquaad."

That's harsh. But it beats the crap outta "Synder."


Leonard Shapiro, who was taking his slams of Dan Snyder to the Miami Herald recently, has brought 'em all back home to the Washington Post. Well, to, anyway.

Shapiro goes down the path of comparing Snyder to Ted Leonsis.

This Caps team is great fun, and Leonsis these days is impossible not to love, being the open, accessible owner of a winning team. Just a couple years ago, he was brawling with Caps fans in the concourse of the home arena! Yet he's still out there glad-handing and giving fans and players and George McPhee all the credit.

And, sure, Snyder remains in hiding, and after hearing a couple boos and "Lord Farquaad!"'s he's ordering his thugs to take your paper bags away.

But the Caps worship is getting out of hand. This ain't the first time the Capitals have been pretty good. The current Caps squad hasn't gotten as far, and absent #8 isn't as obviously talented, as the 1989-1990 squad, and that team's fans were as committed and crazy. Nobody put Abe Pollin on a pedestal back then.

Damn, that was 20 years ago? What a geezer post this is!


Guaranteed Win Night comes in again!

Cheap Seats Daily spied that +52-run run differential differential (R2D2™) the Minnesota Twins enjoyed over the Detroit Tigers, and couldn't lay off the Twins in the one-game playoff to get into the standard postseason.

Some folks might have been worried when Detroit was up a run in the top of the 10th, or had the bases loaded with one out in the 11th.

But not us.

No, not us, even as we "watched" the game on's silly/amazing MLB GameCast and figures flashed on-screen saying that Detroit had a 72 pecent chance to win the game with a guy on second and one out in the 11th, so Minnesota intentionally walked a guy, and that gave Detroit runners on first and second and a 74 percent chance to win the game. (I'm no baseball guy, but if you increase the opponent's chance of winning by intentionally putting a runner on first in that situation, how come EVERY manager does it?)

But, again, while we were confused by the pro-Detroit percentages, we were not worried. Because here at Cheap Seats Daily, we know, to re-quote the dumbass adage we made up while begging folks to put the mortgage and then some on Minnesota, that pitching might win championships, but R2D2 Wins Ballgames™!

Vegas has gotta be worried about the success of Cheap Seats Daily's free touting service. Good thing for Delaware that that state didn't get sports gambling like it wanted, or by now both my readers would own half of Wilmington.

Plainly, Guaranteed Win Night™ is the surest thing since Nicolette Sheridan. (IMDB's database lists Sheridan's character in the 1984 movie The Sure Thing as "The Sure Thing.")

Watching that movie clip now, among the things that occur to me is that Sheridan mighta been the template for Snyder's vision of a Washington Redskins cheerleader. She just needs a sponge.


*Full disclosure: I freelance music reviews for the Washington Post.

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  • Contrarian

    Lord Farquaad owns a team with a racist name and now shows that he is a misogynist too.

    Nice! ! !

    Just what our nation's capital deserves...

  • Native American JD in DC

    What woman would allow herself no be called a niggerette? Or a wetbackette? So why do we get stuck with Redskinettes? Are they as dumb as cheerleaders? Oh wait...

    FU Dan Snyder. FU.

  • Doubtful

    Doubtful many young virgins applied for this job in order to save money so they could work on thier PHD thesis. Nonetheless, Dan Snyder is a pig, what else is new?

  • Contrarian

    N.A. JD in DC

    All the Redskinettes are probably members of PETA and won't eat, wear or touch meat/meat products because it is unethical, thus putting the rights of animals above those of the original residents of our land...


    (I'm just too cynical about this)

    P.S. And if Rush Limbaugh buys the St. Louis Rams does he try to out do Lord Farquaad with the Ramettes...

  • Former Staffer

    Why not just strippers in the "Club" section?

    And would Rush Limbaugh pass Goddell's personnel policy? He'd likely fail the drug test...

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    R2D2 Wins Ballgames™ - as a blogger, I used this product & can attest to its worth. I bet on the Twinkies last night, & they won, so now I have two houses, two wives, two farms, two barns, two dogs. Now I'm going double or nothing next round...

    Oh & I received no money or services for this endorsement, i.e., no kickback of any kind.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Punky Snyder is a throwback to the 1950s - a racist, misogynist pig. Eventually evolution will reach the DC football team, & Snyder will be forced to change the horrific name.

    Snyder is a perfect example of why we need to restore the 70-90% tax rate for upper incomes. He wastes his money: he can't build a good football team or even keep a low-rent amusement park going, & he is a vulgar, ignorant, racist, misogynist pig. Tax his money at 90%.

  • X marks the spot

    Have the not or did they not...change their name to the "First Ladies of Football?" Which still does not alleviate the whole scenario of pimping out the cheerleaders. Yet, knowing that Dan Snyder does not have an original idea in his head...I betcha a dime to doughnuts the "pimping" of the NFL cheerleaders has already been in point the "Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders."

  • Dave

    "Kinda yucky?"

    I don't think that word means what you think that word means.

    Cheerleaders are *always* great.

  • Grumpy

    At least he's consistent...a consistent dickhead

    I got a 'bag' he can confiscate...right chea'

    Do the right thing midget, sell the team and use your money to fund lobotomies...and have one while you're at it

  • Ed Graham

    Sports Illustrated publishes a swimsuit edition (always some nudity - - not that that's a bad thing) but you attack Snyder for having cheerleaders wash a car.

    Every team in the NFL, college, high school, or church league havs cheerleaders. Yes, I think that's creepy, but Snyder is just one of many cheerleader owners.

    The above endorsement doesn't mean that I think he is a good owner. You should attack him for the right reasons.

  • Dave McKenna

    Ed:SI sells sex. Snyder is selling sex and subservience.That ain't splitting pubic hairs. The mag has women in skimpy swimsuits, Snyder has women in skimpy swimsuits come wash your car.

  • Dan Steinberg

    And City Paper has a photo of the women in the skimpy suits doing the washing.

  • Ki

    Dan SYNder should be arrested for high crimes against humanity. Racist, sexist, worthless PIG.

  • Dave McKenna

    The Great Dan Steinberg wants to Play the Feud! bring it strong, TGDS! PETA has dogfighting videos on their site, so before we get to the bonus round here, I'll hold while you run over to their board and accuse 'em of hypocrisy. we're no different! call us P.E.T.T.A -- People for the Ethical Treatment of T&A. we HAD TO run the car wash photo with this post! and we HAD TO run it in the print edition. and now i realize i'm gonna HAVE TO run it again tomorrow on the blog. i mean, it got TGDS slumming in Cheap Seats Daily! while i got you here, so focused on Dan Snyder and hypocrisy and photos and fighting the good fight, tell both my readers and me how you feel about having your FedExField shots untimely ripped from the Bog. yet a day later you come in our house to defend the ripper? wowee. you're either a bigger person than andre the giant, or you got stockholm syndrome.

    but, thanks for playing!

  • Dan Steinberg

    Show me the part where I defended Dan Snyder. I'll wait.

    Is this extremely lowest common denominator stuff? Absolutely. But I'll leave it to anyone who scrolls past that photo without looking to take up the battle.

  • Dave McKenna

    where'd you defend dan snyder? for real? you come into our house like a michael vick pit bull on fight night(go look at PETA's dogfighting clips for reference*)and now you're claiming your attack ain't meant to diminish Cheap Seats Daily's noble, high-minded expose of snyder's cheerleader car wash? please.

    let's review:

    TGDS: "And City Paper has a photo of the women in the skimpy suits doing the washing."

    Where did you defend Dan Snyder, you asked? Let me quote from page 10 of "How to Scout Football,"** a 1953 book from George Allen, the future Redskins coach and father of Sen. Macaca: "The best offense is the best defense."

    Coach Allen's definitions apply to both football in the 1950s and...Playing the Feud™ 2K9!

    *have you called PETA to lodge your hypocrisy charges yet?


  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Dan S defended Dan S by being complicit in the taking down the pics of the fans with bags. That's a fact, Jack.

    The Post & its writers were pimped by Dan Snyder.

    I'm not saying Dan S should resign in protest, but maybe he could wear a bag over his head at the next Washington football team press conference. Or something.

  • Dave McKenna

    This ain't hockey! "Third man in" situations are encouraged in The Feud! TGDS might have to wear a bag over his head to cover the wounds from the haymakers you just threw his way. Thanks for the assist, Angry.

  • Truth Hurts

    How many times is McKenna allowed to comment on his own post? Enough already.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    TruthHurts tags in for Dan Steinberg in the Feud, & a glancing blow is struck, but TH exits stage left. It's the CP - anyone & everyone can comment as much as s/he wants, even to the point of staggering & taking a standing eight-count like Dan S.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    The ref stopped this one after Dan S was staggered & never regained his bearings, so Dan Steinberg's first time Playing the Feud ended in a TKO - come back soon, Dan. Maybe Sally Jenkins could give you a few pointers - she's played the Feud several times & has done well, on the whole.

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  • Maggie Mayhem

    I didn't look at the picture. I don't care about T&A. maybe Snyder wouldn't have banned my shirt from Steinberg's blog if I had been showing some tit...I'll try to work that into the next one.

  • Pingback: Update: Maggie Mayhem BANNED By Dan Snyder - JJDJ Radio

  • Truth Hurts

    Angry Al: You made me laugh with #21. For the record, though, I wasn't tagging in for Dan S.(I don't have a dog in this fight). And, yes, people can comment as much as they want to ... you're a prime example. Good stuff.

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  • Dan Steinberg

    Wait, this is still going?

    Angry person, I was complicit? Please explain? Are you saying I should have resigned? Over a picture of Ryan Fitzpatrick wearing a shirt that I'm still linking to on the post? I mean, I linked to Boycott Snyder, Burgundy Revolution and Sell The Team Dan today. Just without images. The Republic will manage to stand.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Dan the Man, Dan Steinberg, you are a prince. Please, don't never change; don't never change. I am here to attest that your ethics are as sterling as the five quid coin the queen carries in her knickers.

    Re the bag-gate scandal: you have risen above it. Still, any time you're around Cerato or Snydes, scratch your scrotal region & exclaim, "my bag. my bag." Please.

    Upon receipt of your post in my Fortress of Solitude, my ethics monitor interrupted my orgy with three beautiful Russian girls, & now I hope to return to the festivities. Bon appetite!

    & once again, thanks for Playing the Feud.

    oh & Maggie Mayhem - I'd like to see that pic you're planning. When a female plans something like that, it's always awesome. Well, Natasha's calling...& Anastasia...

    & Alexandra...

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