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Our Morning Roundup: A Metrobus Strikes Again

Prince of Petworth posts on the effort/petition to save the Black Rooster. One reader's response:  "i LOVE the black rooster. if the peace corps really closes it down…i just…i might just not go to happy hour anymore, ever, anywhere. and that would make me terribly sad. save the rooster!"

Penn Quarter Living debuts a new column called High Rise Life. The first one is on elevator etiquette. It's not so much a column as bad comment bait of which I am sometimes guilty of. Here's a sampling from PQL's rookie effort on sharing an elevator: "Fob in and offer to push buttons or don’t offer and make sure others belong in the building? Remind neighbors that bicycles and their owners usually ride the freight elevator or zip it? Heel your dog or let him/her sniff around and be friendly? What is good neighborly elevator etiquette?" Fascinating.

Frozen Tropics reports on the breaking news last night concerning the pedestrian hit by a Metrobus in Trinidad. The Post is reporting that the woman has suffered life threatening injuries:

"In Monday's incident, the woman had just gotten off the D-8 Metrobus on Mount Olivet Avenue NE, between Trinidad and Montello avenues. She apparently crossed in front of that bus and then was struck about 6:30 p.m. by another Metrobus traveling in the same direction, Metro spokesman Steven Taubenkibel said.

Two men who said they witnessed the incident told television stations that the woman was thrown a distance down the street, and appeared to be unconscious after being struck. One of the men said that after the woman was hit, the driver of one of the buses 'got down' and prayed."

The Georgetown Metropolitan answers the question: Just what are Georgetown's boundaries?

Do you want to see pictures of people buying records? Someone posted a bunch of pictures from the DC Record Fair held this past Sunday. We wish we could have been there. Meanwhile....Fair sponsor The Vinyl District is giving away tickets to this week's Gossip show at the 9:30 Club.

The New Teacher On the Block offers their take on the hundreds of teachers laid off last week. In the Rhee vs. Gray fight, the blogger sides with Gray:

"Now, of course, this has resulted in finger-pointing, name calling, and a complete lack of transparency on many people's parts (Standard Operating Procedure for DCPS, really). Rhee blames the City Council for not providing the money required to allow all of these teachers to keep their jobs. City Council member Vincent Gray the DC City Council fired back with a press release accusing Rhee of using the council as a scapegoat in executing her master plan of getting rid of large numbers of DCPS teachers.

In this case, I'm in Gray's corner. The numbers just don't lie. It's just another example of the lack of transparency Rhee feels she is entitled to. When I came here, I thought I liked her: I am among the legions of teachers she's supposedly replacing the entire DC teaching force with and I support a lot of the ideas she proposes. But both her behavior and her attitude are counterproductive and arrogant; since I have been here, she has done nothing but alienate, obfuscate, and out and out lie."

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  • Fred

    Your headline is somewhat offensive, considering that all you did was a cut and paste job, you didn't go out there and find the story yourself and seem disinclined to do so, but hey! posting a headline with all sorts of 'tude - that I can do, right?! Heck yeah.

    Why don't you guys put boots on the ground and cover what is happening in this city (beside the taxi cab thing).

  • Jason Cherkis

    Fred: four days a week for I don't know how long we've done a morning roundup. It's our chance to link to other people's work. No boots are required.

    We were all over the city yesterday. Didn't you notice our blog was totally sucking while we were out and about? Sorry to disappoint you, we were covering the "taxi cab thing."

  • Mike DeBonis

    Fred, Seriously, WTF? Every time there's some Metro something or other you're on our ass about how we're not reporting it, as though if we show up personally we're going to uncover some massive WMATA conspiracy to mow down innocent pedestrians. What gives? What's your angle?

  • U Street Reader

    A quick grammar correction:

    "It’s not so much a column as bad comment bait of which I am sometimes guilty."

    No need for "of" at the end.

  • Fred


    Are you serious.

    Well, I guess you just want to use the word fuck, or tell me to fuck off, so to that I'll just have to say, I love you too. Please - no cursing!!

    Ok, but seriously. No - I am not just onto to you about Metro. There are many other things I have complained about (mostly the 'tude). But also the fact that you all don't get out the door to do some on the scene reporting!!!? I just don't understand that.

    I don't think you'd necessarily uncover a conspiracy if you did go to the scene, but one thing coverage of Metrobus and Metrorail, for that matter, crashes lacks is a detailed description of what went down, and you cannot get that unless you grab your jacket and head out there and talk to people who saw it or to people who talked to witnesses so you can track them down. There's just no substitute for seeing how the roads are laid out, if it's two lane or four lane and stuff like that. It would seem that you have to get a sense of things before you try to convey it to someone else.

    I mean, am I really going on about the virtues of being on the scene? Do I have to?