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Marion Barry Hospitalized

The Washington Post is reporting that Councilmember Marion Barry went to Howard University Hospital at 3 a.m. He apparently was suffering from "dehydration."

Kudos to Barry. He now joins an exclusive club of celebrity dehydration  sufferers which include such awesome b-listers as Kelly Rowland, Dennis Hopper, and Nicole Richie.

Barry's hospitalization means he will miss today's D.C. Council meeting in which Councilmember David Catania will introduce a bill that would legalize gay marriage.

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  • DC Dave

    Awww-- gives the POS a reason not to vote.

  • Eyangalele BeDC

    Hopefully the wonderful job done by FBI will continue to trace so many irregularites and bribes in the taxi industry and save the hard working taxi cub driver who life is daily at stake and risk while running the wheel every risky night. Bribing and taking the bussiness from the hard working class is a sin and enthical and shame too. But I would like to say Kudus and thank you for the great job done by our great FBI people and request to do more. Believe me the more you investigate the more you will find them. I also believe the UCDC tax commision test had been stolen and many people passed recently.

  • FlexSF

    How did he become so dehydrated? Food poisoning?

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Mayor Barry's just dehydrated - a pitcher of margaritas will fix him right up & get him back in time to vote. Maybe he can get the margaritas intravenously.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Mayor Barry to DC students: "Chancellor Rhee has lied to you. Lied to you," Barry repeated. "And I don't like liars."

    It's Don Quixote's last joust - Barry will knock off Rhee. The over-under bet is six months.

    Rhee has overplayed her hand with her recent stunt, bait-&-switch, hire-then-fire, figures don't lie but liars do figure, etc. She will be gone before the end of the school year.

  • Mr T in DC

    I wish he would retire already, aargh!

  • Bridget

    My problem is, why must the writer categorise Kelly Rowland under B listers? Does it make sense at all? Please next time, dont metion Kelly`s name cos you dont know what true talent means.......

  • Get over it

    Dehydration is one of the risks from receiving too much taxpayer subisidized oral sex. Blew his wad once too often at the taxpayers' expense.