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Editorial Bastards at Crafty Bastards

Have you ever wanted to punch any of us in the face? Tomorrow's your big chance! Here's the schedule for ed-staff appearances at the City Paper booth for tomorrow's crafty fair.

Time Name Who might want to punch them in the face
noon-12:45 Erik Wemple, Jason Cherkis Marion Barry, Matthew Yglesias
12:45-1:30 Mike DeBonis, Dave McKenna Art Monk, Charles Mann, Jim Graham
1:30-2:15 Amanda Hess Tucker Max, the pope
2:15-3:00 Ruth Samuelson, Darrow Montgomery Jack Shoptaw, this lady
3:00-3:45 Sarah Godfrey, Andrew Beaujon Thomas Ryan, CEO, Caremark CVS, fans of Widespread Panic, the people in this feature
3:45-4:30 Orr Shtuhl (the Beerspotter), Tammy Tuck & Bruce Falconer (the Lager Heads) Who'd want to hurt these lovely people?
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  • Pop Cesspool

    I love this chart.

  • Amanda Hess

    I don't!

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Man, I love that lady's eyes! Thanks for the link & the memories...

    Good chart, btw. I like charts. More charts, & more pudding, please, & more cow bell, of course.

  • eaton

    Not in a while.