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Morning Roundup: Pitchforks and Torches Edition


Washington is turning on all its institutions! The Burgundy Revolution is no longer stopping at Dan Snyder's door! (Though Sally Jenkins' column is.) TO WIT:

1) Washington Post Magazine chat turns into TOTAL BLOODBATH! Readers want to know: WHY DO THE ARTICLES LOOK LIKE ADS? WHY DID YOU USE THOSE FONTS? HOW IN THE HELL DID SECOND GLANCE MAKE THE CUT? Editors stammer, run inside, toss a Chuck Brown feature off the parapets. It's not gonna work!

After the jump, more evidence the whole town is going Montecore.

2) Thomas Boswell turns on the Nats, but maybe he's turning on all of D.C. when he calls it "the only top-10 market with the gall to act like a bottom-five town." REVOLUTION!

3) Cabbies in Adams Morgan turn on drunks! This is like Jason Linkins turning on bad writing!

4) The new Washington Post local homepage causes me to turn against remaining informed! Not because of the page, which I like, but because of this animated lady with a Smedneck accent who keeps popping up every time I return. Isn't there some kind of technology that ensures I see her only once?

What's next? A mob in front of Ian MacKaye's house demanding he apologize for Egg Hunt?

BIKE COMMUTING CORNER: Soon it will rain a lot. Get yourself some fenders. There are many expensive ways to do this, and I used to subscribe to them, but these days I'm high on the "chromoplastic" SKS fenders that you can pop on in a half-hour and that do just as nice a job as expensive French or Japanese ones that you need to pay some guy at City Bikes $30 to install after you nearly kill yourself trying to get a decent fender line that can be destroyed by a stick getting sucked up between your tire and fender. These will simply detach safely if that happens. Don't be the chump with the gnarvosis stripe up your back! Buy them from REI and they'll ship them to the store for free.

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  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Carlyfornication - blech. Cheap-ass Lerners join cheap-ass senile Abe Pollin with Punk Snyder to form the worst "owners" ever.

    The Trio of Fools need to go. Nonetheless, they make perfect examples of why capitalism is a sick joke - it only takes some luck to win at the wheel of fortune called capitalism. Cheating helps.

  • Chris Peterson

    I was hoping the Post's local page woman would appear a second time for me, because I wanted to hear a smedneck accent, but she only appeared the first time on my machine.

    Otherwise, take another look at that new local page and see it for what it is: the USA Today model from the mid 1980s. The cycling headlines are feel good stories, flashy pictured concert reviews, and other smiling people content. Looks like Express too. Notice how high the going out schedule appears in the layout. No news really, heartstring pieces and things "you can use" are the focus.

    It would be better if DC Wire had the central top spot all the time, and the reporters knew it needed content and renewal.